You are basically Superman.

Have you ever been disempowered? 

 I have.  

In 2013, I was sitting in a church service, and the pastor talked about disempowerment. As he stated the definition of disempowerment, to lose one’s power, it was like a medical doctor had diagnosed me. It was a total eye-opener to realize I had lost my on personal power; it was like he was talking directly to me.  

I did the usual human thing, and finger pointed, creating a list of all the people and circumstances who had taken my power. I continued playing the blame game for a few weeks until the only person I could blame was me.  

No one had taken my power; I had chosen to step out of it. Just like Clark Kent would decide when to rip open his shirt and save the people of Metropolis, I could decide to be in or out of my power.  

While it felt like a new diagnosis, I quickly realized it was a relapse. I’d been in a similar disempowered state in 2006. I couldn’t help but wonder how I had gotten here again?! And then it hit me – I was just like Superman; I had the choice to use my superpower or not.  

My superpower was me being in my power. 

Growing up with a brother who was just 18 months younger than me, meant that half the time, we played with dolls and half the time we played with superheroes. 

Superman was a favorite superhero of ours growing up. We watched him on television and read his comic books. We both found it fascinating that a seemingly average reporter would rip open his shirt and instantly become a superhero. Like most superheroes, Clark was always prepared and wore his everyday clothes over his superhero clothes. In an instant, he was ready to activate his superpowers.  

Here’s your reminder, you are just like Clark Kent.  

Just like Clark Kent can choose when to be Superman, you can choose to use your power or to keep it hidden. But, regardless of how often you use your superpower, it’s your power, it is always with you. Your superpower is you in your power.  

Getting into your power doesn’t involve ripping off your shirt, although that would be amazing, and if it feels right, then go with it, you have to choose to step into it.   Your power is always with you; you can’t lose it.  

Empowerment is a choice.  

Make the conscious choice to step into your power each day. A good morning routine is a great tool to help you. For me, prayer, the bible, essential oils, I AM empower statements, and my morning coffee has proven to be a winning combination. Stepping into my power every morning is like slipping into lingerie, you feel sexy.  

There is nothing sexier than a woman in her power.  

While I did find Clark Kent handsome, I have to admit there was something incredibly sexy about Superman; he was sexy because he was in his power. The same is true of you; you are sexiest in your power. 

Innately, DRM