Silence the Naysayers

You already know.

Steve Jobs knew.

Thomas Edison knew. 

Henry Ford knew.  

The Wright Brothers knew. 

People mocked them, ridiculed them, and called them crazy, but deep down, they knew. 

Their deep belief and knowingness muted the naysayers, and because they chose to follow their hearts, we have Apple iPhones, IPads & computers, electricity, cars, and airplanes.

Can you imagine life without those things? 

What if they would have waivered, allowed ridicule and naysayers to derail them? 

They were willing to risk it all, to answer the deep down knowingness that the world needed what they had to offer.  

Their purpose was more significant than the roar from their critics; their burning desire to fulfill their purpose was all they could hear.  

Is this hitting home? 

All entrepreneurs and humans face the same choice: listen to others or listen to that voice striving to be heard deep down inside them.  

Where are you?

Be honest with yourself, where are you in your journey right now? 

Are you at the fork in the road, choosing the path you know deep down you should be on or the path you have been told to take? 

Or are you standing at the fork in the road? 

Wherever you are, this is a constant dilemma for entrepreneurs; 14 years later, I still have my moments where FEAR creeps in. 

FEAR is the ultimate reminder to get crystal clear on WHY you are doing what you are doing and then getting clear on what it would feel like to not achieve your WHY. 

Can you imagine not accomplishing your heart’s desire? 

Feel it.  What’s the emotion? 

Then name it.  What would it be like to fail at your WHY? 

Put it into perspective, a perspective that you can feel to your core.  Relate it to something personal that matters to you.

Write it down where you can see it.  

And then step into your entrepreneurial bubble and do what you were created to do, take the road less traveled, at the fork in the road take the path that allows you to fulfill your purpose. 

Make S#!T happen.

Time is precious.  

Don’t waste it.  

Whatever you do don’t let anyone stop you from fulfilling your soul’s purpose, wear headphones if you have to.