It’s time to #shedyourshit and step into your purpose

Find Your True Purpose and UNAnchor Yourself From All The Things That Are Holding You Back

Do You Feel Like Something Is Holding You Back?

You’ve got the potential, so what’s the problem?

You know you were destined for greatness, to create a 6 figure business that allows you to serve at a higher level. 

But instead, you are anchored into other people’s opinions. You are anchored into what they are thinking about you and what they think you should do. 

Society has told you a lot of different things you have to do. The media has bombarded you with a lot of information about what your life should look like. Your family has a lot of different expectations from you.

And you try your best to live up to their expectations.

Now, maybe you have a decent income, a little family, a “successful” career or a decent house to live in. From the outside, it may appear you have the “perfect” life.

But from the inside, you always feel like there is something missing from your life. Deep inside, you know you don’t want to do all the things they told you to do.

Now is the time to change. Now is the time to take control of your story.

Now is the time to get UNANACHORED.


It’s time to get UNANCHORED it’s time to ascend. 

It’s time to acknowledge your inner voice inside that’s reminding you that you don’t have to do what you are told.  

It’s time to stop being burdened by “YOU-SHOULDS” and “YOU-SHOULDN’TS”

Hi, I am Dr. Martha Nessler, founder of  “UNANANCHORED”

I am an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, International Speaker, Author, Doctor of Chiropractic USA, doTERRA Blue Diamond, Essential Oils Authority, Wife and soon to be mama.

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs to UNANCHOR so they can ascend to create the business and lifestyle they were meant to create. 

How it all started?

At one point in my life, I was ANCHORED.

I was so anchored, I was

Okay, But How Can You Help Me?

Now let us get to the point…

From the moment you landed on this page, I am making you big promises.

By now, you are probably wondering – “Okay Martha! I get it. But tell me what specific benefits would I get if I decide to join you in your global mission?”

Okay, here you go. I will help you.

  1.  Understand your life’s story so far, so you can take control of it, start living in the present and start working toward what will come next in this epic life (and become a legend in it).
  2. Unanchor yourself from all the things holding you back, so you can stop being a slave to what other people want you to do and start being the boss of your life.
  3. Create a life you love by finding your true passion and purpose.
  4. Focus on your health so you can do whatever you want without feeling exhausted and empty.
  5. Improve your relationships, so you can continue to live a happy and peaceful life with your loved ones. All you have to do is to enter your email in the box below and join this awesome community.


Be a leader in your business & a healer in your home.

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A simple shift in perspective can shift your entire life, when you’re ready

How Can I Help You

Essential Oils

Essential oils provide you with natural solutions to support you in everything from your emotional and physical health to flavoring your food to cleaning all areas in your home!


You’ve been on a path that’s different than how you imagined your life would be. Let’s remove your roadblocks and get you on the path that will allow you to be your best self!

Starting Your Own Business

You have a desire to live your life’s purpose and create an income while doing it. Let me help you live your purpose, and get there easier and faster – with integrity.

My belief is it is not about you, it is about the people you serve. And I want to serve you.

My Musings

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You already know. Steve Jobs knew. Thomas Edison knew.  Henry…

You are basically Superman.

Your power is always with you; you can't lose it.

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