Press Release: Unique Addition to the Chiropractic Profession

April 15, 2014 Press Release

Unique Addition to the Chiropractic Profession

Dr. Martha Nessler, speaker and leader within Chiropractic, has again sourced out a unique opportunity for Chiropractors.

In her own journey of healing and teaching, she constantly sources out unique companies and products for the profession. Her personal experience with natural healing led her to utilize unique herbs and supplements. Her involvement in the last year with dōTERRA enabled her to address cellular healing and recovery for people that otherwise continued to struggle with plateau’s in their recovery process. “I have to say Dr. Martha Nessler is my Wellness Angel! I started working with Dr. Martha after attending a seminar at my chiropractor’s office. Starting with a few essential oils at the beginning, I felt an immediate change in my well-being, stated Nicole P., a chiropractic practice member and client of Dr. Martha Nessler’s using dōTERRA essential oils.   “As the days and weeks progressed I was able to stop taking one of my depression medications. I’ve battled with Bi Polar for years. This was big success! With the adding of new oils under Dr. Martha’s guidance, I’ve gone gluten free and incorporated a cleanse into my wellness plan. Resulting in weight loss and feeling the best I have in years. She has suggested things for my family and I have noticed a huge difference. I can’t say enough about this Angel of Wellness. She has become not only my Wellness coach, but a great friend! I am so thankful that my chiropractor has included dōTERRA into her practice it has added to my wellness arsenal.”

“I am honored and privileged to be able to see the deep and profound healing that are able to facilitate with inclusion of these oils into a wellness regime,” stated Dr. Martha Nessler, founder and CEO of RAW Authentic Wellness. “These oils are a major step forward toward bringing the full wellness platform to the general public.”

As is her style, Dr. Martha Nessler has quickly integrated herself within the dōTERRA community as a leader within health professionals. “She has opened up our products to health professionals around the world, and is a leading teacher within the wellness movement,” explains Jared Auger, Senior Manager of New Markets and Manager of dōTERRA Australia. “We are fortunate to have Dr. Nessler as our leading Chiropractor on our team, and she has created unique protocols for patients that it’s now time to share with her Chiropractic profession, and the world. Dr Martha has had great success with dōTERRA in both leadership and business.  Her educational background, knowledge of essential oils, and business sense form a significant synergy that allows her to help thousands of people make positive changes in their life using dōTERRA’s powerful products.  Dr. Martha has a distinctive approach that taps into individual energy and inspires people to believe and become great.  Single-handedly she has transformed the face of dōTERRA in New Zealand and continues to spread her influence around the world.  I am inspired by Dr. Martha’s compassion, professionalism, and drive.”

Health practitioners are always searching for ways to enhance the patient’s healing journey. It’s now time for them to learn, with Dr. Martha creating unique seminars and programs, how to integrate these oils into their lives and their practices.

Any practitioner can learn more by contacting Dr. Martha Nessler’s team for information about attending one of the upcoming Health, Healing and Happiness programs.



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