August 9, 2010 Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

When speaking of success stwo qualities are critical; will power and self-discipline. The two go hand in hand because will power can not move alone without self-discipline .  Self discipline determines how a person makes decisions and allows him or her to prioritize their goals.  With self-discipline individuals are propelled to success as it is the attitude that drives them.  Will power is what allows an individual to push themselves outside their comfort zone and stay laser focused. Fine tuning these two qualities will create a driving force which will accelerate your continually journey toward increasing your level of success…let’s be honest we never fully reach success there is always another level to reached.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

My Why? People are always asking me how I get it all done and still have so much energy, so I started thinking about it and really boiled it down to self-discipline and will power.  I am very clear on my vision, mission, and purpose and own them.  My passion fuels me and keeps my energy and vibration at it’s optimal level.  With all this in check I’m in the zone and headed toward success.  So that I stay laser focused and on task I utilize my self-discipline and will power that lies within.  My nature is not to be organized…by nature I am easily intrigued, re-routed, and a VERY free spirit. Realizing this could be a weakness that detours me, I focus extra hard and have created a routine which helps me stay self-disciplined at all times.  My will power stems from my passion…I am clear on what I want and know that every ounce of will power combined with my self-discipline I am one step closer to success.  It is all within me just as it is within you.  So remember,  since it all comes from in…just focus inward and bring it forth. We are our own limitation…there is my secret. Now go on and be self-disciplined and utilize will power…I’ll see you at the top.