You’ve Got a GREAT Dream…What’s Your Strategy?

You’ve got a GREAT dream…What’s your strategy?

Great Dream Whats Your Strategy

As a success strategist this is the first question I ask all my clients, “What’s your strategy?”

Knowing what you want is easy, as a matter of fact, it’s why most people hire me!

The majority of my clients know what they want, they are just stuck or have no idea how to get it!

You want more money or financial freedom?
What’s your strategy?

You want optimal health or your health back?
What’s your strategy?

Searching for your purpose?
What’s your strategy?

Without a strategy…you are left without direction and destination!

Wanting is easy…most people can easily create a list of what they want, on the spot!

But, creating a method of obtaining everything you want and having the drive to obtain it is a whole different ballgame

The exertion it takes to obtain the proverbial “Life of Your Dreams” is why many people have a never ending list or “I wants” for which they will always dream.

Making those dreams a reality takes a strategy; plain and simple if you want success, whatever it is, you have work to create it.

Step 1:  Define what you want to achieve.

More money is a common one for many people.  They will simply state, “I want more money.”

So, I hand them a dollar, NOW they have more money, but what they meant was much different than what they said.

Step 2: Create a picture of exactly what you want to achieve. Be descriptive, detailed, and precise; so you know exactly what you are working for. Set a time frame in which you wish to achieve the desired outcome.

Keeping along with the money theme an entrepreneur in a new business might say, “I want to be collecting $17,000+ a month through my online marketing and taking home a salary of $3000 a month. This increase in money will assure that I am able to cover all costs and generate new business through marketing.”

Step 3: List out the action steps to create the added income.

This list will always vary, person by person, business by business, and circumstance by circumstance.

Important questions to ask yourself are:

“What are you willing to do to get there?”

“How far are you willing to stretch yourself?”

“How bad do you want it?”

The aforementioned entrepreneur may create a list that includes, increase working hours making service more available, increase man power, increase re-evaluate current marketing , bring in new products, or other items or tasks that will create added revenue.

Step 4: Create a timeline to achieve the steps.

What’s a reasonable amount of time to achieve this goal? Setting a time frame is important because it places a sense of urgency on the situation and sets a time frame making it less daunting.

Step 5: Begin to work towards your goal with perseverance, dedication, and motivation!

Go for it! Remember, everything is achievable and a solid strategy secures success!

And always be open to small shifts that may drastically shift your entire outcome and enhance your experience!


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