Choose You

Are you stuck? And no matter how hard you wiggle and struggle, you are not going anywhere.

I call this being anchored, like a boa, and not going anywhere.  And the worst part about being anhcored is that you anchored yourself.

The anchor is often mindset, past life experiences, your story, or other aspect of your own life you can’t shake, like things others have said or done, decisions we’ve made or others have made for us, things that have been both in and outside of our control…that have been negative. These create layers of S#!T, layers and layers of SH!T that become anchors that have you weighed down and keep you from progressing.

Don’t worry it’s not doom and gloom, you can make the choice, you can choose you and choose to do the work.

That’s where I come in and support you as you shift your perspective, so you can shift your life.

Because, honestly how long can you  wallow in “why is this happening TO me”.  Wouldn’t you love to make a shift to “This happening FOR me,  to SERVE me”?

Simply put you can be a victim or victor.

Set yourself free and begin using the S#!T as fertilizer to GROW.

If you are weighed down in your personal life…I am the coach for you.
If you are weighed down in your professional life. I am the coach for you.

I had someone describe me once as velvet sandpaper– soft when its needed, tough when it’s necessary. I feel this is a great description of my coaching style which provides support while encouraging growth necessary to be successful.

I want to help every client I work with get to the space where they are able to give, love and serve more. And I do that by walking side by side with you, coaching you through the process of shedding your S#!T…so you can SHINE!

Yes! I Am Ready for More

Private Coaching

Whether it’s personal or business, finding the right coach can be just the catalyst you need to accelerate your results. If you know that you’re ready to take your personal and/or business life to the next level, click here I’d love to see if I’m the coach for you!

Mindset Group

Just like exercising is important for your human body, it’s also important to work on your mindset! Join me for 10 days and let’s “Pull in the goodness to replace the bullS#!T!”

UNAnchored Women

How bad would you love to unleash anchors that hold you back from really living, creating and loving to become rooted in your innate greatness and start to live the life of your dreams? Click here, you deserve to live a life you love.

UnRavel the Real You

Is the real you suffocating under layers and layers of S#!T. If you are ready to peel back those layers and are wanting the guidance, accountability and support from me and other women JUST like YOU then…don’t wait.

People I’ve Worked With

Thank you Dr Martha Nessler, your program has given me the insight into me and who I am in the eyes of others. The program has shown how things that has happened to me and people in the past has controlled my life for over 50 years. The program has given me the tools and skills to needed to discover a new me, process and remove ancient triggers and obstacles that have controlled my life and given me the power and wisdom to live my life for me. I could never thank you enough for the love, help and support you have given me. I have changed, my life has changed because of your coaching. My future is exciting and I am really looking forward to the abundance of prosperity that is coming my way, now my mind is free.

Dr Martha has made such an impact on my kids because I have in the past year chosen to follow her mindset manifestations and my three boys watch and hear her. She has created an amazing fun way on how to change your mindset with movement. The boys giggle and laugh and they show enthusiasm in what they are setting their minds to do for the day. At the same time it is teaching them to live a life full of gratitude and making them aware how powerful our mind is. That speaking out positively every single day brings out the happy feel good hormones in their daily lives. These exercises have definitely empowered mine and my family’s lives and we can not miss this daily ritual in our home!

Thank you Martha for your input into an amazing and transformative period of development and growth in my life that was inspired and guided by your 4 Week Unravel Course! I cannot thank you enough or recommend this course to others highly enough. Your own energy and perspective is highly inspirational in itself and I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from all of your live videos. Plus, the Q and A sessions and coaching calls gave me the hugely beneficial guidance and tasks to work on my areas and inspired my motivation to do this work on myself. I gained hugely from the whole package and the positive results have been shown in my internal dialogue and emotional processes within myself, and also shown for the better in my interactions within my close relationships with loved ones. I would definitely use your coaching and training again in the future for inspiration and guidance with other areas. Much love and gratitude

Dr Martha Nessler, you are so inspirational. It took me a while to make my mind up to do this course, I started a little late but oh my am I glad I did! You have given me so many tools I can use in my life and also pass on to my grandchildren to help them ease them through their life. I was so stuck after the loss of my son at the age of 13 years old, you have given me the ways to work through that. Thank you Martha you are a star that shines so bright.