Human Body Users Manual

What if your birth included a “Human Body User’s Manual”?

The pursuit of Health, Healing & Happiness; begins with Education, Empowerment & Execution.

Dr. Martha Nessler

What if your birth included a “Human Body User’s Manual”?

There is a significant lack of education on the human body and it’s function…I can’t help but think how this would all be different if we came with a user’s manual!

Although it’s likely that the majority of people wouldn’t take the time to use the manual anyway!

The “Human Body User’s Manual” would have to be an easy read, simplified and digestable. 

Congratulations! You have been given a beautiful gift, a human body. 

It is important to realize you can not make any returns  or exchanges on your human body and that you were created exactly as you were to be created, your Creator made sure of that.

Now that you have your human body it is imperative that you understand you are responsible for the love, care, and attention needed by your human body; the upkeep of your human body is solely your responsibility.

You are responsible for the amount of love and respect your human body receives, do not expect others to love  and respcect your human body the same as you love and respect your human body. 

Knowing this truth, it is important to take into consideration anything and everything that is recommended to you about your human body before you make decisions considering your human body. 

Remember, you only get one human body and there is a strict no return and  no exchange policy. 

Everyday Function:

Your human body possess an innate intelligence and is self-governing & self-healing.

Innate Intelligence assures your heart will beat, your lungs will breathe, your food will be digested, your legs will move your body, your fingers will type, and all other internal and external function is under the control of the central nervous system; similar to universal intelligence assuring the sun will rise and set, your internal functions will occur. 

The central nervous system is the master system and directs all other functions of the human body, it is wise to have your nervous system assessed regularly to assure all messages are being relayed from the nervous system.  It is important to know that stress impairs the function of the nervous system and effects the human body’s ability to self-govern and self-heal.  There are seven areas of stress that have an effect of the function of your human body: chemical, physical, emotional, familial, financial, spiritual, and environmental.

Stress comes in two forms eustress or good stress and distress or negative stress. 

The human body will send you signals when it is in a state of stress or dis-ease whether it is eustress or distress.  These signals come in the form of, but not limited to: diarrhea, aching head, sore muscles, constipation, palpitations, or other maladies and it is imperative that you acknowledge the signal and seek immediate balance.  These signals are the number one communication your human body has with you, please do not “shut them off” instead “balance them”.

The truth about stress is some of it is within your control and other stress is beyond your control–do your best to not contribute to the interruption of your human body’s function via unnecessary stressors.

Everyday Maintenance:

Body Fuel:

You are responsible for what you put into your human body, the fuels you put into your body will determine the function you will receive from your body; “organic fuel” is recommend for enhanced performance.  Your human body is organic within nature and utilizes “organic material” fuel, which is why consuming “whole foods” is the best fuel for your body.  You are not “man made” and “man made fuel” may impair function.

Organic fuel is a term for all the fuel that comes from the earth and when “organic”, “grass fed”, and/or “natural”  can be used, do so, it is the purest form of fuel.

Body Function:

Your are responsible for all your human parts both inside and outside, remember the internal function is governed by Innate Intelligence but, you are still in charge of any interference and maintaining integrity. 

Your human body needs to be kept moving … motion is life.  The more you keep your body moving early on the more your body will move later.  The limbs of the human body require motion externally to stay lubricated internally.   Your thoughts control your reality, keeping positive and motivating thoughts will empower and inspire your human body to function better, think of it as fuel for the mind.

Dis-Ease and Emergency Management:

In the case of dis-ease or even disease it is important to remember “there are no returns or replacements” it’s easy to forget when adrenaline is rushing and your human body is in “flight or fight” mode and trying to save your life.   Even in an emergency, do your best to stay in control of your human body and seek to become properly balanced.

It is advised that you seek and utilize “organic and natural solutions” first and that you have your nervous system assessed by a healthcare professional, such as a chiropractor to assure that there is no interference with your Innate Intelligence.

In case of an extreme emergency, when your human body is in danger, it is important to have council pre-established so that you have someone who can help to make decisions for you and your human body.   It is advised to establish your “council” in advance and making sure they to understand the importance of education, empowerment, and execution and have a fundamental belief in a human’s right to Health, Happiness, and Healing.

Do remember that your human body was created with intention and came with all necessary parts and organic chemicals, it is not lacking.

If it is recommended that you remove a piece of your human body, it is your responsibility to gather all necessary knowledge and to ask a plethora of questions and assure that you have exhausted all possible “natural solutions” because you cannot just go buy a spare part.  Additionally, it is extremely important to realize that if in the event of an emergency, removal of a component of your human body such as an organ becomes necessary in order to sustain life, then certain and necessary modifications will need to occur because every aspect of the human body is important!

If you are recommended a “man made chemical” for your organic function please realize that it is your responsibility to assure that you have learned what the chemical is for, why you need it, long term side effects, and any other information as it pertains to the “man made chemical” and it is advised that you seek “natural solutions” when possible. 

MOST IMPORTANT PLEASE remember:  you are solely responsible for you human body and there is a strictly no returns, no exchanges policy!

“The time has come for individuals to take back the reigns of health care and steer their individual journey to Health, Happiness, and Healing”. 

Take Back the Reigns to H H & H

But, in order to achieve the three H’s: Health, Happiness, & Healing, individual’s need the three E’s: Education, Empowerment, & Execution; this manual is a MUST READ.  The three E’s: Education, Empowerment, and Execution are crucial in the pursuit of Health, Happiness, & Healing!  The truth is there is a major lack of Education and Empowerment, which diminishes the likelihood of execution; it’s difficult to execute that which you do not know or without the power to know you can.

The shift begins with you, by …

 asking more questions,

doing your research,

 and then making an informed  and educated decisions.

“The pursuit of Health, Healing & Happiness begins with Education, Empowerment & Execution.”

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Jeremiah 1:5

What’s Dr. Martha Nessler Up To?

One of the most common questions I am asked since my move is, “What are you up to?” and to be honest, I’m up to a few things, one of which is RAW [Real] Authentic Wellness the rest is ever evolving.

With the massive push toward wellness the need for a hub was evident – there are so many sites on “wellness” it can be daunting trying to separate real wellness from the “hype”.

I am very open, that I have not always been a wellness junkie, although my brother, Jon has always noticed my love and indulgence in all things health – he used to say I collected “health foods”.   There is truth in his words, innately we are born to consume and devour Real, RAW, and Natural foods but we train our bodies to crave synthetic foods and trick our innate into believing we need them.

The concept of altering innate “wants and needs” is why starting wellness as early on as possible in human beings is extremely important, it’s a whole other blog all together and a topic I will be digging into and getting real on, I owe it to the future generations of the world.

Just like most people a sickness/diagnosis/disease really spurred my desire to indulge in the wellness paradigm. I can definitely say that at about fifteen I started dipping my toe in the wellness pool testing to see if it was the right “temperature”, then at twenty-two I got in about waist deep or half way in, and my twenty-six I took the plunge and went all the way!

Personally, I have no regrets on the decision to live “well” and professionally, I strongly support and applaud those who make the shift toward wellness, whether it is a “want to” or a “have to”.

To be real with you, wellness is no longer an option, it is the way, whether you choose now because you “want to” or later because you “have to” you will choose wellness.

With the need of wellness increasing, I saw the need for an online hub, resource, one-stop shop, call it what you will, where people could get information on real wellness for an optimal existence. Yes there are a lot of sites out there, some our amazing and others are simply not wellness (just trying to use the wellness movement for a financial ride), most are laser focused on one area of wellness or a portion of an area, and lots of them are boring and over whelming,

As a chiropractor and professional speaker, my biggest frustration was where to send people to get the necessary info for a balanced life. The look on an individual’s face when you tell them that you are excited they are wanting to maximize their human potential, now go look at these twelve sites is priceless.

People are maxed out as it is, which is usually why they are needing wellness, I literally felt bad knowing some people were completely discouraged by the daunting task of “figuring it out” and others actually felt more stress “attempting wellness”.

To be Real with you, I get exhausted clicking through the numerous websites to get balanced information on wellness and I love it personally and professionally. Thankfully, frustration never stalls me it motivates me, which is not the case for everyone – a hub was evident.

One day, I had this revelation, it was a tap in the shoulder from God followed by a whisper that was crystal clear, “Create a movement to educate and empower individuals, igniting in them the desire to seek health, healing, and happiness through Real, RAW, and Natural ways”.

That was the beginning of what is Raw [Real] Authentic Wellness and what evolves each day to be the hub of Real Wellness keeping it RAW, in the natural state and authentic to human beings to maximize existence.

Simply put, I want to encourage everyone to be REAL Human BEINGs! Will you join me?

twitter, instagram, and pintrest @raw_human

Innately Yours,

Dr. Martha Nessler

The Road Less Traveled vs. The Societal Highway

The Road Less Traveled vs. The Societal Highway

Going against the grain is an exhausting concept.  The concept of going against the flow of society is exhausting and lonely when you really think about it.   The decision to do something different is scary enough, without having to think that you will be alone and exhausted in doing so.  The simple concept of “going against the grain” makes many weary of change.  What if you weren’t going against the grain but rather taking the road less traveled? And you knew others had traveled it and been successful but it just wasn’t the most traveled; it wasn’t the societal norm?

Robert Frost said, “Two roads diverged in the woods and I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference.” This simple quote is how I have decided to view my decisions for me in terms of health, wealth, goals, and choices. About ten years ago I began to really assess what path I wanted for my life. Doing the same things over and over gets us the same results over and over and knowing this to be true I wasn’t sure I liked the results I saw people getting.

As I began to look at society as a whole, I saw poverty, sickness, sadness, low vibration, and many more things that didn’t have the appeal that made me scream, “I want that”.  Knowing that God wanted me to be abundant in all things: health, wealth, thought, happiness, vibration, in any and everything, I knew that the average American was missing something and many were missing a lot of something that I wanted and was created to have.  The realization came that I was going to have to do something different to get different results.

In researching what I wanted for my life I realized that I there were others who had what I wanted, they were out there, they were just fewer in numbers.  Many would say I go against the grain in the terms of health, wealth, thought, goals, and choices; I see it as taking the road less traveled.   There is a combination of senses that comes with the realization that you are traveling a road less traveled, a sense of security and a sense of adventure.

By societal standards I am considered weird because I make choices that vary from the norm, that sway from the road less traveled.  I like to think I simply woke up and liked the feeling of being eyes wide open awake.  It’s really easy to get “sleepy” when you monotonously do the same actions that everyone else does.  When a large amount of people are doing the same thing it creates a force that almost pulls you along and pushes you without having to exert as much will power.  You simply go through the movements.  But when you get a wake up call and acknowledge it you, you realize that rather than living your life you are living the same life as everyone else.  Where is the adventure in that?

We all get several wake up calls throughout life, in relationships, health, wealth, etc. and just like anything it all depends on how we address that wake up call.  Nothing in life has meaning until we give it meaning.  My series of wake up calls led me to ask myself whether or not I was happy where my journey was taking me. Which led me to decide that the road less traveled was unknown but more appealing and has proven its self to be more of a scenic route.  I like to view it as traveling the back roads while the majority is taking the highway.  There is no right or wrong choice as long as you know where the highway is taking you and you approve of the destination.  There is something serene about enjoying the ride you are on as opposed to hanging on for dear life!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler                                                   

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Integrity Must Be Restored to the CCE: Act Today for Chiropractic Tomorrow

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, October 3, 2011

Integrity Must Be Restored to the CCE: Act Today for Chiropractic Tomorrow

We are at a critical time in chiropractic, where we have the ability to take the reigns back and guide our profession in the way in which it was intended! I am not speaking in regards to style of practice but to scope of practice. The scope of practice has always included and should always include the statement “without drugs and surgery”. The chiropractic profession began as a drugless profession and to preserve its integrity it must remain a drugless profession. More and more there are groups within the profession, such as the ACA who are seeking to change the scope of practice to include drugs and surgery. As a profession we have to step and stop this ludicrousness. It is imperative that we make changes throughout the profession to preserve the profession. The Chiropractic Council on Chiropractic Education is the governing force behind the curriculum taught in chiropractic colleges in the United States. To change the though pattern of chiropractors we must change the thoughts being put into the minds of chiropractors. The CCE currently controls and has controlled chiropractic as a profession by dictating to the schools what they must educate on in order to be accredited. But, rather than taking us farther as a profession, they are taking us farther from the foundation of our profession! Each year we have moved farther and farther from the principles from which we were established and as long as the CCE is in control we will continue to move farther from those principles. Rather thank learning more chiropractic while in school students the curriculum is and has been weighted heavy in medical curriculum. We are producing medi-practors because the CCE has set it up that way! Stopping this train of thought before it even begins is crucial to preserve the principle of chiropractic. Right now we have a small window of time to begin to restore the integrity to the CCE and therefore to chiropractic! Every five years the CCE is up for renewal of recognition by the USDE, this is that year. We have accomplished the first step necessary, letting the USDE know that CCE needs to be re-evaluated, re-structured, and re-formed. They have heard our cry and in December there will be a hearing where representatives from our profession will be addressing the issues of the CCE as it stands today. I applaud those of you who took time to share your heart and passion by writing letters to the USDE your cry did not go unheard! Thank you and now its time for the next leg in the journey to regain integrity to CCE. As an added strength to our case we need the support of politicians to make our case stronger and getting their attention is the next step. The support of politicians will be a HUGE support in the December hearing. There is power in numbers and a petition is the best way to show the numbers in regards to support. We have a petition on under the heading. U.S. Department of Education: Restore integrity to the CCE. It is important that we get as many signatures as possible on this online petition. For posting on Facebook and emailing for support you can use the following URL, Get your community on board, set up a computer in your office and make it easy for patients to sign the petition as well as email their contacts to sign the petition. The support of politicians is crucial and will strengthen our case that integrity must be restored to the CCE. This petition is concrete proof that chiropractic without drugs and surgery is of the utmost importance to all those that are part of the chiropractic profession: chiropractors, staff, patients, advocates, and students. It is our objective that politicians realize the importance in re-evaluating, re-structuring, and re-forming the CCE to preserve chiropractic and, this petition will support that objective. When politicians realize how important the preservation of chiropractic is not only to chiropractors but also to chiropractic patients, students, and advocates our case will be strengthened. And while you are on the Internet get on Facebook, and join “The Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity” and “like” it. Let your stance be known! Take five minutes out of your day and make a video showing your support and calling chiropractors and chiropractic leaders to action! We received this sacred trust from our fathers, D.D. and B.J, they asked us to keep it pure and not sullied or deformed. Today, I am asking the same, I am asking that you join me in preserving our profession. We are chiropractors and what separates us is the use of no external forces, no drugs or surgery. We are a light in a sick and dying world, we must keep that light lit! Today is the day to step up and be heard! We are at a crossroad and have the chance to grab the reigns and re-direct the profession, moving farther away from drugs and surgery and NOT closer. I love you because you love what I love and it is that love that will strengthen our mission. If you need me I am here, email me at! I love you! Love. Laugh. Adjust. Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Do Rx Drugs Work or Do They Just Make it Worse?

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, September 4, 2011

Do Rx Drugs Work or Do They Just Make it Worse?

I often get asked, “Why would I go to a chiropractor?” Personally, I ask, “Why wouldn’t you go to a chiropractor?” But, that is because I understand what chiropractic can do to increase an individual’s overall quality of life. Because I know that it not only increased my overall quality of life but also has saved my life.  I know that if everyone really understood what chiropractic would do to improve their overall quality of life and lives of their loved ones that they too would come to know what I know and love chiropractic like I love chiropractic.  Believe it or not there was a day when I was not in the same boat I am in today and had no idea what chiropractic could do for me.

The Verve sang a song called “The Drugs Don’t Work”.  The song’s objective is that the drugs don’t make the pain of a break up better and in fact make it worse, with the main chorus stating, “The Drugs Don’t Work They Just Make it Worse”.  That same statement can be used to explain pharmaceutical drugs; while they make the symptoms appear better they often make your overall body function worse and decrease your overall level of wellness.  It’s safe to say that when it comes to prescription drugs “The Drugs Don’t Work They Just Make it Worse”.

Prescription drug use is on the rise in America.  It not only amazes me how many people take prescriptions but how many prescription drugs individuals take at one time.  I was headed down the same road, so I not only have been there but also get the fear that is instilled by the medical model, the fear that you will NOT be better without the drugs and will not heal without the drugs.  When in fact the opposite is true, our human body is designed to heal itself it, needing no help, just no interference.

At the age of eleven, I started my journey with acid reflux.  Upon recommendation of my medical doctor I began taking chewable antacids.  When those stopped working I was recommended over the counter antacids and when the severity of my reflux peaked I was placed on prescription drugs.  Before I switched form the medical paradigm to the chiropractic paradigm, I was taking a concoction of two prescriptions, 3 over the counter, and carried a pack of chewable antacids with me at all times. I was a prisoner to the concoction that allowed me to enjoy my meals with minimal pain, burping, burning, and bloating.

For me my pivotal moment was my boyfriend at the time, Ryan. Very few people will say that their ex-boyfriend was an angel in their life but for me that is an understatement, Ryan was a lifesaver. Ryan explained to me that sick and dying was an option and that we were deigned to have optimal health.  He explained to me what chiropractic could do to change my life.  He explained to me that the Rx drugs I was taking were simply masking my symptoms and that I was actually getting worse.  He then explained that we as humans were meant to produce acid to aid in digestion and that my spine was subluxated so it was over producing acid.  He went on to say that the reason I went from chewable antacid to over the counter to prescription was because my body was doing what it was supposed to do and that the use of prescription drugs gave my body the perception it was being punished.  He informed me that the subluxation was the problem and the overproduction of acid was the symptom.  The oxymoron about the antacids was clear, my body is supposed to produce acid and the antacids were telling it to stop and because our innate will always balance us, in response to the antacids my body was in fact producing more acid.  Therefore I was actually increasing my overall acid production and making the reflux and bleeding ulcers worse, I was actually making myself sicker, the drugs just gave the illusion that I was feeling better as opposed to functioning better.

Drugs really are an oxymoron; while we feel better we are in fact functioning worse.  After becoming educated, I knew that it was time to switch my paradigm from medical to chiropractic. Within weeks, my life was completely different, not only was I antacid free but I was symptom free.  I was amazed at how great I felt and enjoyed not “having” to take a pill to enjoy my life.  I finally felt “normal” in terms of health.  This was my pivotal “Ah Ha” moment.  This was when I realized that the world needed the same paradigm shift that I had just had, switching from the medical paradigm to the chiropractic paradigm.

The medical paradigm supports the philosophy that we get sicker and sicker until we die, and follow the premise that through prescription drug use the sickness can be subdued.  Many people are under the misconception that drugs “heal” their problem, when in fact they simply mask their symptoms. The interesting thing about symptoms is that they are our body’s way of communicating with us similar to how your oil light lets you know that it is time for an oil change, therefore preventing breakdown by throwing a rod in your engine.  Without an oil light you would not know that you need to change your oil, the same is true of any symptom in the human body: high blood pressure, headaches, leg pain, incontinence, and a laundry list of other symptoms which are trying to alert you that your body needs attention.  Most people perceive symptoms as “negative” when in fact they should be seen as a “positive” as they are keeping the body in homeostasis to maintain proper function and sustain life.

Prescription drugs do a great job of giving the allusion that an individual’s pesky symptoms are gone when in fact they are just being suppressed.  Not only are the symptom not really gone, but the Rx drug often causes more symptoms and actually enhances overall body dysfunction.  Just as the Verve said, “The Drugs Don’t Work They Just Make it Worse” and just like in the song, street drugs mask the pain of a break up; in life Rx drugs mask the problem not make it go away.  Don’t get me wrong Rx drugs do alleviate the symptoms that an individual is experiencing but the underlying problem is still present just not noticeable via external perception. It is also important to make note of the vast array of side effects that are caused by Rx drugs. It is safe to ask,  “Do Rx drugs really make it better or long term are they making it worse?” Rx drugs are not the only option, in fact, most people would are baffled that there is an option besides more prescriptions. I know I was in utter disbelief that I could live my life without Rx drugs. Rx Drugs are part of the medical paradigm not part of the chiropractic paradigm.

The chiropractic paradigm is unique because it respects the human body and it’s ability to functional optimally.  While the medical paradigm says the body “can’t” the chiropractic paradigm says that the human body “can”.  The nervous system, which is composed of the brain, brain stem, spinal cord, and nerves controls every single function of the human body. When the nervous system is functioning optimally, the human body functions at 100%, free of symptoms.  The human body is under constant stressors: chemical, physical, and emotional that occur in our every day life and cause subluxations in the spinal column, which protects the spinal cord, these subluxations cause interference in normal body function.  Chiropractors detect subluxations, which impair nervous system function, therefore removing the problem and not just the symptom.  The chiropractic paradigm’s focus is optimizing overall wellness, where the medical paradigm is geared toward optimizing sickness.

I have never looked back on my decision to switch paradigms, not once in eleven years.  I live a life where I fully express life because my innate is fully expressed.  I am not sick and have no symptoms.  I have not taken pills, whether prescription or over the counter.  I get adjusted regularly and enjoy my life full out.  We all have the opportunity to live a life free of sickness, symptoms, dis-ease, and disease; it is our God born right.

If you need a chiropractor near you, feel free to email me at! I will find you someone to help guide you as you shift your paradigm!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

My Walk Through BJ Palmer’s World

Dr.  Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, May 23,  2011

“Walk a mile in a man’s shoes and you will see what it is like to be him and you may shift your perspective”, my grandmother said this to me any time I began to judge another.  It was an awesome lesson to learn at such a young age and I have used it many times throughout my life.  This is simple lesson has allowed me to view the world with eyes wide open.

This weekend I attended the Winner’s Circle Weekend put on by The Masters Circle in Sarasota, Fl.   Knowing that BJ Palmer had a house there where he spent his last days and wrote many of his books, I had a hunch what one event of the “secret” weekend might be a visit there.  Little did I know the entire weekend I would be walking in BJ Palmer’s shoes?

Friday morning we started the day at BJ’s house.  As I exited the van, a silence swept over me as I realized I was about to walk through the house where BJ walked, slept, ate, had conversations with friends, wrote books, dreamed, passed on from his mortal life, and so much more.  I was overwhelmed with emotions and still at this time I don’t think I could fully list all the emotions I felt; it may take awhile or I may never delineate them.

My journey began walking up the driveway and past his dolphin fountain, his head cast, and his signature in cement I felt a sense of overwhelm realizing I was walking through a piece of history.  I walked up the vibrant, primary stone path that lead to the door and entered into the developer of chiropractic’s home and for the two hours I was allotted I would be slipping into his shoes and see the world as he saw it.  I’ve always loved seeing friends homes, in my opinion, it allows you to see who they really as our homes are expressions of who we are as individuals.

As I walked through his house it was eclectic to say the least, some said it was wild and I even heard “weird” to me it felt just right. I can honestly say it felt like home.  I’ve been through so many museums; my dad wanted us to know our history, and in all the museums I have been through I have never been to one that was so “real”.  Dr. Sid, who has a summer residence next door, did an awesome job preserving BJ’s home and in doing so has preserved BJ’s legacy.

BJ’s house was an expression of who he was a brilliant visionary and took the idea of his father and made it a household name.  Love him or hate him he believed in Innate and knew that’s expression was imperative for full expression of life. His house was much the same, an expression of his life.  The house was filled with history; I thoroughly walked each hallway making sure to absorb every bit of information possible.

I had several pivotal moments but want to share with you the three most pivotal.  As I stood in his bedroom at the foot of the bed in which he passed flipping through pictures and paperwork in plastic coverings.  In one of the plastic coverings was the death certificate of BJ and DD right next to each other.  On the back of the same plastic covering were photos of his funeral.  Even as I write this, I am overwhelmed with emotion. One photo was an image of him in his casket, as I looked at his face laying there tears filled my eyes.  At that time his death was so real and I quietly thanked him for the strength of his vision and for fulfilling his purpose regardless of what anyone thought and regardless of the opposition. BJ is truly a pioneer and he is a man of strength, dedication, and determination. We could all learn a lot from BJ Palmer and the foundation he laid so that chiropractic has its place. We MUST preserve our heritage.

My next pivotal moment was in the same room where I stepped into his giant wooden clogs, they were huge.  The moment I slid my feet into the clogs, I attempted to wrap myself around the realization of what big shoes I have to fill.  I have always thought that but this time my thought was a bit different.  This time I didn’t ask how I was going to get them to fit or wonder when I was going to “grow into them”. This time I just accepted these were my shoes and I would make them fit.  I was handed the shoes of BJ, DD, and many others the day I received my diploma and especially with the current state of chiropractic, I have no choice but to wear them even if I have to shove toilet paper into them to make them fit or wear two pairs of socks.  I also realized I wouldn’t have been given the shoes if I wasn’t prepared to wear them and that it was my own thoughts keeping them from fitting.  Regardless, since that day I have thought twice about the shoes I was called to step into and I have been wearing them with even more pride.

The last moment was extremely personal and hit me at a soul level.  There was a picture on the wall about leadership.  To sum it up, as I don’t have know it verbatim, leadership is lonely at times, the more opposition you face and more you are thought to be controversial the more you are leading.  Isn’t that the truth? I heard many times how “weird” or “strange” BJ was all throughout the day.   Was he “weird”? I guess. Define “weird”.  Personally, I have always been told I was “weird” and I guess just like anything in life its all perception.  In regards to BJ I will say he was eclectic, he was vibrant, he loved life and it’s expression regardless of what others thought, he dreamed big, he knew he knew the truth, wasn’t going to settle for current paradigms, saw a vision bigger than life, was determined to fulfill his purpose, and saw the world in the terms of what he knew could be rather than what won’t be.  Call it “weird” if you want BUT his “weird” got us where we are today. That day in Sarasota, I really resonated with who BJ was and were he came from and realized that “weird” means leader.  That day I realized that being “weird” means your vision is vast, that your purpose is intense, and that your convictions are deeply rooted and regardless of opposition you forge ahead.  In this case I am definitely “weird” and extremely proud.

After we left his house, we headed to the Ringing Brothers Circus Museum.  BJ loved the circus and spent a great deal of time at the circus. The circus was in fact why he moved to Sarasota.  Having heard before of BJ’s love of the circus and questioning it, after seeing his house I now knew why he loved the circus.  It goes back to being “weird”.  The circus is “weird” with the fat lady, the fire breathers, sword swallowers, and vast array of unique individuals; I guarantee none of them ever thought BJ was “weird”.  And as an added piece of info, there was an adjusting table in the Ringling Brothers home!

Saturday we were blessed to have Dr. Simon Senzon share with us even more history on BJ Palmer’s life.  He truly was an amazing man, some information was a refresher and other information was new both took my love and admiration for BJ to the next level.  Having walked through his house just 24 hours prior made me feel that much closer to the developer of our profession and even more grateful.

We could all stand to learn from BJ and realize that we must continually fulfill his vision, not for him, not for us, but for our future.  We are borrowing this profession from our future just as BJ borrowed from us.  May 27, 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of his death.  On May 27th, I encourage you to join me as I sit silently and get even more clear on my vision, mission, and purpose not for me but for chiropractic and as a thank you to BJ for borrowing from me and giving it back better than he found it.

Thank you DD and BJ Palmer you are true visionaries and I am eternally grateful for your strength and determination.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.
Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Dennis Perman’s Message of the Week: April 25, 2011

Thank you, Dennis an Honor!

Catapults or Anchors

Dear Doctor:
Death is perhaps the most difficult and uncomfortable of the human experiences – it’s typically beyond us to express our feelings, to cope, and to make some sense out of such losses. Spiritualists conjecture on it — life after death or not, karma or fate, in a better place or just gone, the debate rages on because no one can ever know.
That’s why it appeals to me when someone addresses this necessary part of life objectively, and this happened for me last week when I received a link to the blog of Innate Girl, otherwise known as Dr. Martha Nessler of Springfield, IL, the reigning TMC Winners Circle Chiropractor of the Year. I always read Martha’s writing, but this entry was especially poignant, describing the loss of her own mother when she was only two years old. Look over her shoulder for some profound insight:
“I was finally at a point where I was able to look at my mom’s death for what it really was — a catapult and not an anchor — A catapult propels and an anchor holds you back. All events in our lives have the ability to propel us or hold us back — we allow what we consider “positive” events to propel us, and “negative” events to anchor us. I have pledged to find the positive in all situations whether or not I “feel like it” because when your mother loses her life to cancer at twenty-nine and passes four months after her diagnosis you realize that life truly is too short — The day I began to see my mom’s life and death as a catapult was the day that “we” began to live.
For me I believe people only die if we allow them, while they physically die their spirit can live with us – After dealing with my mother’s death — I decided that I would live my life for my mother and since that day my mother has been my “why”. Her death — drives me to educate the world about living a wellness lifestyle. My mother did all things considered “healthy”. She ate right, took vitamins, exercised, and was a peaceful fun loving person. But, my mother never had her nervous system assessed; she had never been checked by a chiropractor. My “why” is strong and it is my hope that her death allows others to live. I want to make sure that everyone is given the opportunity to live their life full out and that they and their loved ones are not cut short — In my heart, each person I educate takes a little piece of her spirit with them and through their life she too lives.
Death is hard and if we are not careful we anchor to the loss of a loved one and with their death a part of us dies. I have chosen to use my mother’s death as a catapult and have allowed her death to propel me into the life I was meant to live. I have – chosen to live for us both by sharing her spirit and story with the world. Through my mother’s death I have chosen to live and will continue to allow her spirit to live.”
I never knew Pamela Jean Murphy Nessler, but I can say this – she will indeed live forever in the efforts of this powerful young chiropractor to spread the word of health and wellness, and the ripple effect of generations to come who receive the miraculous healing benefits chiropractic is famous for. Only you can choose if the events in your life are anchors or catapults – nothing has any meaning but the meaning you give it. Develop your “why,” tell your story, and live a life of significance.
Dennis Perman DC,
for The Masters Circle
PS One-day seminars with Bob and Dennis in Seattle and Chicago this week – practical material you can use every day to build your practice, patient education, report of findings, public speaking, all new classes – please call 1-800-451-4514, or go to See you there!

Well or Sick? You CHOOSE.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

“You don’t have to be sick, choose to be well”, Dr. Martha Nessler.  I said this quote as I was ranting about a drug commercial.  Americans are flooded with negative thoughts in regards to health and wellness EVERYDAY! They hear them in the car, on the TV, from friends, at work, on billboards, on business signs, etc.  Every corner you turn whether in a building or on the street there are advertisements lying to you that your body CAN’T and that it needs some outside force.  FRANKLY, that’s not TRUE but rather a bold face lie from big pharma and it’s cohorts.  The TRUTH is that you can be well and that you can heal yourself, you just have to CHOOSE it!

Choice is an interesting thing.  You are given two options or more and then you decide.  Scary ,huh? Well, only if you allow it to be.  If you take a deep breath and logically think, then no choice seems that scary but when in a panic well it’s little more difficult to make a logical choice, right?  So, take a deep breath and read for a few seconds and at the end make the decision, do you really have to be sick? Or can you be well?

Our society tells us that we need drugs and vaccinations to feel better and function optimally and that without these drugs we will never be well. These statements and fear tactics are simply not true.  We can be well and we were designed to be well.  Individually we just have to decide to be well.  We have to make a conscious decision to be proactive in our own healthcare and that means stepping up and stepping out.  A shift in thought and belief is necessary and it’s all we need to tip the scales toward wellness.

Over the years we have been lead to believe that we are breaking down and that we eventually just fall apart.   This is true and not true.  It’s true ONLY if you stop taking care of yourself, if you stop making time for yourself, and stop eating right and thinking right, and stop moving.  Stopping all this WILL cause you to breaking down.  It’s honestly a recipe for disaster.  A recipe that will create frustration and give birth to diseases and disorders and speed up the breakdown of your human body.   When your body breaks down (dies) where will you live?  Just as you can do NONE of this and be sick you can DO ALL of this and BE WELL.  You can eat whole and live foods, get proper sleep, workout, and exercise, take time for yourself, and take care of yourself and move towards optimal health.  You choose.

Let’s take this out of the perspective of the human body and talk about your car.  People always take care of their cars.  They see them as an asset that has value.  I am here to tell you that you are an asset that has value.  Cars today have a main computer system in the engine that is the master system and many adjunctive systems that all work together to allow a car to drive.  In order to maintain your car, you take your car for routine checkups and have all the systems checked.  Do you get routine check ups? When a light comes illuminates on the dashboard you take the car to be serviced and have the “symptom” assessed” When you have a “symptom” do you get it assessed? Let’s use your oil light as a “symptom”.  If the oil light in your car comes on it letting you know that your oil level is low and that your oil needs changed. It’s imperative that you change the oil so that you don’t throw a rod and damage the engine.  So, you get the oil changed because it’s a warning that let’s you know if you DON’T do it you won’t like the outcome.  What if you put duct tape over the oil light? Nothing.  You have just masked the symptom and the problem will get worse and your car will break down.  To maintain the life of your car routine checkups are a must.  The choice is yours: maintain your car and it runs forever or neglect your car and it breaks down.  The only difference in a car and a human body is that you can’t get a new body.

Just like a car you have a master system, the nervous system, and a bunch of adjunctive systems that allow you to function.  As humans we get warning signs (headache, indigestion, anxiety, bladder problems, etc) and they let us know that our master system needs to be addressed.  Those symptoms are not telling us that we are lacking a drug or need a vaccine but rather letting us know we have one or more stressors affecting us that is causing our master system to be running low, i.e. nervous system interference.  Nervous system interference is similar to “running low on oil or gas”.  Interference to our nervous system falls into three different categories: chemical, physical, and emotional.  In order to function optimally the stressors must be addressed or slowly (and sometimes quickly) we will break down.

Seems a little different when you put it into perspective, huh? Believe me I know.  I remember the first time I was told I could live my life without being sick.  At first I was like most people, I was completely shocked.  After I got over the initial shock I was a little angry that I had been lied to and lead astray for so long.  After I let it all go and realized how blessed I was to have been informed I became proactive in my own wellness and I have never looked back. I only look forward to my future that is so bright it burns my eyes because I no longer live in fear that I will be sick but rather look ahead and know that I will be well.  I will be well because I choose to be well.  What will you choose? Remember you do have a choice.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.
Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Do You Practice What You Preach?

Dr. Martha’ s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, November 8, 2010

Do you exemplify health and wellness? Could you utilize the mantra, “Be fit. Eat right. Think well. Get adjusted.”? Or would you be lying to say you do? Do you exemplify all four areas? As chiropractors it is absolutely imperative that we live out the same principles that we teach our patients.  My patients love to know that I hold myself accountable to the same lifestyle I encourage them to live.  I always tell them I would never ask them to do something which I don’t do myself.  And I would never….are you congruent?

I get so frustrated when I see unhealthy chiropractors and even more frustrated when I see unhealthy chiropractors who are struggling.  In my opinion a huge part of business success  is a direct reflection of personal success.  This applies to all areas of our personal lives.  I always say how you do anything is how you do everything and what you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying. Really think about what I just said.

I realized one day that I don’t regularly tell my patients about my lifestyle choices but because I live them out I don’t have to.  I exemplify the wellness lifestyle.  They can tell that I workout regularly, eat a well balanced diet, think positive thoughts, and get adjusted. By taking care of the body God gave me I am a walking billboard for my practice.  People in my community know that I am different.  The same holds true for you in your community.

While for some this may seem like  a no brainer…but I know for sure this is not true for everyone.  It’s sad but true.  So, this is my challenge start with you…look at your lifestyle where do you have a gap? What could you do to get one step closer to optimal health.  Personally I reassess constantly.  I am always looking for additions to my lifestyle to increase my overall wellness and when I find something that works I share it with my practice members so that we can all grow.

Decide today what you can do to continually be your own billboard, a walking, talking advertisement for your practice and the chiropractic lifestyle.  The principle of chiropractic is that the body needs no interference: chemical, physical, or emotional.  What interferences are you tolerating? What changes or implementations can you make to benefit you, your patients, and your future patients? Realizing that the shift must start with you and with the right intention will result in a ripple effect that alters your practice.

Making changes in the area of wellness is hard for many but crucial for overall longevity.  They are forced to let go of habits and sometimes addictions which are a ball and chain to their unhealthy lifestyle holding them back from optimal wellness.  Remember ddictions don’t have to be just alcohol, street drugs, and tobacco; they can be processed foods, negative thoughts, a sedentary lifestyle or so much more.  Be a role model that allows them to see that change is possible and the teacher that reminds them change is imperative.

Start with you.  Make the necessary changes to increase your personal wellness.  Make sure you are working out regularly, motion is life.  Eat whole foods, we are organic beings not chemical creatures and food is fuel not just fun! You are what you think, uplift yourself and others with positive thought.  Sigafoose said, “Subluxations kill!” so get adjusted….REGULARLY! The aforementioned is a phenomenal base recipe for success, as you get comfortable with all four categories on a basic level begin to add to it’s complexity. If you begin to practice what you preach your community will begin to see your dedication to a wellness lifestyle.  They will see that you are different and it’s a different that is the right way to go!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha, Innate Girl

2009 Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

“Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational” is published every Monday.  It was first sent out on April 27, 2009 and has followed every Monday consecutively since then.  The purpose of Dr. M’s MMM is to ignite passion in individuals. It is geared toward chiropractors and the chiropractic profession.  Hundreds of chiropractors receive it via text message first thing in the morning! Enjoy the year in review.

April 27, 2009

To my TMC Friends:

Conference is over.  Today is when you put into play all that the wonderful weekend had to offer.  I challenge you to serve with more passion, expand until you are uncomfortable, love your community without limits, and start giving the American sickcare the facelift that it needs.  Remember, “catch on fire and people will come for miles to watch you burn.” –John Wesley

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

May 4, 2009

Today in your office remember the power of human touch.  We are so lucky in our profession that we are able to connect with our patients on such a deep level.  Be focused today and enjoy the power of the adjustment with your patients! “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart.” –Helen Keller

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

May 11, 2009

Prefontaine said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”  Show up today.  Play BIG.  Serve well.  Speak the truth and people will listen.  We are all blessed and to hide that would be a waste!!

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

May 18, 2009

Johann Goethe said, “Whatever you do or dream, you can do—begin it.  Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” We are in the forefront of healthcare…we have to step up and be bold.  WE need to help others to see outside the box.  We need to create a wellness movement. As Bob Hoffman said, “Leaders create a culture around their goals and involve others in it.” Live the wellness dream…be bold and powerful.  You are a genius.

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

June 1, 2009

Say what you need to say, lyrics from a John Mayer song, are so applicable in practice.  Think how often we hold back in fear, limited by our own self-talk and ego.  Lets step up and start fresh today…say what you need to say.  As BJ said, “We never know how far something we think, say or do will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” Speak the truth…they will hear you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Leave it all outside the office.  It’s so easy to bring our lives into practice…but that doesn’t serve you and it definitely doesn’t serve the patient.  So, walk in to your office with a clear head and a focus on serving.  Stomp out your personal life and get laser focused.  Your personal life will be there when you close the doors…you can pick it up on your way out tonight  They need you…show up big!!!

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, June 15, 2009

Today F.O.C.U.S as you communicate with your patients and your staff.  Have Full On Compassion, Understanding, and Sincerity.  Let them know you love them.  Be the one who listens.  Be the ANSWER in a world full of questions.  Don’t talk at them…talk to them and above all LISTEN!! Paul Tillich said, “The first duty of love is to listen.” Serve well and with F.O.C.U.S!

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, June 22, 2009

The highest vibration that we can experience is LOVE.  Since chiropractic was founded on tone; as chiropractors understand the importance of balanced vibration.  Love must be in our core.  First, we must love ourselves.  It is the love we have for ourselves that allows us to freely and deeply love others.  When was the last time you told yourself how much you loved you? When you have love in your core it emanates and is felt by those around you.

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, June 29, 2009

When we come from a servant’s heart we better serve our patients and community.  Make this your prayer/motto: “Lord, make me an instrument of Your Peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.” (–St. Francis of Assisi) Have an attitude of gratitude.  Listen and love.  Serve well.

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, July 6, 2009

Think positively and masterfully because our thoughts become our reality! Two great quotes come to mind: “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. –James Lane Allen Nick” and “It isn’t what you have or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy.  It is what you think about. –Dale Carnegie” So, where will your thoughts lead you.  Change your thoughts starting now! Remember, what you think about you bring about.

Love.  Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, July 13, 2009

Integrity is being congruent between what you think, say, and do.  Be a role model for your practice members and community, become a wellness expert and live a wellness lifestyle. Lead by example; exercise utilizing weights and cardio, eat foods that nourish and support the body, and think positive thoughts! Keep it simple: “Be Fit.  Eat Right.  Think Well.” Live consciously and with congruency.  “When you have contradictions you get destruction and the amount of destruction is based off the severity of the contradictions. – Ayn Rand”

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, July 20, 2009

Each day when we wake we are given two options: to remain comfortable or to get uncomfortable. So, often we get scared to grow because with all growth there is pain so we remain in our “comfort zone” With growth comes new opportunities and an expansion of our knowledge. Remember, “Comfort comes as a guest, lingers as a host, and stays to enslave. – Sid Williams” So, today I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and fall in love with being uncomfortable.

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, July 27, 2009

Purpose and Passion are keys to our success. Our purpose is what we were created to do.  What is your purpose? Define it and write it down.  Passion is the energy that propels us.  It moves us.  What is your passion? Dig down deep and find that one thing that gets you going.  Own it and cherish it.  Use it as a driving force to remind you that EVERY day you must be 100% present and show up big.

Love. Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, August 3, 2009

Three words: Present Time Consciousness.  Be present in the moment.  When you are with patients you are with patients, when you are doing CEO time be the CEO, when you are home be at home, etc.  Live in the moment and let the momentum carry you.  Being fully present allows you to gain more from the experience and most importantly give more of yourself.

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, August 10, 2009

In life, he/she who experiences the most wins! It’s important that we constantly improve and grow; with change comes growth.  When we stop growing…we start dying.  Commit today to learn something new everyday and constantly expand yourself.  Robin Sharma say, “ Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.”

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Morning Motivational

Monday, August 17, 2009

It is inevitable that we will make “mistakes” in life and that we will “fall short of others or our own expectations”. It is important to realize it is not the mistakes that we make in life that define who we are; it’s how we deal with them that truly reveals who we are as people. It’s not how far you fall but how high you rise after the fall.  As Joe Dispenza said, “Never feel guilty about anything you have created, good or bad.” It’s all part of the journey.

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, August 24, 2009

Who do you choose to spend your time with? You are a mirror image of the company that you keep.  Remember the 5 closest people to you have the most influence over you!! Choose wisely…and remember the laws of attraction…you will attract into your life the EXACT people that you want there. Alan Rousso said, “The more loving you are to yourself, the more loving people come into your life…and they may or may not be the people in your life, right now. “

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, August 31, 2009

Educate. Educate. Educate. BJ Palmer said, “It is more important that people know the story than get adjusted.” Tell people more about what they don’t know than what they do know.  Hold a healthcare class, do a spinal screening, host a patient appreciation dinner, etc… Just get the message out there. Well-educated people ALWAYS make better decisions.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, September 7, 2009

Relish in your time off…make the most of holidays and vacations. When you sleep your body heals and when you your soul and spirit are rejuvenated. A well-rested individual is more equipped to serve. Gandhi said, “there is more to life than increasing its speed”. Happy Labor Day!!!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, September 14, 2009

Success requires dedication and determination.  While the road to success is not always an easy one you must remember that, “Pain is temporary and quitting is forever”.  You have two choices in regard to pain in any area of life: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.  It is possible to achieve anything that you set your mind to if you truly want to.  Remember it is not a “have to” but a “get to”. Press on!!!

Love. Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, September 21, 2009

Actions speak louder than words.  Do you exemplify the wellness lifestyle? Do you lead by example? Remember it’s important to workout regularly, eat foods that fuel your body, think positive thoughts, and get regular adjustments and nervous systems check ups.  Remember, who you are speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say! It’s time to step up and be the leader in the wellness movement!!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Motivational

Monday, September 28, 2009

Come from a place of love.  Love has the power to open doors and break down barriers.  Love is the highest vibration; it is an action, feeling, and emotion.  Remember, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  In a world that lacks love be the missing link.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fear and Joy. Do more things in your life that cause fear…your accomplishment will lead to an abundance of joy.  Scared? Overcome it…Just go for it! Dig deep and find inner strength. The outcome will be worth it.

Love.  Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Intention is everything.  With the right intent you don’t need words or explanation.  You can speak with your eyes, touch, and overall vibration.  Getting skewed results? Then check your intention.  The right intention will always lead to success.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, October 19, 2009

If not you, then who? Today I am asking you to STEP UP!! We are in the midst of a wellness movement and we need leaders…consider this your challenge.  Speak the truth…say what is on your mind and in your heart, make connections, be committed, and start today! Step up! Step up! Step up!!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, October 26, 2009

A job is what you have to do, a career is what you are supposed to do, and a CALLING is what you are meant to do AND get to do!!! Remember, God doesn’t call the prepared. He prepares those He calls.  As chiropractors we have been called to pave the path to wellness and now is the time to STEP UP and lead.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, November 2, 2009

To give and receive is to be blessed.  Life is about giving; giving of yourself, your gifts and talents.  Learning to stretch yourself for the sake of others.  Giving is not always financial; it can be the warmth of a smile, a kind word, or going out of your way for someone else.  And remember that while giving is important is also important to receive with gratitude from God and those around you.  May abundant blessings fall on you and yours this holiday season.

Love. Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, November 9, 2009

With each adjustment and each conversation of every day, remember, “We, Chiropractors, work with the subtle substance of the soul.  We release the prisoned impulse, the tiny rivulet of force, that emanates from the
mind and flows over the nerves to the cells and stirs them into life. –BJ Palmer”.  You have a moral obligation to tell the world what you know.  Because, you know something they don’t know.  Go out and serve your community.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, November 16, 2009

When was the last time you re-evaluated your attitude? What’s it like? Is it positive? Does it allow you to shine? Do you light up a room when you walk into it or out of it? To keep my attitude in check: weekly I sit down and review and write a list of all my blessings.  I give thanks for those I have received and pre-thank for the one’s I am going to receive.  This task allows me to remain in an attitude of gratitude, allowing my inner beauty to really shine.  So, sit down this week and “check your ‘tude dude”!!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, November 23, 2009

Your degree of innate potential is between you and your Creator.  What interferes with that potential is between you and your Chiropractor. Seek out the subluxation whether physical, chemical, or emotional and correct it, then allow innate to take over and restore homeostasis. As BJ Palmer said, “Nature needs no help, just no interference.” Happy Thanksgiving!!! Be thankful you have found your calling!!! Much love and respect!!!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, November 30, 200

When BJ Palmer was asked to define Spizzerinctum; He said, “Oh Spizzerinctum is anything that puts pride and happiness in the head, determination in the heart, energy in the hand, and invisible courage in the will.” A little bit of chiropractic enthusiasm if you will So, get your “spizz” on to educate and save some lives!!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, December 7, 2009

Life is a process. It is a journey we travel that enables us to grow, which usually stretches us outside of our comfort zone. The discomfort we feel with growth often scares us and then driven by fear we rush through the process.  Rushing through the process still gets us through but we often miss the finite lessons along the way.  So, be still and allow the process to happen.  Lean on friends, family, inner strength, and prayer.  Remember, it is as it should be.  Being still will allow you to truly shine and grow.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, December 14, 2009

Life is what you focus on.  Your thoughts create your reality. What you think about you bring about.  Do your thoughts expand or contract your vibration (ie feeling or emotion)? Cleaning up your headspace will alter your external environment.  Remember the intricate balance between feeling and function if we go solely by feeling we may be surprised at the functional outcome.  Shift your thoughts and SHIFT YOUR LIFE.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, December 21, 2009

This holiday season remember to enjoy time with family and friends, brighten the lives of those around you, give abundantly and receive openly, and most of all anchor the memories in your heart and mind so that you can re-visit them frequently.  “You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want. –Zig Ziglar”

Dr. Martha Nessler

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Monday, December 28, 2009

“An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind. –Mahatma Ghandi”.  Look at the world differently as we roll into 2010, especially in the aspect of forgiveness and thankfulness. Realize that hurting people hurt people and that it easier to forgive than to harbor anger or take revenge. Before you fall asleep at night simply say, “I forgive.  I am thankful.” You will wake renewed and ready for the day!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational