Let LOVE Light the Allopathic Tunnel of Darkness

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivation

Monday November 29, 2010

I heard this statement the other day, “What comes from the heart reaches the heart.” Upon hearing this I immediately became still.  Sitting there in stillness I began to analyze this statement…knowing it held an abundance of knowledge, I wanted to become VERY clear on where my intention was derived.  This simple statement seemed like the most effective form of communication for any chiropractor.

In conversations with people we have to realize the only thing we can control is what we say…we have no control over how what we say will be taken by those with whom we are in communication.  With the realization that our words are then that much more important…it makes it a necessity that we speak from the heart. The way I see it if we come from the heart it is much more likely to be received with open arms and an open mind.

Being a ciroprac-TOR puts you in a very unique position in your practice member’s lives.  Because Chiroprac-TORs actually make a physical connection with their practice members, hand to spine, there is also a deeper emotional connection. This deep connection often enables people to open up on a much deeper level especially when addressing emotional causes of subluxation.  Many times there are conversations that are difficult to have, making it that much more important that we set our intention and come from the heart. Remember, while the conversations may be difficult they are often necessary and therapeutic.

Conversations around emotional subluxations aren’t the only difficult interactions chiroprac-TORS face on a regular basis.  Conversations around lifestyle choices and healthcare are often very delicate topics.  When dealing with lifestyle choices there is often resistance, denial, and fear.  Coming from a place of love creates an environment of peace where healing can begin to take place.  When discussing health care it’s important to realize that often practice members, especially new practice members, have often been through countless hopeless situations.  Often they feel defeated and scared, with love as your intention it allows you to speak with clarity and certainty, hopefully shining a light through their allopathic tunnel of darkness. Unfortunately the allopathic model as become fear based and does not provide hope making our role in our communities that much more important.

Let me end by saying, D.D. Plamer said, “We have a moral obligation…” which we do and that is to speak the truth about chiropractic and wellness.  Let me add “We have a moral obligation which is best received from the heart to be more apt to reach the heart”. So, in your daily conversations set your intention and come from a place of love.  You may only have one shot to impact an individual and while you have no guarantee how what you say will be taken the “from the heart to the heart” method seems like your best bet.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha, Innate Girl