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Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, October 25, 2010

It’s that time of year again when signs for flu shots are everywhere…and I mean everywhere.  You can get them at the drug store, churches, gyms, the airport, pretty much anywhere that appreciates a good kickback from the drug companies.  I personally find it hard to stomach.  The other day I tried to count the signs for “FLU SHOTS HERE” on the way to work and literally lost count and that’s in a fifteen minute drive thru town.  With that being said it’s imperative that we educate enough to create an equilibrium.  If we don’t increase our efforts, our communities will be bombarded with scare tactics luring our patients into the flu shot lines.  We must share our knowledge.

This past week there was a dialogue on my Facebook page that accumulated over 80 comments! It was very interesting and educational.  Let me explain.  The discussion was a bunch of  chiros and non-chiropractic patients — the usual.  One of the non-patients was a pregnant mother who had just received the flu shot.  When she was sharing her why it was very interesting to hear, why she was told she needed the flu shot.  As she proceeded to relay the information she had been told many chiros, including myself became concerned mainly because the information she received was very misconstrued.  I would encourage you to go to my page and read the dialogue from October 24, 2010 under the photo of chalk writing on a sidewalk to really help you understand the importance of proper education.  Personally, I am still trying to wrap myself around it all.  I don’t fully understand the why of the drug companies and the people who are under their spell but I do know that it is increasing in severity.

The United States Department of Defense uses a scale to help us understand the level of threat when traveling.  They use a color gradient scale where green is least severe and it moves up in color from there to yellow, orange, and then red.  Orange means to use extra caution as the threat is high and red is danger.  Personally, I’m going to take that scale and apply it to the danger that our society is in in relation to the vaccines and flu shots being given and the “brainwashing” that coincides.  Personally, I believe we are well in the orange and if the information remains to be misconstrued we will be well on our way to the red.  The Department of Defense uses their system to alert when in orange to use EXTRA CAUTION as it could become unsafe environment at any minute.  So, heed the same with my warning scale.  It’s could get worse at any minute.  The beauty of the Department of Defense’s scale is that the more work they do to protect us the greater the shift toward green….so, let’s apply this to my scale….we too can create a shift.  Ours occurs with education –which is the best way to equip our patients so that they can protect themselves and their loved ones.

I am here by asking you to work with me to defend our nations health care.  I am asking you to become a member of my DEFENSE TEAM the Innate Immunity Department of Defense. I am asking that you begin to provide information on vaccines and flu shots to your practice members and communities.  Educating them so that they can make an educated  decision for themselves and their families.  Please make sure you create an environment that is welcoming and provide them with open lines of communication so that they can ask the questions they have without fear.  Remember, they already have a ton of “fear” from other arenas and fear doesn’t provide a good environment for decision making.  Believe me it’s a scary enough topic that we don’t need to add anything negative to it.  When properly educated people will make the correct decision. Providing them with FACTUAL and EDUCATIONAL information is the best way! We are all in this together so if you need any resources just ask! I know I will be glad to help.  Just email me at
Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler


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  1. Dennis Perman DC
    Dennis Perman DC says:

    Martha — Did you deliberately put the ad for flu shots under your blog, or did google randonly put it there? I figure you used it as an example, but the irony would be too much to bear if your comments were underscored by exactly what you were drawing attention to.

    The best source of vaccination literature and research I know is Tedd Koren, he has boatloads of info and perspective and loves to speak his piece on this. I bet he has specific feedback about this travesty. I’d think Barbara Loe Fisher also has some great stuff, as well as Jeanie Ohm — how about James Chestnut? Christopher Kent? Tariq Faridi? Just off the top, I’m sure there are many more, let’s get the word out to people, through the IIDoD. Great job, Innate Girl!

  2. Dr. Lisa Bleicher
    Dr. Lisa Bleicher says:

    Dr. Martha I agree that red is near! I was mailed a census on who was vaccinated in my household. They have been calling my house to answer their questions. I told them that I am not interested. It comes up on my phone as Norc U Chicago. We strength in numbers for protecting our rights!!!


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