Get Out Your Pom Poms and Get It Done

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational
Monday, March 14, 2011

Are you your own cheerleader? Cheerleaders are an important part of sporting events in the area of morale and encouragement. They make sure that they yell and cheer through the highs and the lows of the entire game, even when the team is losing significantly. They show love and support even when a win seems impossible.

This weekend I spoke at The Masters Circle conference in Chicago on “Would you attend your own event?” I handed out a pink pom pom to everyone in the audience! I encouraged them to shake their pompom when they heard an idea they loved or one that they agreed would educate more and save more. I asked them to shake their pompom when they heard something that made them smile! Hoping that shaking the pom pom would engrain the idea or emotion into their nervous system to be stored in their vault. I encouraged them to take the pompom home and be there own cheerleader! I told them the pompom symbolized enjoying saving lives both through practice and through educating.

Are you a cheerleader? Do you KNOW that each day will be the best day ever? Do you believe that you have knowledge that others need? Do you believe that each event your office holds and your marketing will provide the necessary information to the community? AND that no matter what obstacles appear that you see the goal in end and that goal is to save and serve more? Do you have what it takes to see it through, remain laser focused, and fulfill your purpose? If not, then it is time you stepped up to your greatness.

Believe me I know that there are days that are hard and then there are the days that are even harder. Those are the days where we really get to shine. The days where we get to show are dedication to fulfilling our purpose. The harder than most days are the days when we have to look deep inside of ourselves and utilize our inner cheerleader. We all have one, some utilize theirs more so they may have to dust it off but it is in their and eager to be used.

I have come to learn that I am my number one fan! That I must believe in myself, speak words of love to myself, and believe in my self 100% if I want to fulfill my purpose. I have also come to realize that NO ONE will ever 100% support me if I don’t support myself. It is a must that I encourage myself. I am constantly amazed at the results I get when I get out of my own way and cheer myself on!

I am giving you permission to seek out your inner cheerleader and utilize it to cheer yourself on! Buy a set of pom poms if you need to! Or email me and I will send you a set! Just get out of your own way and cheer on your own team!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl
Dr. Martha Nessler