Well or Sick? You CHOOSE.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

“You don’t have to be sick, choose to be well”, Dr. Martha Nessler.  I said this quote as I was ranting about a drug commercial.  Americans are flooded with negative thoughts in regards to health and wellness EVERYDAY! They hear them in the car, on the TV, from friends, at work, on billboards, on business signs, etc.  Every corner you turn whether in a building or on the street there are advertisements lying to you that your body CAN’T and that it needs some outside force.  FRANKLY, that’s not TRUE but rather a bold face lie from big pharma and it’s cohorts.  The TRUTH is that you can be well and that you can heal yourself, you just have to CHOOSE it!

Choice is an interesting thing.  You are given two options or more and then you decide.  Scary ,huh? Well, only if you allow it to be.  If you take a deep breath and logically think, then no choice seems that scary but when in a panic well it’s little more difficult to make a logical choice, right?  So, take a deep breath and read for a few seconds and at the end make the decision, do you really have to be sick? Or can you be well?

Our society tells us that we need drugs and vaccinations to feel better and function optimally and that without these drugs we will never be well. These statements and fear tactics are simply not true.  We can be well and we were designed to be well.  Individually we just have to decide to be well.  We have to make a conscious decision to be proactive in our own healthcare and that means stepping up and stepping out.  A shift in thought and belief is necessary and it’s all we need to tip the scales toward wellness.

Over the years we have been lead to believe that we are breaking down and that we eventually just fall apart.   This is true and not true.  It’s true ONLY if you stop taking care of yourself, if you stop making time for yourself, and stop eating right and thinking right, and stop moving.  Stopping all this WILL cause you to breaking down.  It’s honestly a recipe for disaster.  A recipe that will create frustration and give birth to diseases and disorders and speed up the breakdown of your human body.   When your body breaks down (dies) where will you live?  Just as you can do NONE of this and be sick you can DO ALL of this and BE WELL.  You can eat whole and live foods, get proper sleep, workout, and exercise, take time for yourself, and take care of yourself and move towards optimal health.  You choose.

Let’s take this out of the perspective of the human body and talk about your car.  People always take care of their cars.  They see them as an asset that has value.  I am here to tell you that you are an asset that has value.  Cars today have a main computer system in the engine that is the master system and many adjunctive systems that all work together to allow a car to drive.  In order to maintain your car, you take your car for routine checkups and have all the systems checked.  Do you get routine check ups? When a light comes illuminates on the dashboard you take the car to be serviced and have the “symptom” assessed” When you have a “symptom” do you get it assessed? Let’s use your oil light as a “symptom”.  If the oil light in your car comes on it letting you know that your oil level is low and that your oil needs changed. It’s imperative that you change the oil so that you don’t throw a rod and damage the engine.  So, you get the oil changed because it’s a warning that let’s you know if you DON’T do it you won’t like the outcome.  What if you put duct tape over the oil light? Nothing.  You have just masked the symptom and the problem will get worse and your car will break down.  To maintain the life of your car routine checkups are a must.  The choice is yours: maintain your car and it runs forever or neglect your car and it breaks down.  The only difference in a car and a human body is that you can’t get a new body.

Just like a car you have a master system, the nervous system, and a bunch of adjunctive systems that allow you to function.  As humans we get warning signs (headache, indigestion, anxiety, bladder problems, etc) and they let us know that our master system needs to be addressed.  Those symptoms are not telling us that we are lacking a drug or need a vaccine but rather letting us know we have one or more stressors affecting us that is causing our master system to be running low, i.e. nervous system interference.  Nervous system interference is similar to “running low on oil or gas”.  Interference to our nervous system falls into three different categories: chemical, physical, and emotional.  In order to function optimally the stressors must be addressed or slowly (and sometimes quickly) we will break down.

Seems a little different when you put it into perspective, huh? Believe me I know.  I remember the first time I was told I could live my life without being sick.  At first I was like most people, I was completely shocked.  After I got over the initial shock I was a little angry that I had been lied to and lead astray for so long.  After I let it all go and realized how blessed I was to have been informed I became proactive in my own wellness and I have never looked back. I only look forward to my future that is so bright it burns my eyes because I no longer live in fear that I will be sick but rather look ahead and know that I will be well.  I will be well because I choose to be well.  What will you choose? Remember you do have a choice.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.
Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Campaign to Make Chiropractic a Household Name and Call Big Pharma Quacks

Monday, December 13, 2010

After the weekend in Phoenix at the Marketing Bonanza, listening to all the speakers I sat in awe of the wisdom and love that flowed from each speaker’s mouth, it was as if their hearts had lips.  Their words were wise, thought through and compelling.  We are truly blessed to be in a profession where love abounds, that is purpose driven, lives are changed, and souls are touched.  To the speakers and Brad Glowaki I say, “Thank you! I am blessed to call you colleagues and friends.  I am eternally grateful.”

This weekend was my birthday, what a great place to be on your birthday, mist friends, loved ones, with chiropractors!  As I listened to each speaker share, I couldn’t help but think, how blessed I was to have been born a chiropractor.  I began to reflect on all the lives I have touched and all the lives I have yet to touch.  I was born with HUGE shoes to fill and I have every intention of filling them and then getting a new set to fill and continue until EVERYONE knows the power of chiropractic.

Gilles Lamarche said he was not there to offend but to share his heart.  That is the intention of this blog not to offend but to share my heart.  So, with your permission I will share it with you…if you choose to stop reading here I fully understand and thank you for your honesty, maybe you will come back to this blog later.

Chiropractors, we are at a time where we have two choices: we can step up or continue to coast.  It’s your choice no one can make it for you.  I can only tell you that I personally am accepting the nudge from God to step up and play at a bigger level and continually set the bar higher for my level of service. Many of you probably think that I already do a lot and I do but a lot is not enough.  Is there a limit on enough? Personally, I feel that until EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE gets the importance of chiropractic care I have a lot to do.  We have a lot to do.

I know that thousands of chiropractors agree we have so much to do…we are in a place in society where people are hurting; they are hurting emotionally, physically, and mentally because they are subluxated emotionally, physically, and mentally.   They are searching to find a solution to get out of the downward spiral they are trapped in, seeking solid ground to stand on.  As chiropractors we have the answer we know the solution. BUT, we don’t have the abundance of money or media connections, or, societal power that the medical cartel, Big Pharma, has in this world.  Notice I said abundance, I didn’t say we LACK the money, media connections, or societal power.  So, the question is are we FULLY USING our resources? Are we playing full out and maximizing our potential?

I know that this weekend I realized that there are so many avenues I have yet to travel.  I am not on the radio…YET! I am not on TV…yet! I haven’t written a book…YET! This is just the beginning of what I haven’t done…YET! What is on your list? Are you maximizing all your options to educate? I am open and admit that I have not and I will be sitting down this week with my staff and masterminding on ways we can step up and play big! I urge you to do the same.

Billy DeMoss always says, people are dying and he couldn’t be more right.  The worst part is that many have no clue.  They are living what they think is a normal life? Because they have no clue that they are actually living an ABNORMAL life.  People blindly follow the rest of society in a direction that leads to a life full of sadness.  They follow the masses.  They have no idea that there is a second option, an option that leads to a life of abundance.  We have to tip the scale, we have to shift from masses of people moving down the road of destruction and create a movement down the path of wellness.

Sounds like a HUGE task right? That’s because it is, it’s a HUGE task.  But, it’s not an impossible task.  We just have to constantly do a little bit more, reach one more person, and raise our level of service.  Believe me the drug cartel doesn’t get comfortable and say we have reached enough lives with our poison! They are constantly expanding their marketing, doing more…polluting more. I doubt they have any intention of stopping until every person is on at least one TOXIC chemical, body/mind altering drug! So, why as a chiropractor would you sit back and say, I have save enough, I am content enough? WHY? You wouldn’t…there is no reason and frankly there is no time.  So, step up!

My purpose is simple to ignite…two simple words, TO IGNITE.  I want to ignite something in people they didn’t know they had and sadly enough…MOST DON’T KNOW THEY HAVE A CHOICE TO LIVE, TO THRIVE, TO FLOURISH!! So, I have no choice.  I have to step and serve more and then when I get to the next level, I will step up again, and so on and so on.  As a matter of fact I will publicly state that as long as the drug cartel is raising their level I will continue to raise mine.  The interesting thing is the motive.  We both want to get our message out.  I want everyone to know that they MUST live a subluxation free life allowing their nervous system to function free of interference or they will not thrive! Big Pharma wants people to believe the lie that they must have a drug to thrive that their innate can not sustain them without INTERFERENCE! The interesting thing is we both have a mission and a MOTIVE.

Motives are interesting…eventually they surface, eventually the truth is revealed.  Big Pharma’s motive is clear MONEY! There is no denying it! They love the money especially since it gives them power.  My motive is very different it’s LOVE.  Pure and genuine unadulterated love for the expression of life and to me that is power not my power but God’s power he gave us to live our lives full out.  So, I will continue to educate and to touch and save more lives.  I encourage all chiropractors to join me and as David Jackson said ACT ON IT! Act on your desire to reach and touch more lives with the power of chiropractic! Fulfill your purpose!

So, I will leave you with this…I love you and am asking you today to step it up and take it to the next level and when you get to that level create a new level and just don’t stop until we are a household name.  And we hear people call Big Pharma quacks and a cult!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl