The Importance of Being Firmly Planted

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sitting and thinking about flowers, I came to the conclusion that we as humans are very similar to flowers and as chiropractors we need to realize our patients are part of our garden.

When we begin this life we are but a seed that must be firmly planted.  We need to be placed in the proper environment to grow into the best version of ourselves.  When we first begin this life our potential is limitless and unknown.  If we are showered in the appropriate amount of love, given appropriate nutrients, protected and rooted, and most importantly planted in close vicinity with which to share our life.  With this recipe we are set up to bloom into the beautiful human being we were destined to be.

The concept of love is really interesting.  We all have our preconceived notions of what love should be but it all boils down to God is love and we should be too.  His love is limitless and therefore our love should reflect a love that has no barriers.  Often we set limitations on our love or stipulations.  It is imperative that we understand that love is a gift and learning to give it freely and abundantly is one of our superpowers.  Love is the highest vibration and vibration is motion and motion Is growth.

Appropriate nutrients are so important.  As humans we need water, whole foods, appropriate minerals, and nutrients.  The human body is organic in nature and it is important that we provide it nutrients in the same form.  We are not synthetic in nature and therefore synthetics such as processed foods are a stress to our system.   With proper nutrition a plant grows strong and fully blooms and the same holds true for humans.

We need to be rooted in strong and noble thought to have a foundation from which to grow just as a flower must be given the opportunity to root itself.  The stronger our roots the more stable our growth.  As a flower grows it needs to be protected and sheltered from too much of any one thing in order to establish strength as it grows.  Humans need that same shelter and protection.  We need to be given boundaries and taught to understand the importance of boundaries to protect ourselves. Through boundaries and strong roots we are able to become educated in the necessary lessons of life.

Flowers alone are beautiful but together they truly outstanding.  Whether in a bouquet, a planter, or in landscaping; when combined with others each individual flower’s detail truly stands out.  This same theory holds true for humans, uniting with others who share in our values and vision we gain strength and truly shine.  With a community of like-minded people individuals build off of each others strengths, just like the perfect combination of flowers planted together.    It is important to remember you are pre-destined to share your life with others, you were not meant to live your life alone.

Realizing how humans, like flowers, bloom where they are planted I began to realize as a chiropractor I need to view each practice members as a beautiful, single flower needing to be re-potted.  Placing them in the perfect pot allows them to truly flourish and become rooted in the foundation of wellness.  It needs to be our objective to provide them with the proper pillars necessary to embrace a wellness lifestyle.  It is our job to shower them with love, educate them on proper nutrition, teach them the principles of chiropractic and help to restore their inborn nervous system potential, and introduce them to a community of like minded individuals within our practice.  With the aforementioned guidelines our practice members like flowers will fully bloom.

Go be the gardner you were called to be…cherish each “flower” that crosses your path.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha