A Celebration of Life or A Celebration of Death?

Monday, May 2, 2011

At my mother’s funeral my father shared his heart and simply said, “I was lucky to known her at all”.  I have lived my life with the premise that when people gather to celebrate my life those who celebrate it will say, “I was lucky to have known her at all”. What will people say when you leave this earth?

This past week the world has had two major deaths, Reverend David Wilkerson and Mr. Osama Bin Laden.  Both men had an impact on society while they served their time on this earth but each impact was very different.  The news of Rev. Wilkerson’s passing brought tears of sadness that comes with the passing of anyone who has such a profound impact.  Upon his death across the world many joined in celebration of his life, his impact, and his accomplishments.  The passing of Mr. Bin Laden was much different.  Across the nation a sigh of relief was felt and tears of joy were shed.  Across the world many are celebrating his passing rather than his contributions.  When you die will people celebrate your life or death?

Personally, I have always tried to live my life so that after my journey on this earth that my life will be celebrated for the contributions and impacts I made. In order for there to be a celebration at the end of our lives we must properly live the first part of our lives.  Janice Hughes says, “How you live one day is how you live your life”.  How are you living your life?

We have multiple accounts in our life.  The one we are most familiar with is a bank account.  In back accounts we make both deposits and withdraws in the form of currency and it is important that withdraws never exceed our deposits.  We also have many other accounts: relationship, societal, health, and a list of others. Just like in our bank account our deposits must be greater than the withdraws.  When the withdraws are greater the account runs dry.  When was the last time you assessed your accounts?

Rev. Wilkerson made many deposits and he served society-making use of his time on this earth.  While I do not know the deposits made by Mr. Bin Laden I do know that his withdraws were that of a large scale.  At their death their accounts were settled and the celebration of life or death was decided.  What does your societal account look like?

I have lived my life and will continue throughout my journey blessing others in anyway that I can and contributing in anyway possible in to all my accounts.  When I pass I want to be remembered for the blessings I was a part of and the lives I touched.  When my account is settled I want my deposits to be greater than my withdraws.  I am not aiming to live a life of perfection but a life worthy of reflection so that those who knew me “were lucky to have known me at all”.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Re-Entering is a Re-Birth

I just got home from 8 days in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where I completed my third mission trip.  Mission trips are very interesting for me.  They allow me to remove myself from the world of “what is” and escape to a place of complete service.  If you haven’t been on a mission let me explain…in our daily lives we fall into a routine.  We go through the motions over and over again.  Especially when we get our SYSTEMS done; we know what to say, what to do, etc… to convey the message to our communities as a whole.  But, when you are on a mission there are cultural variants, language barriers, time/scheduling, etc variables that come into play.  On a mission you can’t hide behind routine, scripting, scheduling, etc… it’s a free for all and you are forced to enter into a place of complete service.  You are forced to let go of all you know to be true and go with instinct.  Listening purely to your heart and your gut.  For some it’s scary and for others its re-assuring and for some it is the combo but when it is all said and done everyone sums it up to growth.  Because any time we leave our comfort zone we grow. 

Every time I re-enter into the life I let behind it takes a few days, well the second trip it took a week.  It takes some time to re-adapt back to life that you left behind.  Inevitably there are a few things I realize while on the mission…things I know I want changed for ever for the better, self-tweaking if you will.  It all takes time. Four to seven days on a mission seems like a lifetime because so much happens, especially in the area of growth.  That’s what really makes re-entry difficult.  On the mission you grow, well I do.  So, you feel so close to all those on the mission because they to are growing at the speed of light with you.  The part that makes re-entry hard is that while you are gone, it’s almost as if nothing changes.  So, you come back completely evolved and re-enter in to the same scenario you left, which is where the difficulty surfaces.

Having been on three missions I am able to see this growth and evolution as a blessing, a gift I bring back, so to speak.  I have come to realize that all I learn on the mission at both a worldly and soul level is a gift I get to bring back.  Mission trips aren’t for everyone but growth is a necessity for everyone.  So, when I re-enter I realize that I have the opportunity to share my growth with those whose lives I touch.  It’s like being the town crier, you have a really great message and a healing energy to share with your community.  It’s interesting because everyone expects a trinket when you return home on a trip but no one expects you to come home with life changing lessons that are priceless. 

I realize I need to do this a lot more and not just when I leave the country.  I know personally I have re-births all the time as I constantly evolve into the best version of myself.  I know that some times I can’t put them into words but when I can I need to share them.  This is an important thing for us as purpose driven chiropractors to remember each time we attend a seminar, read a book, or experience any growth.  It is part of our duty to help aid in the re-birth of our practice members, communities, and friends lives.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

February 1, 2010 Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

You have been called t be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  Do your part and share your heart, coming from a place of love.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Love. Laugh. Adjust.