To Never Be Professionally Lonely

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday December 19, 2010

There is nothing like being together with a group of chiropractors.  It’s a completely different vibration than you will feel anywhere else.  When you walk into a room filled with chiropractors you immediately feel the love and are almost always greeted with a warm embrace.  You always feel welcome and you can just feel the healing energy that abounds from the room.  It is amazing to be around so many people who share in your mission and who are purpose driven.  It’s great to know you are not alone.

“Professionally lonely” is a phrase my good friend Heath McKinley, D.C. taught me.  He told me that he eventually came to a point in his career where he never wanted to be professionally lonely.  He always wanted to be a part of something bigger in chiropractic, a bigger network of people from where he could learn, grow, and give.  He couldn’t be more right.   It is imperative that we surround ourselves with colleagues who can push us and challenge us.  It is imperative that we are allowed to be leaders and followers in order to challenge ourselves professionally.

I know that Heath is not the only chiropractor who feels professionally alone in their community.  Especially chiropractors in smaller towns where there are a limited number of chiropractors they are accessible to.  While the gap is narrowing there are still many towns where varying chiropractic viewpoints, philosophical beliefs, and adjusting techniques separate many chiropractors.  As Patrick Gentempo has often said many are circling and shooting inward.

I am going to challenge you with two things and if you choose to accept you may be surprised at how different your new year will be.  The first challenge is to interact with your colleagues.  Join a group that allows you to get together with fellow chiropractors where you can grow and share together.  There are tons of varying groups and there is sure to be one that fulfills your needs.  There are philosophy groups such as EPOC, CORE, DCS, New Beginnings, and more.   These philosophy groups allow you to hear the hearts of chiropractors and expand your own consciousness.  There are many seminar series: CLA Summit, The Masters Circle, Parker Seminars, Epic Seminars, and more.  Seminars bring 100’s to 1000’s chiropractors together allowing you to not only grow professionally but to be surrounded in the vibration and energy that a seminar brings.  Many chiropractors are sharing their hearts on smaller platforms such as Brad Glowaki and Patrick Gentempo, Timothy Gay, Marc Gottlieb, and Matt Hubbard to name a few.  In the more intimate setting you can really get to know the speaker and more easily interact.  These are just a few of the options available; I know you will find one for you.  I challenge you to find one by the New Year and start 2011 off right!

The second challenge is to unite the chiropractors in your community.  I am asking that you find a way to join them together in the name of chiropractic and create a venue so that no chiropractor is professionally lonely.  Whether it be grabbing a bite to eat or a drink every other week or holding a small philosophy gathering once a month or taking them with you to one of your new professional events.  Whatever you choose I just ask you to work to unite the profession.  Because united together we can do so much more.

It is my wish that you adhere to my suggestions and that you choose get more involved in chiropractic and that you begin to bridge gaps and if it is not for your gain then let it be for the gain of the profession.  It is my desire that no chiropractor feel professionally lonely and that they have the support necessary to share their gifts and fulfill their purpose.  I will leave you with a quote I once in a movie that said, “So now, all alone or not, you gotta walk ahead. Thing to remember is if were all alone, then were all together in that too.”
Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl