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I am Dr. Martha Nessler.

I am an Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach,  International Speaker,  Author, Doctor of Chiropractic USA,  doTERRA Blue Diamond and Essential Oils Authority.

But if you ask me what I love most about what I do…it is helping women set themselves free…free of the S#!T that weighs them down. And yes, I said S#!T. I am a farm girl from Illinois- complete with cows, pigs and my cowgirl boots- so it’s ok for me to say it, right? But that is exactly what I do…I help women Shed their S#!T, Shift Their Perspective and become an UNanchored Woman. It’s so important because that S#!T can stink up our physical and emotional health, our relationships, our businesses, our life, if we don’t learn how to use it as fertilizer to help us grow. Are you looking to make a change in any of those areas? With your health, your relationships, starting or growing a business or with your finances? If you are ready to be an UNanchored Woman and UPlevel your life, then you have come to the right place! I can help you create a life you LOVE.

Together we’ll get you to SHED THAT S#!T and SHINE!


A simple shift in perspective can shift your entire life, when you’re ready

How Can I Help You

Essential Oils

Provide you natural solutions to support you in everything from your emotional and physical health to flavoring your food to cleaning all areas in your home!


You’ve been on a path that’s different than how you imagined your life would be. Let’s remove your roadblocks and get you on the path that will allow you to be your best self!

Starting Your Own Business

You have a desire to live your life’s purpose and create an income while doing it. Let me help you live your purpose, and get there easier and faster – with integrity.

My belief is it is not about you, it is about the people you serve. And I want to serve you.

My Musings

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