Loneliness is rampant…

I read an awesome statement today:

“ I would 100% rather spend Sit with you for as long as it takes and listen to the S#!T your going through, than spend 15 minutes listening to your eulogy. Remember that.”


I believe that loneliness is a silent killer and it is rampant.

People are lonely, they are literally dying on the inside and they don’t know who to talk to or what they would say if they did?

And if you have ever experienced it, you know it is a bizarre state to be in, a state where you long to talk to someone, but you aren’t sure how to or who to for that matter?!?

It almost doesn’t make sense, but Ive been there so I know.

And truthfully, there are times (whilst they are much more sparse than before) I still slip into loneliness, but now I know what to do to manage and stay on top of the state.

I know for me, I wasn’t really sure how to talk about it, nor did I know how people would respond. Looking back at that time in my life, I can see the confusion some may feel, because loneliness doesn’t mean you are physically alone but you feel alone.

But, being alone doesn’t drive one to diminish their existence or take their life, but loneliness does.
So, what do we do about it? As I told my business colleagues today, we have to start sharing more, we have to start making “it” ok.


Yeah, whatever, “it” is, that thing that you are holding in for fear of embarrassment, fear of ridicule, fear judgement and speak out so that other people know that what they feel is not that “different or weird or crazy” but a part of life.

Why have we become so closed chested about the “hard stuff”, focusing on only sharing the “good stuff”? It’s not even possible to have a 100% happy positive life…have you heard of gravity? Well gravity is the great reminder that what ever goes up also goes down, ie what is great also has equal parts S#!T.

Here is your permission to get over yourself and be ok being YOU, put it out there, go talk to someone, get the help you need and offer your experience up for the good of others.

Speak up, your story is your greatest strength, don’t allow it to enslave you.