Make the Most of It or It Is Wasted Energy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

First let me clear the elephant in the room…YES…I know that my Monday Morning Motivational is on a Wednesday!! The blog I had originally written for Monday has been placed in a vault and will be used at another date!

The beauty of life is you decide! Life is what you make of it! You have the ability to decide if you have the most wonderful life full of joy, happiness, peace, laughter, smiles, and all things fantastic or the opposite.  It all depends on how you look at life. We get to decide how we respond to all situations.  We get to put emotions to all events whether positive or negative. With every moment in life we get to decide if we make the most of it or let it pass us by, we decide.

With the recent blizzard that is sweeping the United States people are deciding right now whether or not to make the most of the snow.  I have seen many posts on Facebook and heard many comments verbally where people are cursing the snow.  They are frustrated they can’t work, irritated they have to shovel, annoyed they are stuck in their homes, and just overall unhappy with the situation.  I’ve heard many say this is affecting their business and their overall ability to enjoy life. Personally, I chose a different route! I decided to make the most of it.  I view these days as God’s gift to relax and just be, a time to re-fuel and refresh. A time to catch up on odds and ends around the house, watch a great movie, dive into a book, or spend time with family and friends.  I chose to view it this way and I’ve had a great time these past few days.  I  made a snow angel while shoveling rather than cursing the necessary duty turning a must do into a get to.  And the best part was the 21+ person snow ball fight I started in my neighborhood by hitting the new neighbor in the head with a snowball (welcome to the neighborhood)!

Life is a blizzard at times believe me I know.  I have had many a blizzards in my life and I know more are to come.  The beauty is I get to make the most of those blizzards.  Personally, I view all events whether they appear good or bad as opportunities to grow.  I have just come to realize that they will happen regardless of whether I want them to, so rather than fighting them I just allow them to happen.  I have accepted the mantra “it’s supposed to” meaning it is supposed to happen and eventually if I allow the reason and lesson to surface it will.  No matter the situation and how confused I was as to why it happened it never fails that I see the why and get it!

So, next time you get  a blizzard remember you get to decide.  What will you choose? Personally, I find less energy is wasted when you make the most of every moment.  Less stress equals more energy! Remember, you never get moments back they are too precious to let pass by! Enjoy this life you live…I do!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl