Chiropractic (Flippin’) Rocks

Monday, February 21, 2011
Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Try and prove to me that there is a profession better than chiropractic…I dare you? I am pretty sure it can’t be done.  But, I am willing to hear you out.

I just got back from CalJam put on by the wonderful Billy D and Mary Jane where I got fully submersed in chiropractic philosophy and education! These two have done a phenomenal job of creating an event that exemplifies what chiropractic is all about! I know I am not alone when I say job well done…or I should say mission fulfilled.

So…CalJam…as I am sitting there with some of my best friends (missing a few who weren’t able to make it) my heart swelled with love for the profession and the people in it! Speakers were so purpose centered while delivering their messages with intent and clarity.  Speaker after speaker shared their love of chiropractic and for saving lives.  Many speakers shared stats in regards to society’s current version of healthcare that got me so fired up…I couldn’t wait to turn it up a notch and get louder about my convictions! I learned many “tweaks” that I can make to continually step up and serve at a different level! To everyone who shared his or her passion at CalJam, I say THANK YOU! Your impact is HUGE and your love is EVIDENT!

As I reminisced about the weekend I couldn’t help but ask myself is there a profession that is better than chiropractic? Because Chiropractic is FLIPPIN’ AWESOME! Let me share with you why chiropractic rocks.  I know you will see it my way…just read on.

LOVE, chiropractic has sooo much LOVE! Love for each other, the profession, the heritage of chiropractic, and the people that we serve.  A general love for FULL EXPRESSION of life! What other profession has such a pure and abounding love?

SEMINARS are a BLAST! I have never heard a friend say that they are excited to go to a seminar other than a chiropractor.  We love seminars! At seminars we get to join together with the people that we love and talk about what we love! Seminars give us a chance to get “dipped” in chiropractic philosophy! I doubt you will ever here gynecologists say I am going to get “dipped” at a seminar…well the “dipping” I am speaking of anyways!

While on the topic of PHILOSOPHY, I am not sure there is a profession so proud of their philosophy and so focused on preserving the sacred trust from which we were birthed. As chiropractors we strive to remain rooted in the sound beliefs on which our profession was founded and work diligently to preserve our sacred trust and maintain our core ideologies.  As a profession we seek to eliminate subluxations and to educate about the dangers of BIG PHARMA!  We know that what we know others must know too! And we are willing to scream, shout, or even sing it to be heard.   I highly doubt that dentists are screaming, “Destroy cavities” and “let’s take down Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and Hershey’s”…but maybe? I also highly doubt that they have secret societies to preserve the sacred truth of their profession and honor their forefathers.  For us it’s DD and BJ Palmer, Gonstead, Mabel, and the list goes on!  We even make t-shirts to show our love for them. I doubt there are shirts with Lister and Fleming on them for MDs to show their love!  But, if so then rock on! Just don’t ask me to wear one!

We CHECK each other for subluxations at seminars to make sure we are fully expressing innate. I KNOW that proctologists, gynecologists, and urologists are not checking each other and I think its safe to assume that goes for most professions.  Not chiropractors we check each other multiple times to make sure that we are functioning 100% in order to serve at the highest level possible.

We EDUCATE and GET EDUCTATED! As chiropractors we strive to educate our practice members and community on true wellness and we MUST stay ahead of the curve.  On a daily basis as a society we are lied to about what being healthy is because we are taught that sickness is OK and normal. As a nation our current model of healthcare is not wellness oriented and rather than being taught we can live a healthy life free of sickness, dis-ease, and disease we are taught that we should just keep up with breaking down! NOT TRUE and as chiropractors we know something that others MUST know and most of us are willing to do whatever it takes to EDUCATE and make the SHIFT necessary to allow society to LIVE and THRIVE! We are willing to risk it all in terms of what people consider “normal” (define normal) to gain it all in terms of integrity! Show me a profession with the conviction necessary to go against the “NORM”…while the rest of the world are like sheep…where they just do what everyone else does to be liked. Most of us get that society may not like what we say at first but they will love us when they know that we know and share is the TRUTH and it’s OK to be weird when “normal” is sickness, sadness, and early death with the years leading upto death being AWFUL! Not on my watch is what I say along with thousands of my colleagues.  Our purpose is to great and fueled by our passion we are UNSTOPPABLE!

And these are just some of the amazing things about chiropractic as a profession! We are a step above on so many levels and not just in the caliber of people in our profession and our amazing positive vibe that just exudes from us but also in our knowledge of TRUE wellness and where society must go to live optimally! Now please note that this is my opinion and the opinion of MOST chiropractors…there are some who are too scared to let their light shine to bring illumination to our dark and dreary world! But, don’t worry I love them enough to share my heart with them too! And won’t stop til I am heard.

Chiropractic FLIPPIN’ Rocks!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl