Fortunate Strokes of Serendipity

Fortunate Strokes of Serendipity

One of my favorite movies of all time is the movie Serendipity. In the movie the two lead actors meet in a department store at Christmas. They are both last minute shopping for gifts and attempt to buy the same “last pair” of black gloves.  Their debate between the gloves leads them to coffee, which leads them to instant infatuation with each other.  The problem is they are both in committed relationship, which both are secretly unhappy with and the question of “what if?’ looms in both their minds.  The lead actress encourages the actor to “trust” saying that “what will be will be” because if in fact their meeting is “serendipitous” then it is in fact “inevitable”. Through a chain of serendipitous events the two end up together because they trust and remain “present”.

After watching the movie serendipity, which was well over ten years ago, I looked up the word serendipity, which means an occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.  After reading the word a few times over allowing it to sink in, I decided that day that I wanted a lot more serendipity in my life.  To me there was something beautiful and simplistic about a life that was filled with fortunate strokes of serendipity.

I can honestly say that since deciding that I wanted to attract in to my life more serendipitous events, I have done just that.  Now don’t get me wrong since then my life has not been completely serendipitous, because I am human and human nature is to force and control.  What makes an event serendipitous is that it happens by chance; therefore, serendipity cannot and will not happen with force.

In the movie the couple believes that if they serendipitously allow life to lead, then what will be will be. Such is true of fully “letting go and God” rather than pushing for what you want and forcing situations.  The act of letting go allows you to pull into your life what is truly meant to be.  I remind myself each day to “let go, sit back, let God, and enjoy the ride”. This mantra has allowed me to attract many fortunate strokes of serendipity into my life.

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