Facebook said it was either Jesus in a Spaceship or Batman?

If I believed everything I read on Facebook I would have thought Jesus entered the atmosphere in a spaceship  or Batman was coming to save the day at around 10:00 pm over the Northland of Auckland!

Let me set the stage for you….

It’s about 10 pm on a Tuesday night, I am just about asleep when…
I leap out of bed, because I am 99.9% sure the house was just hit by a car!

Running to the nearest window, followed at the heel by my loyal, super protective, and scary guard dog (ok, this is a slight exaggeration about my mati-poo but he believes it so I encourage it), Otis,  expecting to see a smashed car,  but instead (thankfully) I see an illuminated sky bright with hues of blue.

Cautiously, I walk to the front door, wandering what in the world could shake the house like that and make such a BOOM!

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.  And to top it off the sky is no longer illuminated.

I decided to inquire with my boyfriend who was driving home from a meeting, I make the call to Dean, a little nervous to tell him that I awoke to the house shaking, a BOOM, and a bright light but could see nothing.

I’ve heard enough blonde jokes in my life to know where this could go….

Thankfully, I have a kind kiwi, he was very understanding and said he saw an orange and purple sky but felt no shake.

Commencing our conversation, I felt re-assured he had atleast seen an illuminated sky, but was still perplexed by the situation.

And I wasn’t the only one my loyal sidekick, Otis, was pacing the house looking for the cause of the chaos, its safe to assume he thought it was the neighbors cat that really annoys him when she enters “his” yard, but still he was unsettled.

Extremely confused and seeking clarity, I hopped on Facebook at a local community site and sure enough others had heard and/or felt the exact same as I had heard and felt!

Yes, I went to Facebook for clarity.

Yes, that is an oxymoron and something I NEVER thought I would do!

Yes, I am embarrassed.

Oh, Facebook, good ole Facebook where you never know what you will get!

There were many thoughts being shared, over 300 comments on one post alone within minutes, some making sense, some funny, and some leaving me to question what has happened to the human race.

Suggestions ranged from the following but not limited to: aliens, spaceships, Jesus coming, a meteor, space rock, Batman, an earhquake, a meth lab blowing up, and the list goes on!

People also reported seeing every color of the rainbow: pink, blue, orange, white, green, yellow, red, and violet, literally every color!

A few people took shelter for the whole night, I saw this morning (you should have seen all the comments I woke up to from the thread I was following)!

Facebook definitely left me more confused than I was before I signed on…did I really feel, hear, and see Batman? Wow, my brother Jon would be so jealous, he was always such a Batman fan!

Refusing to get sucked any farther into the Facebook black hole, I went to bed, giving the experts time to do their work!

So are you wandering what I saw? What I felt? What I heard?

And the winner of the Facebook guessing for what was the bright light, the boom, and the shaking all about goes to (probable) METEOR ENTERING THE ATMOSPHERE!

I have to admit it’s not as cool as Batman hitting my house, but it’s pretty cool. As I can re-call it is my first (probable) meteor!

Want to see what the hype was all about? Have a look..a policeman caught it on his dashboard camera!

I had to share my (probable) meteor experience with you, it’s a pretty rare occurrence, and reportedly no one was hurt, which is awesome!

This is also a great reminder to not take everything you read on Facebook or the internet to be set in stone truth which applies not only to the loud BOOMS you hear at night, but to all things especially those that pertain to your health, healing, and happiness!

Facebook is a great social network and networking tool but not necessarily holding the same validation as other resources! So, enjoy Facebook what it is but make sure what you read is real before you believe it!

If you are interested to read more on the meteor then check out or the New Zeland Herald.