Let me introduce myself to you…

I’m a small town girl with a global vision to touch and inspire as many lives as possible, reminding people of their greatness and helping them to UNAnchor from the S#!T that holds them back so they can step into their greatness.

I am forever grateful for being raised with small town, Midwestern values and believe that growing up on a farm and showing pigs and cows at the county fair,  has played a huge part in the entrepreneur and coach I am today!

My life on the farm instilled in me values and work ethic, which have allowed me create multiple successful businesses and help thousands of others do the same. But even within that success, I found that there was definitely S#!T in my life, from my past, from my story, that was weighing me down, creating massive anchors which kept me from being the highest version of myself. I couldn’t find a strategy for “un-anchoring” so I began to learn as much as I could to support myself to UNAnchor! My own personal experience lead me to develop a strategy to help myself and now others, SHED their S#!T!

Now don’t let the “farm girl” statement fool you {never underestimate a woman that can rock a pair of cowboy boots}.  I have been able to combine my strengths (strategic, futuristic, ideation, responsibility and activator), my Doctorate in Chiropractic and my dual Bachelors Degrees in Human Development and Human Biology to create multiple six figure businesses. To now coaching others in creating and/or growing their businesses, to coaching individuals, small and large groups in shedding their S#!T so they can live out a life they love.  And, yes, sometimes I do it in my cowboy boots!

At the core of who I am is a deep belief , “it’s not about you, it is about the people you serve”. How can I serve you in helping you get rid of the layers of S#!T  that are holding you back from excellence in your personal and/or business life, so you can get to the innate greatness that lives inside of you?!

To me there is nothing more beautiful than watching someone completely UNAnchor from all the S#!T that is holding them back and start living their best life ever, creating and living a  life they love.

Life happens when you give yourself permission to flip your story on its head and choose to really LIVE!

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