Innate Expressions is Joining Back Talk Systems…A Blog Leads to a Beautiful Thing

I recently had the pleasure of vending next to a true legend in our profession, Dr. Rob Jackson of Back Talk Systems, while at Parker Vegas Seminars…it was a pivotal moment for us both! It’s funny how God places us in the right place at the right time! When one person shifts it seems to become an epidemic and before you know it you see the whole world shifting!

After Parker, a friend and colleague, Dr. Gina, sent me a “Practice Tip” she had received from Dr. Rob Jackson.  She informed me that I had to read it.  As I read Dr. Jackson’s blog I was smothered by a sense of humility as I read the words of one of the true giants in our profession (I have included the “tip” and the link below – If you don’t get Dr. Rob Jackson’s Tip of the Week you need to change that!).  I am honored that Dr. Jackson took the time to share his heart and am humbled by his kind words.

What Dr. Jackson doesn’t know, is that my first time to Parker was as a student in 2003 I blankly stood in awe watching the mass of people attempting to get his products and to pick his brain. A thick fog of  respect loomed in the air for a man who lives, breathes, educates, and represents our profession relentlessly.  I have to add I also thought it was cool that he and his brother, Dr. Dave Jackson, were siblings and so well respected in our profession (Knowing them both today personally and professionally, I know they are not blood brothers but TIC brothers!).  I can tell you having spent 4 days in Las Vegas in a 8 X 20 booth space that Dr. Rob Jackson is everything I remember standing in awe of 10 years ago – he is a true gem and an amazing human being and the fact that he is a chiropractor is a bonus! And he has Zach who oversees Balk Talk Systems for Rob which only enhances all of his amazing attributes! Thank you Rob and Zach!

We all know seminars in chiropractic are like kids camp! And just like kids camp you walk away with new friends and pen pals; after chiropractic seminars you walk away with new friends, knowledge, and products and this time as an added bonus I walked away proud! I am eager to announce that Innate Expressions will now be available at Back Talk Systems @  I am excited that Dr. Rob Jackson is helping me share what I love and allowing me to really shine! Dr. Rob and Zach, know that Dana and I loved EVERY minute that we were able to share with you  in your energy! I am looking forward to a bright and shiny future with Back Talk Systems! Dean is eager to meet you and so thankful that God placed you in our lives!

 – full article here

Practice tip of the week, January 12th, 2014
Date: January 12, 2014 | Time: 9:05pm | Posted By: Robert D. Jackson, D.C.

I just came back from a 3 day event held in Las Vegas where Doctors of Chiropractic get together from all over the world to hear some of the best speakers in the profession share what the latest research, technique advancements, patient care and vendor services have to offer. I attended my first one of these programs back in 1981 and have been going back ever since, as this is one of the biggest and well attended programs put on like this held anywhere. One of my favorite things is that I was able to catch up with some friends that I haven’t seen since last year at the same program. I was also able to see and hear some of the speakers share new and important information, especially considering all that is happening now in the United States with the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act. Last but not least, I was able to see the vendors who bring the latest and greatest products to show to the rest of us so we can stay as up to date as possible with the newest ideas and technologies that have arrived. Since I am also a vendor at this event, an experience that I had while working in my booth is what I want to share with you all as my practice/business tips for this week.

I will start with a little background to set the stage for my tips. We had purchased out booth space about one year ago, making a reservation for a spot that would give us two sides of the booth to work from, both the front and one side, because we chose an end cap that was next to part of a hallway going in and out of the main vendor hall. Due to the number of products that we show and offer at an event like this, our location is an important choice for us to be able to display everything we want and need to be able to show to our customers who are there at the event. When we arrived, we learned that the show sponsor had sold space to another vendor and squeezed them in on the one side of our booth that was supposed to be our side facing the hallway. We were now kind of “stuck” in the middle between these two other vendors with only the small 8 foot section of our table out front to display our materials. This kind of last minute change in the floor plan is the kind of thing that can make a person go ape crazy when they get to an event because it can change everything you planned to be able to do while there. Having spent the money a year before to “guarantee” our spot, this did create some real heartburn for us as we had to try and modify everything we had to offer at the last minute and our attitude and disappointment were palpable and very apparent to say the least. We had plans to go and chew on someone’s back side, but they always have a clause in the contract that says they can change things any way they want or need to at the last minute and you don’t really have a say about it. You just get to be unhappy and deal with it you own way. I”m giving you all of this back ground because my tip is really about how the person who was added in next to us at the last minute acted and how she turned the whole weekend around for us with her behavior and with how she did it. As I watched her do this I was challenged to offer these behaviors as my tip of the week because they had such a profound affect on not only us, but on everyone she came in contact with at the event. Here is what she did and these are the things I challenge each of us to do as well if we really want to make a change in the outcome of working in our businesses this week:

1. Let’s call this person Martha (because that is her name) and that will give us a point of reference when I describe what she did when she walks into a room. The first thing she did (and does) is notices everyone else who is in the room and looks to see if they need help or are in need of anything. Instead of putting herself first and just paying attention to what she wants or what she needs, she looks to see if there is anyone else that she can help to achieve, acquire, serve, or reach out to, if even just to recognize them and say hi. She was like a breath of fresh air every time she walked into the booth area. She made everyone she saw feel like they were important and made direct eye contact and made sure they knew she knew they were there. In our case, she knew we had given up something in our booth and that she was kind of thrust into her position without anywhere else to go, so she took charge and rearranged her booth next to ours in the best way possible to give us both as much space up front as she could and we shared an exit point from the side behind her booth so we could both take advantage of all that the “customer traffic flow” could offer as they went back and forth to their classes. She didn’t have to do this, nor would most have even offered. This type of work is highly competitive and there are only so many dollars available to be spent by those in attendance and we are all chasing after them in one way or another with our products and services that we offer.

2. The second thing she did was she had excellent help! Her staff was knowledgeable and assisted her almost effortlessly as they both worked to serve their customers with the products they were offering at their booth. Either one could leave and take a short break and she gave up nothing when she left the booth for a minute as her staff (Dana) was well versed in the product line, the pricing and the payment structure and procedures. (Only when both were gone and I was left to watch their booth did they really give up potential sales and customers) 🙂 Of course that didn’t happen much, but they serve a niche and they serve it better than any other vendor that I have seen at this event in the 33 years that I have been attending.

3. The third and most important thing that Martha did was she made every person who walked by, came up to the booth to look, or eventually bought something feel like they were making the smartest and best decision of their lives. Everyone who took advantage of her offers left with big smiles on their faces like they were kids in an ice cream shop walking out with their favorite flavored ice cream cone on a hot day. Martha gave more hugs (when appropriate) more sincere compliments and more positive affirmations, while also giving some direct criticisms when needed to anyone and everyone she spoke with. She was brutally honest with everyone she saw, but still everyone walked away like they had just been sitting at the oxygen bar and getting some fresh air for the first time all day. I watched a number of customers come back again and again every single day just to get another small taste of her personal touch and attention. She literally made our awkward and crowded booth situation that at first looked bleak and very distasteful, a complete joy and profitable experience for everyone in both our booth spaces. She was like a controlled Tsunami that never stopped affecting everything she touched until she went to bed at the end of each day. All of this after flying all the way to Las Vegas from New Zealand and getting little or no sleep to speak of the first day and night due to time zone changes and jet lag. I’m telling you she was a sight to behold! My favorite line was when one of the publishing vendors came by to ask her to buy advertising space in their trade journal and she looked at them and said “I don’t need to buy advertising baby, I AM advertising!” Enough said. She was all that and more!

So if you can’t pick out my tips for this week, here they are in short to help you take advantage of them. Remember, Martha didn’t have to buy anything, she didn’t have to wear anything different or unique, she just “WAS” everything we mentioned above. Here is the short list for you:

A. Focus first on finding ways to help others get what they want and in the process, you will get what you want (and then some!)
B. Make sure you surround yourself with quality people who are like minded, skillfully trained and can help you accomplish what it is you are trying to do. Take the time to train them well so if you are gone, sick or just not available, the job can still get done and you will be happy with the outcome.
C. Make sure you have passion in your life for whatever it is you choose to do or have to do this week. If your job is picking up garbage, be the best garbage person your customers have ever seen and live your life like this might be the last chance you get to show others how amazing you are regardless of what it is you are doing!
D. Hug those who need or deserve a hug this week. Research says we need 8 hugs a day to stay healthy.
E. Compliment those you come in contact with whether you know them or not. Be the change or positive person you want others to be as well. It’s contagious and it will create a more positive working environment for you to flourish in this week and it will change your bottom line and the opportunities that you will have as a direct result!
F. Be honest and direct with your communication with others. (Remember that we offer the best customizable communication tools available to the profession at if you need some help with this area of your business)
G. Be a controlled Tsunami this week with your family, friends and those at your work place. Get there early before everyone else gets settled (this will shake up most of your friends and co-workers all by itself) and just start by cleaning off your desk top and get things ready for your day. Then just keep going with that positive momentum and see how contagious it is and how much a small change like this can make for everyone you come in contact with.
H. Share your story with me after your week is over. I want to hear what worked for you and what didn’t. Then we can both figure out the whats and the whys and change that for the better.
I Share this with someone you know who can benefit from what we wrote here. This goes back to point A listed above. Help someone else get what they want and it will come back to you over and over again.

I’d just like to say thanks again to “Martha” for a wonderful experience at the Parker Seminar event in Las Vegas this past weekend. You were a pleasure to observe, learn from and work next to while watching you overcome the obstacles that seemed to appear daily from nowhere and you still made your business more successful in-spite of the challenges we all faced in the process. You were a great example for all of us! Thanks for inspiring my tips this week.

Dr. Rob Jackson
Back Talk Systems Inc
231 Violet Street Unit 140
Golden, Colorado 80401
303-277-9748 fax

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Are You Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

I have always heard that all people are created equal and more and more I am finding the validity of that exact statement.  I am not denying that there are factors which separate individuals and give us our own individual set of characteristics, but the one thread that ties us all together is the pursuit of love.  Each and every person I have ever encountered is looking for the same thing, love.  Seeking to find someone to love them and in turn someone to love.  Just as common as it is for an individual to seek love, they search relentlessly for something that is right below their nose or more clearly right below their skin.

Self-love is not a concept that is touched on much in society, and truthfully I am the only person I have heard speak of it in such a way that emphasizes the importance as it pertains to a healthy existence.  In society, we are taught to be selfless early on and I do believe in the importance of serving others and reaping what you sow is a key aspect of a healthy life, a more rewarding life.  But more importantly, I know the importance of loving yourself and I believe that loving yourself more allows one to serve at a higher level because they are serving selflessly and not seeking or needing to be filled up.

More and more I see it in my interactions with coaching, friendships, patient – doctor, and daily conversation, that people have a lack of self love.  A couple times a day I encounter an individual looking for love – love from a significant other, children, friend, even their job and the list goes on.  Rarely to I hear acknowledgment from another person that they are seeking to love themselves more.  This really is tragic considering loving oneself with one hundred percent self- acceptance, self-image, and self-respect is the key to receiving love in abundance in all relationships.

The law of giving and receiving and/or reaping and sowing is perfectly applied in the aspect of love.  The more love you give yourself the more love you will attract into your life, therefore creating an overflow of love to share with others.   All too often people give and give and give to others making sure they “feel the love”—but the one person they forget to love is themselves.  It’s a common misconception that you are to put yourself last and to fill up another with love.  It leaves you with the misconception that another person must create love for you and that another’s love has authority over you.  This pattern leads to a road with no real destination, because another cannot love you more than you love yourself.

Breaking the cycle in your own life will cascade into the lives of those with whom you are in a relationship.  It all starts with a willingness to create abundant love in your life above and beyond any other person, yes, to fall in love with yourself, your innate being before you fall in love with another.  To be able to see yourself as the perfect being you were created and to selflessly love yourself as you would another human being.  Authentic love of yourself will create the possibility for you to attract authentic love into your own life, allowing your love to spill over into the world.  You owe it to yourself and the world to start today and fall madly in love with your innate self—purely, madly, deeply.


With Innate Love,

Dr. Martha Nessler


Choose To Be Passionate

Seen in the October 2012 issue of the Chiropractic Journal (

Just like anything in life, being passionate is a choice. Everyone possesses a dormant spark of passion, just waiting to be ignited when given permission to take the reins. Passion is the fuel that propels individuals in the fulfillment of personal purpose. When they set their inner passion free they begin to illuminate the world with their spirit. Passionate people allow internal guidance to take the lead and guide their experience in their external environment. Simply put, they let their heart lead.

Passion is intense and vibrant, uncontrollable and uncontainable. Passion is an energetic expression of an individual. Passion illuminates your purpose and expands your mission field. The energy around passion is intriguing, contagious, and energizing. In passion lies the secret to loving more, serving more, doing more and in turn having a life that’s more than you could have ever dreamed because energetically you’re creating more. It’s this internal energy that allows people to create the life of their dreams. Passion is the fuel that both perseveres and endures.

Passionate individuals have the ability to light up a room with the energy of life that emanates from within, fully expressing their innate. It isn’t that people don’t want to be passionate, it’s that they are afraid to be passionate. Being passionate means letting go, which is so hard for so many because being comfortable is much easier. By letting go a person begins to strike the match igniting their internal passion and catapulting them into a more passionate existence.

A more passionate existence enhances your life and all that it encompasses including your significant other, career, family, and most importantly yourself. Once you ignite the wick that resides within you, you light up your life and illuminate the world around you with innate love. Your soul purpose then begins to surface and navigate you in the direction that best serves you.

Falling in love with who you are as an innate being is the foundation of unbridled passion. Allowing yourself to alleviate any self-criticism and to see yourself as divinely created with perfect intention. Slowly, you’ll begin to have self-acceptance for who you are, a better self-image, and the utmost respect for yourself alleviating any worthiness issues or judgment. Once you stop critiquing yourself, you’ll see that what others think of you doesn’t matter and that nobody can create your experiences but you.

It’s imperative to realize life’s a journey that’s yours to create and entrusting innate to lead will ensure success! We’re all innate beings on an innate journey and God’s intention for existence is that we’re able to create the life of our dreams.

Each individual, as the sole author of his or her own journey, is upon conception given a pen and paper to write a love letter to the world. Too many times family and friends assume the role of co-author of someone else’s journey, letting their thots, standards, expectations, and emotions dictate anothers experience. Rather, loved ones are supporting actors along for the ride. Not letting one’s external environment control his or her internal expression is key to increasing passion and falling in love with life! Being a passionate person, I can tell you that once you’ve decided to let passion take the lead, my best advice is to hang on and enjoy the ride. By definition, passion’s uncontrollable, untamable, and must be endured. So, expect to have abounding love, heightened sensations, boosted successes, and a little more turbulence at times. But, if you seek a journey that will fulfill your heart’s desire, heighten your earthly experience, elevate your consciousness, and illuminate your world with innate love, then it’s worth the ride!

So, get out your pen and begin your love letter to the world – and leave a legacy of passionate love to inspire others to do the same.

With Innate Love,

Dr. Martha Nessler


Is Your Story Serving You or Enslaving You?

In Memory of Pamela Jean Murphy Nessler, who will be forever missed for the mother, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, teacher, aunt, and so much more by so many. While it was two short years I was blessed by her presence, like my father to said, “I was lucky to have known you at all”.  My mother has passed on many years agobut today I live and today I am me and she is with the Lord. I love you, Mom. Til we meet again.

My mother passed away on April 19, 1982. From what I have heard and innately know at a soul level she was a beautiful women on the inside and out, with an infectious laugh, a heart of gold, and innate ability to touch the heart of every person who had the honor of sharing a moment of time with her. As my dad so eloquently said, “I was lucky to have known her at all”, simply stated yet complexly profound. In honor of her passing, I will share how losing my mother has been a catalyst in my life rather than just another story that I tell. Losing my mother at two years and 4 months old was a pivotal point in my life because I have honored it as such, while it could have been an anchor instead it is a root that grounds me to who I am and supports the woman into whom I constantly evolve.

Every single person has had an event in his or her life that made an impact in such a way that it became a “story”. A story that they tell and re-tell to loved ones, dear friends, to anyone who will listen or just over and over via internal dialogue. Stories are very important, they are a part of the journey that leads us to our complete evolution as a human on earth. Stories are important, in compilation they make us who we are and just the same, if we allow them to take such form, they can be detrimental and keep us from truly living!

I view stories as lessons and depending on how you view it, fortunately or unfortunately, lessons are learned and sometimes they burn. Every single “story” is in your life to teach you something and to add to who you are to prepare you for what you are to do. Lessons are unavoidable but how you use the “story” of the lesson is your choice. Stories should make you and not break you nor take you from living. It’s important to ask, “Is your story serving you or enslaving you?” Stories can either be anchors or roots. Just like most things in life you can decide whether or not your story is one that serves you like a root serves a plant or enslaves you like an anchor enslaves a boat.

Anchors keep a boat from moving keeping it EXACTLY where the boat was stationed. This holds true for a story that you allow to keep you where you in a certain place in your life. Telling the same story over and over without learning the lesson of that story will stop you from growing from the experience and moving on to the next “chapter” or lesson in your life. Just like an anchor allows a boat to move a little, you may move a little but you won’t really go anywhere until you release the anchor.

Roots facilitate the growth of a plant by stabilizing and grounding it regardless of how tumultuous the condition, providing security and support. Roots are an integral part of the plant but they are not the plant, just like your story is not “who you are”. So many times people allow their story to depict who they are rather support who they have become and are continually becoming. Roots do not impede growth but rather facilitate growth. Roots also absorb nutrients and water from the soil to nurture the plant and feed the plant internally. Fertilizer provides even more nutrition to a plant, which is absorbed via the root system. Being raised on a farm I will tell you that manure is one of the best fertilizers what if we viewed all the events that seem “negative” or as we call it “shit”, as the fertilizer of life how much would we grow? The shitty stuff doesn’t seem as bad when you realize it facilitates growth and is absorbed into you at a cellular level.

The shift from anchor to root is easy if you are ready and choose to make the shift. Beginning to shift takes two words “THANK YOU”, acknowledging your gratitude for the experience. Gratitude is the most healing state one can be in it is quantum state. Quantum state is not positive or negative but simply just “is”. It is in quantum state where love grows. Remember love is the highest vibration making all things possible including healing. Start today by saying, “THANK YOU” because without each and every experience you would not be you! Stop telling your story and start living your life!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl


Sometimes Being in Balance Can Mean Saying, “No”

I am back to blogging after a three month break.  In December, I had many changes take place in my business and personal life which caused an increase in activities that I was required to accomplish.  Honoring the shifts in my life, I made the necessary changes to accommodate and remain in balance.  While I love blogging as a means of sharing my heart and fulfilling my purpose, blogging is not a priority.

The crisp spring air is not the only thing that is surfacing this first week of March, but joining the cleansing air of Spring is my blog.  It feels good to be back sharing my heart and igniting in others a new and enlightened conscious.  I am excited for my first blog of 2012, “The Power of Simply Saying, “WHAT?””

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl



My Last “Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational” and Why!

My Last “Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational” and Why!

For over to years I have done “Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivationals” and I have enjoyed every second of sharing my heart and inspiring others.  The truth is that I don’t always feel inspired to share on a Monday and have found myself almost forcing myself to write my blog because I committed to doing so and then my blog ends up feeling more forced and therefore less genuine.  This past two Mondays in November I found myself trying to squeeze out a blog just to write something, making my “Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivationals” more of a “have to” rather than a “get to”.  After giving it some thought I came to the realization that I want to motivate when my innate leads me to and not when I am supposed to! Upon deciding this Saturday the sixteenth of November, I immediately wrote four blogs, which all just flowed.

I want to say thank you to my hundreds of followers to “Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivation” over the past three years.  Many of you have been with me when it started as a weekly text.  My decision to stop pushing a blog out on Mondays will allow me to motivate and serve you when I allow blogs to flow from me and to you when innately I feel led. I thank you in advance for your understanding. All blogs will remain archived on my site under the “blog” tab.

Freeing myself of the “have to” of the “Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivationals” allows me to remain in line with my purpose, “To ignite in others that which they did not know resided with in them”. Thank you for allowing me to do that both past, present and future!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler

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Integrity Must Be Restored to the CCE: Act Today for Chiropractic Tomorrow

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, October 3, 2011

Integrity Must Be Restored to the CCE: Act Today for Chiropractic Tomorrow

We are at a critical time in chiropractic, where we have the ability to take the reigns back and guide our profession in the way in which it was intended! I am not speaking in regards to style of practice but to scope of practice. The scope of practice has always included and should always include the statement “without drugs and surgery”. The chiropractic profession began as a drugless profession and to preserve its integrity it must remain a drugless profession. More and more there are groups within the profession, such as the ACA who are seeking to change the scope of practice to include drugs and surgery. As a profession we have to step and stop this ludicrousness. It is imperative that we make changes throughout the profession to preserve the profession. The Chiropractic Council on Chiropractic Education is the governing force behind the curriculum taught in chiropractic colleges in the United States. To change the though pattern of chiropractors we must change the thoughts being put into the minds of chiropractors. The CCE currently controls and has controlled chiropractic as a profession by dictating to the schools what they must educate on in order to be accredited. But, rather than taking us farther as a profession, they are taking us farther from the foundation of our profession! Each year we have moved farther and farther from the principles from which we were established and as long as the CCE is in control we will continue to move farther from those principles. Rather thank learning more chiropractic while in school students the curriculum is and has been weighted heavy in medical curriculum. We are producing medi-practors because the CCE has set it up that way! Stopping this train of thought before it even begins is crucial to preserve the principle of chiropractic. Right now we have a small window of time to begin to restore the integrity to the CCE and therefore to chiropractic! Every five years the CCE is up for renewal of recognition by the USDE, this is that year. We have accomplished the first step necessary, letting the USDE know that CCE needs to be re-evaluated, re-structured, and re-formed. They have heard our cry and in December there will be a hearing where representatives from our profession will be addressing the issues of the CCE as it stands today. I applaud those of you who took time to share your heart and passion by writing letters to the USDE your cry did not go unheard! Thank you and now its time for the next leg in the journey to regain integrity to CCE. As an added strength to our case we need the support of politicians to make our case stronger and getting their attention is the next step. The support of politicians will be a HUGE support in the December hearing. There is power in numbers and a petition is the best way to show the numbers in regards to support. We have a petition on under the heading. U.S. Department of Education: Restore integrity to the CCE. It is important that we get as many signatures as possible on this online petition. For posting on Facebook and emailing for support you can use the following URL, Get your community on board, set up a computer in your office and make it easy for patients to sign the petition as well as email their contacts to sign the petition. The support of politicians is crucial and will strengthen our case that integrity must be restored to the CCE. This petition is concrete proof that chiropractic without drugs and surgery is of the utmost importance to all those that are part of the chiropractic profession: chiropractors, staff, patients, advocates, and students. It is our objective that politicians realize the importance in re-evaluating, re-structuring, and re-forming the CCE to preserve chiropractic and, this petition will support that objective. When politicians realize how important the preservation of chiropractic is not only to chiropractors but also to chiropractic patients, students, and advocates our case will be strengthened. And while you are on the Internet get on Facebook, and join “The Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity” and “like” it. Let your stance be known! Take five minutes out of your day and make a video showing your support and calling chiropractors and chiropractic leaders to action! We received this sacred trust from our fathers, D.D. and B.J, they asked us to keep it pure and not sullied or deformed. Today, I am asking the same, I am asking that you join me in preserving our profession. We are chiropractors and what separates us is the use of no external forces, no drugs or surgery. We are a light in a sick and dying world, we must keep that light lit! Today is the day to step up and be heard! We are at a crossroad and have the chance to grab the reigns and re-direct the profession, moving farther away from drugs and surgery and NOT closer. I love you because you love what I love and it is that love that will strengthen our mission. If you need me I am here, email me at! I love you! Love. Laugh. Adjust. Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Spinach and Chickpea Coconut Curry (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Spinach and Chickpea Coconut Curry (Vegan and Gluten Free)

1 can of garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained, or two cups of  home cooked garbanzo beans

2 medium potatoes (I used sweet potatoes with skin on) parboiled* (*means boil for 10-15 mins whole then cut) cubed

3 cups of torn spinach

1 can of diced tomatoes or 3 medium tomatoes diced

1 red bell pepper chopped

3 cloves minced of garlic

1 1/2 teaspoons of curry

1 1/2 teaspoons of tumeric

3 cloves

1 can of coconut milk

Put it all in a pan and bring to a boil and then simmer for 30 minutes. And serve! I added some red pepper flakes to my bowl, mmmmm! You could add rice or pita bread if you want! I don’t do gluten and rarely use grains so I just enjoyed mine as is!


What If I Told You, “Sick and Dying” Is An Option?

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, September 26, 2011

“Sick and Dying Is An Option”

What if I told you that “sick and dying” was an option, not that you won’t die but that you don’t have to feel like you are dying while you are still living? What if I told you that you didn’t have to take prescriptions, miss important events, feel terrible, be constantly exhausted, and die having lived a miserable existence? Or that you could sleep better, have more energy, experience more sensations, live your life full out, have an extraordinary life and die a peaceful death? Would you be willing to make the necessary shift in both your perspective and your paradigm to go from “sick and dying” to “well and thriving”?

At the age of twenty-two I was presented with the same option and just like you may be thinking I thought it was crazy! I couldn’t believe it when my boyfriend at the time told me that I could get off all my medicines, live a prescription free life, a pain free life, have more energy, be free of sickness & disease, sleep well, and have a life of abundant health.  I couldn’t believe it because all I had ever known was the medical paradigm, where you are told that sickness and dying are not an option but rather the way that you MUST live your life.  Until twenty-two years old, NO one had ever told me that sick and dying was an option.

Very few people will say that their ex-boyfriend was an angel put into their life, but I can.  I am forever grateful that Ryan woke me up to the option of being “well and thriving”! It’s been an eleven-year journey in which I have shifted my perspective on health and wellness and completely flipped the paradigm in which I live my life from medical to chiropractic.  Eleven years ago, I laughed in confusion at people I knew who were conscientious about what they consumed, worked out regularly, who didn’t vaccinate, who took vitamins over prescriptions, and those who got adjusted by a chiropractor regularly. I was naïve to the option of living an optimal life, because I didn’t understand what I know now.

Everything we learn we learn from our mother, father, teachers, and preachers and this includes our views on health. I know for me I had to teach myself how to be well, I had to shift my perspective on how I viewed health and wellness.  Much like most Americans I was taught that being sick was normal and that with medicine you could stave off symptoms of sickness until inevitably you were so sick that you died, and while you were alive you would feel like you were dying.  My mother had passed from cancer at twenty-nine and my father was raised in the medical paradigm.  I watched my grandma take prescriptions, appear better for a short amount of time and then a new symptom would surface as she reached a new level of sickness, and the end of her life she spent lying in a hospital bed trapped as a prisoner in her own body.  Her soul was 100% residing in a body that was barely functioning.  Until Ryan, I had no idea that “sick and dying” was an option.

When Ryan told me that there was an alternative to the current medical paradigm I was living in and that I could be “well and thriving” because I was meant to be well, I was in disbelief. He went on to tell me that my body had an internal intelligence called innate intelligence and that my body could and would heal its self if it was fully expressed.  He continued to explain that the drugs I was taking were simply masking my problems and ultimately exacerbating the underlying problem.  He explained that the laundry list of symptoms I was experiencing including but not limited to those such as acid reflux, headaches, ulcers, and menstrual pains were my bodies way of trying to maintain homeostasis.  That they weren’t punishing me like I viewed it but rather they were trying keep me in balance in hopes of keeping me alive.  In detail he explained how my nervous system composed of the brain, brain stem, and spinal cord controlled every function in my body and that the skull and the spinal column houses and protects the nervous system.  He explained that through stressors and trauma, my spine had subluxations where the vertebral bodies had misaligned and were altering nervous system function.  He told me that the misconception was that chiropractic “treats pain”, when dissolution of pain is just an added bonus and that chiropractic founded on the principle of nervous system balance.  He went on to say that with chiropractic care I could live a life that where I was “well and thriving”, a life different than the “normal” American.  All he was saying was so different from what I have ever heard but it made more sense than anything I had eve heard.

Trusting my gut (which I now know is my innate) I began making necessary shifts toward living in the chiropractic paradigm.  Immediately, I began getting adjusted three times a week, fully committed to the plan set up by my student chiropractic intern.  Within three weeks, I was off all my meds and feeling better than ever.  From there I began working out regularly, eating foods that fueled my body, increasing my water, and thinking positive.  Over the past 11 years, I have continually strived to move toward being “well and thriving” and farther from “sick and dying”. I haven’t taken any medicine since that day, nor have I had a reason to take one.  I haven’t missed work or an important event because I was ill.  I enjoy every day with abounding energy and know that I am living my life with my fully expressed.  I am forever thankful that Ryan shared chiropractic with me and presented me the opportunity to shift my paradigm! So, now that you know “sick and dying” is an option are you willing to make the shift?

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Health Is Expensive: Will You Pay At One Time or Over Time”

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, September 12, 2011

Health Is Expensive: Will You Pay At One Time or Over Time”

I often hear that being healthy is expensive.  Like anything else I guess it is all a matter of perception and because perception dictates reality, being healthy could be perceived as “expensive”.  A glance at others perceptions can allow us to shift our perception if we are open to it. There was a time when I lived with the perceived notion that being healthy was expensive until I really began to understand that much like anything a simple shift in perspective can open your eyes to a world or thought process unknown.

I once heard a quote that said, “A man spends all his health to get his wealth and then in turn spends all his wealth to get his health”.  So, it is not being healthy that is expensive but rather it is health in general that is expensive.  It’s deciding whether or not to pay the “expense” of health over time or at one time. It is not whether or not you will pay but rather when you will pay.  In society there are two major paradigms that we are presented with when it comes to lifestyle choices, the medical paradigm or the chiropractic paradigm. Understanding these paradigms will allow you to know if you will pay for your health over time or all at one time.

The medical paradigm is centered on waiting until symptoms and/or disease present themselves and dealing with the “crisis” at that time.  The medical paradigm believes that as humans we slowly break down over time until we die.  It is a crisis-centered paradigm that waits until symptoms present themselves and deal with them at that time.  There is no way of knowing what crisis will present its self or when? A crisis can vary from the flu to a migraine to an appendectomy to heart surgery and the list goes on.  Much like Russian roulette there is no rhythm to their presentation nor is there a way to gage the cost of the crisis.   Over an individual’s life span they can experience one to a few crisis or multiple crisis, with each crisis decreasing their overall quality of life.  There then comes a point when individuals are willing to spend all the money that they have to maintain the final ounces of their health.  In this paradigm the expense for “health” is paid for in one lump sum at the time of service and can vary in cost from thousands to 10’s of thousands or even 100’s of thousands.  An individual’s perspective on the value of money shifts when it comes down to health or wealth.

The chiropractic paradigm stresses the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, which allows an individual to invest on his or herself over time with the objective of maintaining health and achieving longevity.  The chiropractic paradigm is centered around maintaining optimal wellness throughout an individual’s entire life with hopes of remaining in homeostasis and avoiding dis-ease which leads to disease.  Similar to dentistry, chiropractic believes in the importance of maintaining the body’s level of health through maintenance.  Dental maintenance is composed of regular check ups, regular in office cleaning, twice to three times daily brushing, and proper nutrition. A principled chiropractor will urge you to follow a wellness routine though nutrition, exercise, maintaining mental and spiritual balance and being checked regularly by your chiropractor.  Both practices are similar in that frequency of care varies with personal history, whether health history or dental history. In this paradigm you pay small amounts over time with the intent of maintaining the God given level of wellness you were gifted at birth.  This paradigm is true “life insurance”, with low premiums and high dividends.

Each and every individual is given the choice between paradigms.  When choosing your paradigm it is important to define quality of life and get clear on what kind of a life you want to live. While I am a free spirit and thrive off adventure there are some things that are more of a gamble rather than an adventure.  Personally, I’ve never understood Russian roulette, because “what if’? Much like a parent can only raise up a child with “hopes of” but ultimately the child must live their own “hopes” my hope for you is that you will invest in yourself.  I will not argue that health is expensive; “Is it expensive?” is not the question but rather “When will you pay the expense?” Will you pay slowly over time with the mind frame of preserving your health or will you pay a large amount at the end in hopes of preserving your life? If you look at cars they are a considerable expense and we take care of them, in hopes of maintaining them, even though they are replaceable.  Yet, with our own human body we neglect it as if it were replaceable.  Simply shifting your perspective and realizing that you are your most valuable asset and deserve to live your life full out and with full expression of life. When you realize you are worth it, you will realize every dollar spent is worth.  Money can buy anything but a new you!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl