Aha Moments on Wholeness

About fourteen years ago, I had my first “aha” moment as it pertained to my health, my eyes were opened to the power of the human body to self heal & self regulate and the concept of Innate Intelligence. That day I realized the power of chiropractic and the importance of having a nervous system free of interference as well as the devastating affects of stress on the human body.

I can remember that day like yesterday, I can remember the feeling of frustration for not having been told my body’s design & purpose but I also felt a sense of hope that washed over me knowing that health, healing and happiness were well within my reach.

That day marked a pivotal day in my life and I began my journey into understanding my human body and gaining more understanding as to how I could empower my body and unveiling my birthright of true health, healing & happiness!

I believe true wellness is wholeness, a balance in the seven aspects of life: physical, chemical, familial, spiritual, finances, thought, emotion & environment. I do not believe in one-sided wellness for the sum is greater than any individual part.

For me it’s a deep relationship with God, regular chiropractic check ups, proper nutrition, plenty of water, movement, deep and meaningful relationships, financial balance, positive thought and daily use of essential oils.

doTERRA essential oils are an amazing tool to help balance all areas of life facilitating the body to remain in homeostasis/balance allowing health, happiness, and healing to innately occur, as it’s designed to do so.

I truly believe that these gifts of the earth are vitally important in every home because “life happens” and it is better to be prepared for it to happen,  but also because they are an important daily habit for individuals seeking a “wholeness lifestyle”.
xx DRM


A Glimpse into My Life

“We must validate our life and its worth for others.  It can only be done on earth – others must feel our life worthwhile.”

Jean Condon Murphy, her memoirs, A Glimpse into My Life

Looking back over my grandmother’s memoirs, I can’t help but feel a sense of closeness to a woman I dearly loved who no longer walks this earth, but rather sits in heaven awaiting her families arrival, smiling down in nostalgia with a deep sense of joy for those she loves.

Taking a glimpse into her life as she so eloquently insinuated with her memoir entitled so, a plethora of emotions and a deep sense of connection take me on a journey through her life, seeing the similarities and the vast differences of our separate journeys.

Throughout her memoirs I am able to see “the other side” of events we shared and those of stories, which others have told, laughing at how two people can see the same event so differently. A sense of relief fills my soul, seeing a woman who I deemed as “perfect” eloquently share her imperfections and allow her truths to be unveiled as a token of love and lesson for those whom she loved. There is warmth that comes with knowing “I am not alone”.

In a world plagued by loneliness and discouragement, a deep sense of connection to another human being is almost a necessity.  While physically connecting is not always possible, an emotional connection is not only within arm’s reach but a necessity to propagate a sense of belonging and encouragement.  A glimpse into the life of another human being can offer solace even in the darkest times.

It’s interesting how that misconception that everyone else’s life must be “perfect” blankets the mind of individuals who feel they are bathing in life’s imperfect moments,  no one is sheltered from life’s thunderstorms, no one.

Have we as a society been trained to mask “thunderstorm” moments, down play the harsher moments of life, or simply only share the “sunniest” of moments whilst secretly seeking to have connection during the darkest of times? Stop and ask yourself are you willing to be RAW–real and authentic, offering a glimpse into your life to those seeking solace or are skeletons better left in your closet?

Since, a young child I have relied on a deep sense of knowing, mine comes from God, which shined like a beacon in the darkest of times and provided a sense of solace that the world did not offer. No, I am not immortal to pain, I just knew that their was a meaning behind the pain and was empowered by what was to come.

Society is plagued by depression or discouragement, which literally means to disempower, to remove power. Imagine if there was a global shift from disempowerment to human empowerment, the rise in depression would be greatly halted.

Having experienced my own thunderstorms and darkest hours, I see the need to be more than just light in the darkness but to seek to ignite the inner spark that lies in every single person, being more real, more authentic, and more raw, giving a glimpse of my life in exchange for hope … where there is hope there is life.

It is through my life I hope others find the necessary tools to live an empowered life with hope, understanding that abundance is their birthright.  It is through me I hope they see the love of God begin to live an empowered life. Take a glimpse into my life and join the movement to “be empowered, be RAW, be you…to be innate”.

“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer…”

Romans 12:12


Wrap it up and Rip into it, a Birthday Process

Birthdays are interesting, they vary by culture, society, family tradition and personal meaning.  The pivotal birthdays always tend to mean more: entering double digits, becoming a teenager, legal permission to drive, drinking age, voting, 30, 40, 50, and 60.  Outside of the “special birthdays” it becomes a personal preference for what birthday holds a significant meaning just like all events in life you get to give them meaning.

I can’t lie I loved turning thirteen and emerging out of the cocoon of childhood and spreading my wings as a teen, although having a strict father meant not much but the year changed.

My sixteenth birthday was super exciting and landed me at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to receive my driver’s license, it also meant I got keys and a car.  It was also the day I was employed without pay by my parents as a chauffeur to my three younger siblings!

My eighteenth birthday meant I could vote, but I had two years until the next Presidential election so it was more of a verbal title that collected dust on the shelf for a few years, but it definitely felt cool knowing I could vote and fight for my country in war.

My twenty-first birthday meant cutting up my fake ID (sorry dad) and heading back to the DMV to get my “Over 21” ID. 

Since turning twenty-one I can’t say that any birthday really had the esteem of 13, 16, 18 or 21 but turning 36 years old this year is going to slam the first four out of the park!  I will never forget the excitement of my thirteenth, 16th,18th and 21st birthdays but my thirty-sixth is a birthday that I have decided has special meaning. 

Don’t get me wrong they were four amazing birthdays, collectively they were a grand slam, each signifying each as a home run year, but they packed a certain hype that was created by tradition, society, cultural and family where my 36th birthday is personal. 

This is my year…I finally get “it” whatever it is and my 36th year is my year!

I can’t help but wonder what birthdays and new years would be like if we all began to look at them outside of traditions and Hallmark celebrations and gave them a deep and personal meaning.

This year I went through what I call “The Wrap it up and Rip in to it Process” closing up my 35th year and preparing for my 36th!

First, I grabbed a new journal which is a pale pink leather journal that says “DREAM BIG LIVE BOG” in gold lament writing that I love!!!  Inside on the first few pages, I wrote a few quotes and verses that I love that really stir my soul to have at hand when I need inspiration, support, uplifting and more! And left a few pages blank to add to as I feel inspired.

About page five I wrote “The Wrap it up and Rip in to it Process: Sending off 35 and Saying Hello to 36 on December 11, 2015 “. 

Then I wrote a column of “thank you” all the way to the bottom of the page.  Next to each “Thank you” I wrote down all the experiences I gave a “positive” and “negative” meaning to that happened in my 35th year. I used my “gratitude journal” which I keep to reflect back over the last year.

Gratitude in the positive is always an easy one where finding gratitude in the “negative” can be a difficult  but once you shift your thoughts around an experience you shift the experience.  Some of the experiences were harder to shift than others but I have no desire to be anchored by any negative experience, so Im always willing to go through the pain to get to the good stuff!

Then I made a “More of List” with all the stuff I want more of in my 36th year at the top of the list was joy, which has lead me to theme my 36th year, Submerge my Soul in Joy!

Lastly I set my goals for my 36th year, leaving space to add as the year progresses!

The Wrap it up and Rip in to it Process is definitely a new tradition for me and one I cannot recommend enough for those of you who really want to seize each year and live full out! 

Here’s to a year of Submerging My (Your) Soul in Joy!


xx DRM