Happy Birthday, Chiropractic!! AND MANY MORE when chiropractors step up!!

Happy Birthday, Chiropractic!! AND MANY MORE when chiropractors step up!!

Monday, September 20. 2010

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational


Happy Birthday Chiropractic! September 18th marked the 115th birthday of chiropractic! D.D. Palmer and B.J. Palmer laid the foundation from which the chiropractic profession blossomed.  Remember your roots, the principles, the philosophy, and most importantly the power of the chiropractic adjustment.  Stand firm against the CCE changes so we have a 116th birthday to celebrate.

My Why?

On chiropractic’s birthday I could not help but stop and think about chiropractic throughout the years. I felt like I owed it to the Palmer’s to sit down and reflect on all they created.  I literally had tears in my eyes when I thought about where we came from, where we have been, and the beauty of what lies ahead.  One hundred and fifteen years ago D.D. Palmer founded the profession that I love, on the principle of vitalism.  Knowing that the human body was meant to function without nervous system interference, he studied the human body and developed the chiropractic adjustment which would allow the body to balance itself.

D.D. started the journey that continues today.  As a profession we have been through a lot and that remains true today with the CCE’s latest proposals.  There have been times where as a profession we are at our highs and much like most things in life there have been lows.  It is imperative that we as chiropractors, chiropractic advocates, and chiropractic college students step up and continue the journey the Palmers began 115 years ago.  While they may no longer walk this earth there love of chiropractic needs to live through us.  We have been left big shoes to fill, but we are never given more than we can handle.  It is time that we step up and claim what is ours and preserve the integrity of chiropractic.

We are CHIROPRACTORS NOT primary chiropractic physicians or doctors of chiropractic medicine.  We correct SUBLUXATIONS. We are a profession founded on the CHIROPRACTIC PARADIGM OF NATURAL HEALTH, which does not use drugs or surgery.  We are CHIROPRACTORS.  These are your roots, know where you came from and stay true to your foundation.

Much like our forefathers many years ago fought for chiropractic, who went to jail for chiropractic, it is time that we step up.  MAKE sure you submit your comments and revisions to the CCE by September 24th (and get a copy to Dr. Gerry Clum too, just “in case” they get lost in the shuffle).  I will end by saying, “STEP UP! STEP UP! STEP UP!

If you need any help with obtaining any information regarding this email me at drmartha@yourbestwellness.com

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha

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