Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

August 30, 2010

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

If you are looking to increase your vibrational state start by giving thanks each day. Gratitude is the simplest way to get a vibrational boost! Being gracious shows the universe you are thankful for all you have received and open and ready to receive in abundance.

Gratitude is the heart’s memory.  -French Proverb

My Why?

I heard once that you should start every morning with a full glass of gratitude.  The minute I heard this I started my day chugging a full glass immediately up on waking. I gave thanks for all I received and pre-thanked the universe for what I was about to receive.   I instantaneously noticed more and more blessings falling into my life.  I realized an intricate balance between thanking in abundance and receiving in abundance.

The French proverb, I list above states that “Gratitude is the heart’s memory”.  I just love this proverb and it is so true. When we express gratitude it comesstraight from the heart’s memory bank.  Something or someone has touched so deeply that it left a footprint in our heart and evoked an emotion.  An imprint like this is what leads us to be gracious. Expressing that gratitude sets forth a vibration attracting abundance into your life.

To all you who read I am truly grateful for your support! I have truly grown through this process and it is my wish you have as well.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler