My multifaceted education and experience gives me a well-rounded and unique ability to speak to the whole person. My bachelors in Human Development which gave me not only the understanding of how we develop but how we function in the world around us. Then my Human Biology degree gave me a deeper understanding of our psychology and physiology. My Doctor of Chiropractic gives me an even deeper understanding of our body’s innate abilities on all levels. My entrepreneurial gene and experience allows me to have a deep understanding of what it means to take an idea in your head and make it a reality really inspire people.

What separates people who are inspirational from those that are really dynamic, is when you are able to ignite the spark within others. To help them tap into their passions, strengths and innate greatness.

“Martha spoke at one of my Go to Girl Networking events to 100 women entrepreneurs. As usual she was engaging, dynamic and on point with the event theme of ‘purpose & perseverance’. I would definitely recommend Martha as a powerful speaker for your event.”

Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Whether that’s for a small group of businessmen or women, wellness, general empowerment, team building, commencement or key note, I love to serve others through speaking. I live to be in front of an audience. I am passionate, energizing, engaging and love to illuminate a crowd. To see, even just one person, get a “lighting bug” or “aha” moment, makes my heart full.

I believe that a simple shift in perspective can shift your whole life.

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