Conferences are Family Reunions on STEROIDS

Monday, January 17, 2010

Chiropractic conferences are family reunions!  And I don’t mean because you get time off! As I was reflecting on the plane ride home from Parker Seminars Vegas, I came to the conclusion that conferences are family reunions on steroids! Let me explain…and I am sure you will see it as I see it!

Family reunions allow you take time away from your daily routine to spend time with friends and family that you cherish to celebrate life and congregate.  A family reunion is great time away to refresh and regroup.  Often times you pack up a suitcase with all your favorite clothes and head away for a few days to celebrate with loved ones and have a mini get-a-way.  The few days you take away our filled with heart warming hugs, catching up, belly laughs, making new memories, and gift giving.  The days and nights are often filled with amazing, mouth-watering foods and fantastic bottles of wine  you share with the people you love as you catch up on all you have missed and share in their joys.  Many times you meet new family members whether through marriage or birth!  Leaving is hard to do and as you say good-bye you leave with last round of hugs and an, “I will see you later!”  Returning you reflect and realize that the time away left you supercharged and ready to face Monday FULL on! You have an intense feeling of being loved and feel fulfilled…on the plane you reflect and can’t wait for the next reunion!

Wednesday morning I boarded the plane for Parker seminars in Vegas! The minute I got to the Hilton, where the seminar was being held, I was greeted by a hug and they didn’t stop til the last-minute before I departed the plane to head home.  I was surrounded by chiropractic love all weekend. Over the course of the weekend I saw 100’s of colleagues which I love and respect, made many new friends, and I immersed myself in the presence of some of my dearest, most cherished friends.  I received hundreds of heart-felt hugs and powerful, purpose filled adjustments.  I reminisced over memories from past Parker seminars and made new ones which I will reminisce over for years! I shared the details of my daily life and intently listened to my friends.  Over fantastic wine and amazing food I laughed til it hurt and then laughed some more.  Over coffee and conversation I solved the world’s problems.  And all that was in between and after some of the best speakers I have heard! Many speakers were more on fire than I have heard them ever before…they really “popped the clutch”! As I boarded the plane in Vegas, I couldn’t stop smiling.  As I reflected over the previous four days and my heart felt warm…I am so blessed to be a part of the best profession in the world! Hands down I have some of the best friends in the world and continually make more and more throughout this life’s journey!

Returning to the office today I was ready to bring 110%+ and save and serve even more…because I know I have the support of my chiropractic family…I just left 4000+ of them in Vegas…my wish is that they feel and own the same belief! We are all in this together…till the next reunion!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl

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  1. Kevin Keiser
    Kevin Keiser says:

    WOW, you just nailed the reason online seminars cannot compete with the energy of being in the same space. Great blog!


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