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Silence the Naysayers

You already know. Steve Jobs knew. Thomas Edison knew.  Henry Ford knew.   The Wright Brothers knew.  People mocked them, ridiculed them, and called them crazy, but deep down, they knew.  Their deep belief and knowingness muted the naysayers, and because they chose to follow their hearts, we have Apple iPhones, IPads & computers, electricity, cars, and airplanes. […]

Love Letters

Do you remember your first love letter? I do. It was to my 5th Grade boyfriend, Greg, which would have made it somewhere around 1993. I can remember wanting to make it perfect so that it conveyed my love for him. I spent hours on that letter, which looking back was only a few sentences and ended […]

Loneliness is rampant…

I read an awesome statement today: “ I would 100% rather spend Sit with you for as long as it takes and listen to the S#!T your going through, than spend 15 minutes listening to your eulogy. Remember that.” Powerful. I believe that loneliness is a silent killer and it is rampant. People are lonely, […]

Why are you so Triggered?

Next time you catch yourself judging someone for how they show up, take a minute and ask yourself why what they are doing is triggering you? Are you triggered because it’s something they need to change or it something you need to be more aware about in yourself? Quite often what triggers us about another […]

I Wasn’t Smiling on the Inside

I wasn’t smiling on the inside. I can remember this time in my life, these years of my life, like they were yesterday. I was so sad, so broken and so lonely, but no one knew, I hid it so well (atleast I tried) that I often felt like I was hiding it from myself. […]

Turn Down the Volume on the Noise

Sometimes you have to turn the volume down on the noise, just to hear your own thoughts. Are you worrying about what everyone else is doing, thinking and saying or are you worried about what you think, say and do?  There is so much noise, especially with the rise in popularity of social media that […]

Are We Living in a Modern Day “The Wizard of Oz”?

The other day I had an epiphany, we are living in a modern day, The Wizard of Oz. Let me paint a picture, binging to life the modern day, The Wizard of Oz we are all a part of every single day.    Social media in all it’s forms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and whatever other […]

Wrap It Up and Rip In to It: a Birthday Process

Birthdays are interesting, they vary by culture, society, family tradition and personal meaning.  The pivotal birthdays always tend to mean more: entering double digits, becoming a teenager, legal permission to drive, drinking age, voting, 30, 40, 50, and 60.  Outside of the “special birthdays” it becomes a personal preference for what birthday holds a significant […]