Why are you so Triggered?

Next time you catch yourself judging someone for how they show up, take a minute and ask yourself why what they are doing is triggering you?

Are you triggered because it’s something they need to change or it something you need to be more aware about in yourself?

Quite often what triggers us about another person has nothing to do with that person but it’s what we need to address in ourselves!

The truth is who someone else or how they show up, should not affect you and if it does, you need to get clear on why.

Take a moment and get clear…

Do you realize what triggers you about the other person says more about you than them? If so be grateful to them for mirroring your S#!T to you and sort yourself out.


Do you realize that person is not your cup a tea and you move on? The truth is you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea either.

We can learn so much about ourselves when we stop judging others and start learning about ourselves.