8 Ways to Unstuck Yourself

It’s time to unstuck yourself!

Being stuck is no fun, whether your stuck at a certain weight, stuck at a job you hate, stuck in a relationship, wherever you are stuck being stuck is no fun!

The hard core reality about being stuck is that the only person who can unstuck you is you, which can be a somewhat painful and dreadful epiphany!

Whether you are a free bird feeling caged or a more cautious individual a little more afraid to pull off the ball and chain holding you back, being stuck is no fun and the quicker you get unstuck the better!

Just like anything in life, getting unstuck is a process, a process which can seem daunting but once the tension starts to ease, you get the wind back in your sail and start to cruise you will be thankful you went through the steps to unstuck yourself and you will be in sailing in gratitude!

8 Steps to Unstucking Yourself

  1. Create the time and space to get unstuck.

You didn’t get stuck over night, getting stuck was a process, so is getting unstuck!

Carve out some time, which will vary by situation and individual, for you to really get clear on your current sticky situation! I get that you may be busy, but honestly make it a priority, unless you just LOVE being stuck. 

Create a space that allows you to really dig deep into your heart space with music that inspires you in an environment that allows you to be creative and diffuse some motivational oils like Citrus Bliss, Peppermint, Motivate or my blend, “Get Out of Bed and Get Going” (grapefruit, douglas fir, tangerine and spearmint).

You can choose to write it out, talk it out, think it out, draw it out or whatever suits your style, just get clarity around why you are stuck with the next 7 steps!

2. Commit to completing the process.

It’s human nature to want to run from situations that are painful or stressful, commit to getting yourself unstuck no matter what it takes, how bad it hurts, or how you feel.  All situations have different circumstances that will have an impact on the “unstucking” process, but don’t give up and stay stuck – is that really an option? 

3. Accept the fact you threw down the exact anchor that’s holding you back.

This is probably the hardest part of getting unstuck and why so many people stay stuck for so long.  It’s not easy to admit that you are why you are stuck, you and you alone.  It’s so much easier and definitely more fun to blame someone else but shifting the blame will leave you anchored while everyone else around you sails!

Yes, it is definitely a possibility that someone co-created with you and you got stuck together but to blame him, her or them for the anchor that holds you back is pointless and won’t get you unstuck any quicker.

4. Look at the angles.

Take a good hard look at the situation, viewing it from all angles.  If other individuals are involved acknowledge the part that each of you played in the process and acknowledge all parties for their involvement. 

It’s extremely easy to place blame on others than to assume responsibility for your actions but really no one is keeping you stuck but you!

5. Get clear on how you could have handled yourself or the situation or both differently.

Although painful to acknowledge you could be placed in the exact same situation again and better to be prepared than to end up not only returning to the same spot but stuck there too!

Yes, it happens but it doesn’t have to happen to you.

This is one of the easier steps with hindsight usually being the better vision, but this step can often be accompanied by some heavy emotions so if you are like me grab a box of tissues because you are about to see how your own choices got you where you are today!

6. Make a list of everything you have learned by being stuck, whether positive or negative do a brain dump and get it all out.

Struggles are lessons, just like school lessons they teach you something and just like school you get to decide whether you learn.  The only real difference from school is that there is no teacher to mark your paper and tell you what you should have learned or to prompt you along so that you pass the test.  You are the teacher so get out your red pen and get crystal clear on the lesson plan because this is the test and if you don’t pass this one with flying colors you will see this test again. 

7. Gratitude

Take a look at the list you made in step #6 with all the lessons you have learned and say, “thank you” for the lessons.  It’s so easy to be frustrated when you are stuck casting blame and wondering why me, but once you have liberated yourself spend some time in gratitude.  If you really took the time in step #6 you will have plenty to say thanks about here in step #7.

8. Celebrate.

Congratulations, you set yourself free! Celebrate being unstuck and all that you learned “unstucking” yourself!  If you don’t celebrate your achievements who will?

Relish in the way it feels to have gotten clear and motivated to achieve the outcome you want and deserve! Save this article for a friend or in case you find yourself with an anchor holding you back!