“Innate Ideas” by Innate Girl

“So what’s an “Innate Idea”?”, Your probably asking. Well, let me just clarify so we are all on the same page and you can start putting this “Innate Idea” into action.  An “Innate Idea” is my gift to you.  Through “Innate Ideas” I will be sharing my personal gems with you.  I have become known for stepping out of the box when it comes to being a chiropractor and running a practice, creating a intricate balance between “old school” chiropractic and “new” innovations.  The combination of  old and new has allowed me to talk the “TIC” in a energetic and uplifting environment that creates a magnetic field pulling new and existing practice members into my practice. This constant and intense energy has allowed me to create the practice of my dreams and to continually evolve it to an even better practice over time.

“Innate Ideas” will vary week to week, and have no set date of release. They will cover a wide variety of topics on varying aspects of chiropractic.  Some “Innate Ideas” will be oldies but goodies that we all need to be reminded of throughout our years of practice while others will be things straight from the sketch pad in my head which have given me great results. Through utilizing new and exciting ways of  marketing: internal and external, communication, managing staff, and educating chiropractic just to name a few, I have been able to keep my office upbeat and exciting.  Creating an environment that my patients love to be a part of and encourage their friends as well. My office has become an oasis of wellness within the community as an educational, motivational, entertaining and health beacon. Personally, I find great excitement in stepping outside the box and attempting new ideas to add excitement to my practice and it’s members lives. I always ask myself, “Would I enjoy that?” So read my “Innate Ideas” and enjoy them!! They are my gift to you!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Innate Expressions, LTD
Innate Girl Productions, LTD

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