A Legacy Never Dies

The hardest part about living on the other side of world…is living on the other side of the world.

Since Friday, I have resisted the tug on my heart strings to board a plane and head to La Grange, Illinois to look into my grandmother’s (Maudie) eyes one last time and whisper, I love you.

My Maudie is the most beautiful woman, inside and out, she is elegant and poised, love emanates from her very being, and her piercing blue eyes warm your soul, simply stated, she is Love.

My grandmother has always had a special place in my heart, not only because she is my grandmother, but because she my is maternal connection on this world to my mother who passed when I was two years-old.

Yesterday, I received a call that Maudie had passed on to finish her earthly journey and continue her journey with God.

Of her life and her love, I would say,

I was truly blessed to have known and to have been loved by such a beautiful, God-fearing woman.

I love you, Maudie, Thank you for the legacy.  It is through you and Pop Pop that I have truly learned the art and importance of loving and being loved.

In 1996, my grandmother blessed each of her grandchildren and her husband with a hardbound copy of her memoirs, A Glimpse Into My Life.

A Glimpse Into My Life, is a irreplaceable, invaluable book filled with wisdom, history, and love – written in my grandmother’s handwriting – it’s something felt rather than to be expressed.

In her honor, I will share some of her words and wisdom, it is my wish that her life inspires others as it has inspired me, although she has passed her legacy lives on.

A Glimpse Into My Life, by Jean Condon Murphy

The inscription is simple yet profound,

            To Martha with Love,  Maudie

            -isolated moments of recognition-

The pages in this book are written randomly, not in any particular order. It is just remembering – “thinking back”, and passing it on.

The inscription is this book sums up her memoirs in a proverbial nutshell, isolated moments of recognition in no particular order, filled with wisdom that comes with living.

Saturday, I picked up A Glimpse Into My Life to feel connected to my Maudie in spirit, to lessen the distance.

There are no coincidences in life, I opened her book to page ninety-six, the insert on her mother, my great grandmother, Kathleen Victoria Fagan Condon.

Maudie spoke of her mother’s spirit, her love, her belief in God that strengthened her, her losses, her joys, what she brought to this world, and her passing.

Maudie shared the deep pain and sadness she felt that she was not physically with her mother, a pain I currently can relate to with my physical distance from her.

She then went on to say:

I think of my mother often. I also think about loneliness – how the body perhaps is not aching, but certainly the spirit is…

Her words are profound and they are exactly why I picked up A Glimpse Into My Life, my spirit yearned to feel that connection.

I learned early on it is possible to feel someone who is not physically present if you allow yourself to connect emotionally and spiritually – reading her memoirs allowed me to really feel her.

She continued on about my great grandmother’s legacy,

And she left a legacy…

It is good to have dreams – consider your skills and talents and use them wisely and well – be able to love, and to laugh above all, to serve with joy – to look forward to each tomorrow and never, never to despair.

It’s like my grandmother wrote her own epitaph, as she wrote this for her mother – these words sum up Maudie’s legacy, a legacy that is beautiful, eloquent, emanating in love and service.

I love you, Maudie…

            Your Legacy Lives on.



Is it possible to regret what you have done, yet not regret who you are?

Is it possible to regret what you have done, yet not regret who you are?

Or by regretting what you have done are you regretting who you have become?

It is inevitable that throughout life, most, if not all, individuals will have one experience or more that leaves them asking internal questions such as, “What was I thinking?” or “Why did I do that?” or “I can’t believe I thought that was a good idea!”

The interesting paradox in life is all that we have done in the past creates who we are today in the present, yet so many people live in regret over what has happened in the past.

I have definitely had my share of experiences that were unpleasant and at the time I felt extreme sadness or regret in regards to the event, but there is a difference between experiencing regret and allowing regret to minimize your experience.

There was a time when I didn’t understand that both what had happened to me and that I had done, positive or negative, depending on how I perceived it; molded who I was today.

Once I was able to understand that every event I had experienced, whether I was actively or inactively involved, had a direct influence and contributed to my existence and my self-evolution.photo

By realizing each event plays an integral role in one’s journey, allows gratitude for all experiences, regardless of perception, because each event plays an integral role in one’s evolution as a human being.  It is imperative that individual’s acknowledge where they have been and what they have done reveal who an individual is today.

Exhausted from living in regret? You are not alone.

You are simple shift in perspective away from setting yourself free and releasing the weight of sadness that only anchors us to perceived negative experiences, freeing yourself to fully live.

Shift your perspective and watch your existence elevate with these easy steps:

Change the meaning of the event for YOU.

It is important to understand that YOU give meaning to all your experiences; they are not negative or positive until you decide their meaning in regards to your perception of the experience. YOU and you alone decide whether an experience is positive or negative.

It’s okay if your perception varies from others involved in the same situation.

It is possible that two people can have the same event happen at the same time, same place, same environment, and have a different perceived outcome.

Live in gratitude for all your experiences, while you were creating them they were simultaneously creating you – molding you.

Simply shift your perceived outcome of the event(s) from negative to positive – how can something that has contributed to your existence be negative?

Every event that has happened to you over the course of time has contributed to the individual you are today, without all that YOU have been through YOU would not be you!

Replace regret with content, “I am content with what has happened”, relish in the knowing that all events have propelled you to your current position in life – embrace gratitude.

Don’t let past experiences paralyze you, free yourself of regret and allow them to propel you.

It is common that individuals allow events to paralyze them, rather than embracing the experience and allowing it to propel them and enhance their human expression and existence.

There is a misconception that only the positive experiences in life propel us and mold us, shockingly, if it is allowed the negative experiences often have the greatest ability to enhance human existence.

Shift your perspective – shift your life!

When force is applied to matter it either molds it or breaks it, the same is true of each and every event in your life, they will mold you or break you – be putty in God’s hand and allow Him to mold you!

Enhancing Life Expression,

Dr. Martha Nessler@drmarthanessler


What’s Dr. Martha Nessler Up To?

One of the most common questions I am asked since my move is, “What are you up to?” and to be honest, I’m up to a few things, one of which is RAW [Real] Authentic Wellness the rest is ever evolving.

With the massive push toward wellness the need for a hub was evident – there are so many sites on “wellness” it can be daunting trying to separate real wellness from the “hype”.

I am very open, that I have not always been a wellness junkie, although my brother, Jon has always noticed my love and indulgence in all things health – he used to say I collected “health foods”.   There is truth in his words, innately we are born to consume and devour Real, RAW, and Natural foods but we train our bodies to crave synthetic foods and trick our innate into believing we need them.

The concept of altering innate “wants and needs” is why starting wellness as early on as possible in human beings is extremely important, it’s a whole other blog all together and a topic I will be digging into and getting real on, I owe it to the future generations of the world.

Just like most people a sickness/diagnosis/disease really spurred my desire to indulge in the wellness paradigm. I can definitely say that at about fifteen I started dipping my toe in the wellness pool testing to see if it was the right “temperature”, then at twenty-two I got in about waist deep or half way in, and my twenty-six I took the plunge and went all the way!

Personally, I have no regrets on the decision to live “well” and professionally, I strongly support and applaud those who make the shift toward wellness, whether it is a “want to” or a “have to”.

To be real with you, wellness is no longer an option, it is the way, whether you choose now because you “want to” or later because you “have to” you will choose wellness.

With the need of wellness increasing, I saw the need for an online hub, resource, one-stop shop, call it what you will, where people could get information on real wellness for an optimal existence. Yes there are a lot of sites out there, some our amazing and others are simply not wellness (just trying to use the wellness movement for a financial ride), most are laser focused on one area of wellness or a portion of an area, and lots of them are boring and over whelming,

As a chiropractor and professional speaker, my biggest frustration was where to send people to get the necessary info for a balanced life. The look on an individual’s face when you tell them that you are excited they are wanting to maximize their human potential, now go look at these twelve sites is priceless.

People are maxed out as it is, which is usually why they are needing wellness, I literally felt bad knowing some people were completely discouraged by the daunting task of “figuring it out” and others actually felt more stress “attempting wellness”.

To be Real with you, I get exhausted clicking through the numerous websites to get balanced information on wellness and I love it personally and professionally. Thankfully, frustration never stalls me it motivates me, which is not the case for everyone – a hub was evident.

One day, I had this revelation, it was a tap in the shoulder from God followed by a whisper that was crystal clear, “Create a movement to educate and empower individuals, igniting in them the desire to seek health, healing, and happiness through Real, RAW, and Natural ways”.

That was the beginning of what is Raw [Real] Authentic Wellness and what evolves each day to be the hub of Real Wellness keeping it RAW, in the natural state and authentic to human beings to maximize existence.

Simply put, I want to encourage everyone to be REAL Human BEINGs! Will you join me?


twitter, instagram, and pintrest @raw_human

Innately Yours,

Dr. Martha Nessler


I once heard, “you have to get, lost to truly find yourself” and moving across the world revealed the truth in this statement.

I have always been intrigued by the fact that people thought they knew me better than I knew myself, and lately I have been intrigued by the fact- that I thought I knew me. Right now you either get what I am saying, or you think it’s crazy for me to say that there is a possibility – YOU don’t even know yourself.

Before you decide whether to subscribe to my blog or to go bashing me on Facebook for being completely crazy, I encourage you to read this blog in its entirety.

There was a time when the one thing that drove me crazy was when people thought they knew “who I was” or eluded to knowing how I operate, almost better than I knew myself. Now a year and a half later I laugh that I thought I knew who I was before moving across the world.

I once heard a powerful statement, “your greatest strength is your weaknesses on overload,” from a dear friend and coach, Dr. Barry Warren. When I first heard this statement, I questioned Barry as to what he was talking about, but after I allowed it to reverb within I was able to see the truth and apply it to my journey.

Most people would say I was outgoing, eccentric, and extroverted as they see it. Truth, be told, I am shy, nervous, and introverted; unless I am comfortable. The key word being comfortable; therefore, my patients, friends, family, and audiences would never believe that I was a nervous, shy, introvert, who was nervous about what others thought; that’s because they know me in my comfort zone. My true friends, like my boyfriend, Dean and best friends, Amanda, Breann, Blair, and Janice; know this and are probably glad “the cat is out of the bag.”

I’m not sure I can explain what happens to an individual when they leave everything they know to be true and start fresh in a completely new space, in another country, another time zone, and in a different hemisphere. Something happens at a soul level, when you are suddenly and completely out of your comfort zone, and no one knows you.

I am so blessed to have an awesome person like, Dean, with me on this transformational experience, but even he will tell you that being transplanted to New Zealand has caused a spark, allowing more of me to shine. There is a strong possibility that the move had nothing to do with it, but rather I was finally “okay” with me; none-the-less getting lost allowed me to find myself.

Have you ever stopped and evaluated yourself? Don’t worry I hadn’t either, until I moved to New Zealand, and all the sudden everyone was trying to find out about the new American girl in Tuakau, New Zealand. I should mention; Tuakau’s population is 3,500 and that I am the only American in the town and one of maybe a dozen in the whole county. The energy of everyone wanting to know who I was, motivated me to do the same.

I was about to find out who Martha Nessler was? Suddenly, I was removed from ALL of my comfort zones, from anything and anyone familiar, and I was free to express me fully. As exciting as it sounds it was quite scary.

I had a blank canvas and free to paint and express. It was at this point I realized the impact my family, friends, teachers, and preachers (MFTP) had on me since day one, but here I was and the only thing controlling my expression of self was myself.

Don’t worry I am still me, just a bit freer.

Today, I found myself, on July 4th (the southern hemisphere), walking on the beach in cowboy boots, my favorite jeans, my Marmot down coat, and favorite two silk scarfs, whimsically entwined. Yes, I said cowboy boots on the beach, which I know my dad is smiling as he reads this.

It was the cowboy boots that lead to this blog. As I stared into the beautiful ocean that lay in front of me, knowing that Dean was watching with a smile, I began to realize the RAW beauty of my transformation.

I was still me a farm girl from the Midwest, transplanted by love to a beautiful island half way across the world; same woman, same boots, just a bit more authentic to herself.

There was a day, when I would have worried a bit more about wearing my cowboy boots on the beach, but today I felt FREE in my boots, knowing I am me!

It is my wish that on this Independence Day, July, 4, 2014, is a day which everyone feels a bit more freedom of self expression!

Much Love. Keep it Real, RAW, and Natural and Be A REAL Human BEING!



Dr. Martha Nessler

I Used to Think Essential Oils Were Liquid Potpourri

I am the first one to admit, I really didn’t get what the hype was on essential oils? Until about a year and a half ago I thought they were amazing for enhancing potpourri, lavender was great for a relaxing bath, peppermint could help ease a headache, and that was my limited knowledge.  When people would share with me their “oil experiences and oil uses” I was excited for them, but I will admit, and I am going to be honest, that I thought essentials were a bit of hocus pocus.   That was my belief, until I had my  first couple “oil experiences”, until I realized the healing properties of essential oils.  So about a year and a half ago I decided to find out what the hype on essential oils really was about? So, I ordered  a kit of dōTERRA oils (the EVERY oil kit – I wanted to have them all) and started researching essential oils.  I have to admit I was amazed…I had no idea they were mentioned 500 times directly in the Bible, that Romans and Egyptians used them.  I also had no idea that there is an oil for everything! Did you know that you can put diluted (with a carrier oil/dōTERRA fractionated coconut oil) oregano on a wart? Or that peppermint works with digestion, fevers, headaches, and that is just the beginning? Or that citrus oils are great for depressions? Frankincense works wonders on acne and cancer cells – there is even message on pubmed.gov on frankincence? These are just a few of the uses for essential oils.  As a chiropractor and wellness expert, I was drawn to the healing properties of essential oils giving an avenue other than pharmaceuticals and over the counter for individuals seeking wellness alternatives.

One key aspect I found in my research on essential oils was that essential oils cross cell membranes, promoting cellular healing and DNA repair.  This ONE point completely shifted my perspective, since then I have incorporated essential oils in to my daily wellness routine.  Cellular health is really important especially when you realize you are only as healthy as your cells!

This is just a bit of information when researching what the hype on essential oils really was about! If you are interested in learning more I have a webinar I think you will love – it includes the June 2014 special from dōTERRA! Just click here and enjoy! And if you want to read a bit more info, which I have accumulated then simply click here!


Press Release: Unique Addition to the Chiropractic Profession

April 15, 2014 Press Release

Unique Addition to the Chiropractic Profession

Dr. Martha Nessler, speaker and leader within Chiropractic, has again sourced out a unique opportunity for Chiropractors.

In her own journey of healing and teaching, she constantly sources out unique companies and products for the profession. Her personal experience with natural healing led her to utilize unique herbs and supplements. Her involvement in the last year with dōTERRA enabled her to address cellular healing and recovery for people that otherwise continued to struggle with plateau’s in their recovery process. “I have to say Dr. Martha Nessler is my Wellness Angel! I started working with Dr. Martha after attending a seminar at my chiropractor’s office. Starting with a few essential oils at the beginning, I felt an immediate change in my well-being, stated Nicole P., a chiropractic practice member and client of Dr. Martha Nessler’s using dōTERRA essential oils.   “As the days and weeks progressed I was able to stop taking one of my depression medications. I’ve battled with Bi Polar for years. This was big success! With the adding of new oils under Dr. Martha’s guidance, I’ve gone gluten free and incorporated a cleanse into my wellness plan. Resulting in weight loss and feeling the best I have in years. She has suggested things for my family and I have noticed a huge difference. I can’t say enough about this Angel of Wellness. She has become not only my Wellness coach, but a great friend! I am so thankful that my chiropractor has included dōTERRA into her practice it has added to my wellness arsenal.”

“I am honored and privileged to be able to see the deep and profound healing that are able to facilitate with inclusion of these oils into a wellness regime,” stated Dr. Martha Nessler, founder and CEO of RAW Authentic Wellness. “These oils are a major step forward toward bringing the full wellness platform to the general public.”

As is her style, Dr. Martha Nessler has quickly integrated herself within the dōTERRA community as a leader within health professionals. “She has opened up our products to health professionals around the world, and is a leading teacher within the wellness movement,” explains Jared Auger, Senior Manager of New Markets and Manager of dōTERRA Australia. “We are fortunate to have Dr. Nessler as our leading Chiropractor on our team, and she has created unique protocols for patients that it’s now time to share with her Chiropractic profession, and the world. Dr Martha has had great success with dōTERRA in both leadership and business.  Her educational background, knowledge of essential oils, and business sense form a significant synergy that allows her to help thousands of people make positive changes in their life using dōTERRA’s powerful products.  Dr. Martha has a distinctive approach that taps into individual energy and inspires people to believe and become great.  Single-handedly she has transformed the face of dōTERRA in New Zealand and continues to spread her influence around the world.  I am inspired by Dr. Martha’s compassion, professionalism, and drive.”

Health practitioners are always searching for ways to enhance the patient’s healing journey. It’s now time for them to learn, with Dr. Martha creating unique seminars and programs, how to integrate these oils into their lives and their practices.

Any practitioner can learn more by contacting Dr. Martha Nessler’s team for information about attending one of the upcoming Health, Healing and Happiness programs.



Make it REAL, make it natural, make it RAW


Skype: marthanessler





Innate Expressions is Joining Back Talk Systems…A Blog Leads to a Beautiful Thing

I recently had the pleasure of vending next to a true legend in our profession, Dr. Rob Jackson of Back Talk Systems, while at Parker Vegas Seminars…it was a pivotal moment for us both! It’s funny how God places us in the right place at the right time! When one person shifts it seems to become an epidemic and before you know it you see the whole world shifting!

After Parker, a friend and colleague, Dr. Gina, sent me a “Practice Tip” she had received from Dr. Rob Jackson.  She informed me that I had to read it.  As I read Dr. Jackson’s blog I was smothered by a sense of humility as I read the words of one of the true giants in our profession (I have included the “tip” and the link below – If you don’t get Dr. Rob Jackson’s Tip of the Week you need to change that!).  I am honored that Dr. Jackson took the time to share his heart and am humbled by his kind words.

What Dr. Jackson doesn’t know, is that my first time to Parker was as a student in 2003 I blankly stood in awe watching the mass of people attempting to get his products and to pick his brain. A thick fog of  respect loomed in the air for a man who lives, breathes, educates, and represents our profession relentlessly.  I have to add I also thought it was cool that he and his brother, Dr. Dave Jackson, were siblings and so well respected in our profession (Knowing them both today personally and professionally, I know they are not blood brothers but TIC brothers!).  I can tell you having spent 4 days in Las Vegas in a 8 X 20 booth space that Dr. Rob Jackson is everything I remember standing in awe of 10 years ago – he is a true gem and an amazing human being and the fact that he is a chiropractor is a bonus! And he has Zach who oversees Balk Talk Systems for Rob which only enhances all of his amazing attributes! Thank you Rob and Zach!

We all know seminars in chiropractic are like kids camp! And just like kids camp you walk away with new friends and pen pals; after chiropractic seminars you walk away with new friends, knowledge, and products and this time as an added bonus I walked away proud! I am eager to announce that Innate Expressions will now be available at Back Talk Systems @ www.backtalksystems.com.  I am excited that Dr. Rob Jackson is helping me share what I love and allowing me to really shine! Dr. Rob and Zach, know that Dana and I loved EVERY minute that we were able to share with you  in your energy! I am looking forward to a bright and shiny future with Back Talk Systems! Dean is eager to meet you and so thankful that God placed you in our lives!





http://www.backtalksystems.com/index.php?p=308273 – full article here

Practice tip of the week, January 12th, 2014
Date: January 12, 2014 | Time: 9:05pm | Posted By: Robert D. Jackson, D.C.

I just came back from a 3 day event held in Las Vegas where Doctors of Chiropractic get together from all over the world to hear some of the best speakers in the profession share what the latest research, technique advancements, patient care and vendor services have to offer. I attended my first one of these programs back in 1981 and have been going back ever since, as this is one of the biggest and well attended programs put on like this held anywhere. One of my favorite things is that I was able to catch up with some friends that I haven’t seen since last year at the same program. I was also able to see and hear some of the speakers share new and important information, especially considering all that is happening now in the United States with the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act. Last but not least, I was able to see the vendors who bring the latest and greatest products to show to the rest of us so we can stay as up to date as possible with the newest ideas and technologies that have arrived. Since I am also a vendor at this event, an experience that I had while working in my booth is what I want to share with you all as my practice/business tips for this week.

I will start with a little background to set the stage for my tips. We had purchased out booth space about one year ago, making a reservation for a spot that would give us two sides of the booth to work from, both the front and one side, because we chose an end cap that was next to part of a hallway going in and out of the main vendor hall. Due to the number of products that we show and offer at an event like this, our location is an important choice for us to be able to display everything we want and need to be able to show to our customers who are there at the event. When we arrived, we learned that the show sponsor had sold space to another vendor and squeezed them in on the one side of our booth that was supposed to be our side facing the hallway. We were now kind of “stuck” in the middle between these two other vendors with only the small 8 foot section of our table out front to display our materials. This kind of last minute change in the floor plan is the kind of thing that can make a person go ape crazy when they get to an event because it can change everything you planned to be able to do while there. Having spent the money a year before to “guarantee” our spot, this did create some real heartburn for us as we had to try and modify everything we had to offer at the last minute and our attitude and disappointment were palpable and very apparent to say the least. We had plans to go and chew on someone’s back side, but they always have a clause in the contract that says they can change things any way they want or need to at the last minute and you don’t really have a say about it. You just get to be unhappy and deal with it you own way. I”m giving you all of this back ground because my tip is really about how the person who was added in next to us at the last minute acted and how she turned the whole weekend around for us with her behavior and with how she did it. As I watched her do this I was challenged to offer these behaviors as my tip of the week because they had such a profound affect on not only us, but on everyone she came in contact with at the event. Here is what she did and these are the things I challenge each of us to do as well if we really want to make a change in the outcome of working in our businesses this week:

1. Let’s call this person Martha (because that is her name) and that will give us a point of reference when I describe what she did when she walks into a room. The first thing she did (and does) is notices everyone else who is in the room and looks to see if they need help or are in need of anything. Instead of putting herself first and just paying attention to what she wants or what she needs, she looks to see if there is anyone else that she can help to achieve, acquire, serve, or reach out to, if even just to recognize them and say hi. She was like a breath of fresh air every time she walked into the booth area. She made everyone she saw feel like they were important and made direct eye contact and made sure they knew she knew they were there. In our case, she knew we had given up something in our booth and that she was kind of thrust into her position without anywhere else to go, so she took charge and rearranged her booth next to ours in the best way possible to give us both as much space up front as she could and we shared an exit point from the side behind her booth so we could both take advantage of all that the “customer traffic flow” could offer as they went back and forth to their classes. She didn’t have to do this, nor would most have even offered. This type of work is highly competitive and there are only so many dollars available to be spent by those in attendance and we are all chasing after them in one way or another with our products and services that we offer.

2. The second thing she did was she had excellent help! Her staff was knowledgeable and assisted her almost effortlessly as they both worked to serve their customers with the products they were offering at their booth. Either one could leave and take a short break and she gave up nothing when she left the booth for a minute as her staff (Dana) was well versed in the product line, the pricing and the payment structure and procedures. (Only when both were gone and I was left to watch their booth did they really give up potential sales and customers) 🙂 Of course that didn’t happen much, but they serve a niche and they serve it better than any other vendor that I have seen at this event in the 33 years that I have been attending.

3. The third and most important thing that Martha did was she made every person who walked by, came up to the booth to look, or eventually bought something feel like they were making the smartest and best decision of their lives. Everyone who took advantage of her offers left with big smiles on their faces like they were kids in an ice cream shop walking out with their favorite flavored ice cream cone on a hot day. Martha gave more hugs (when appropriate) more sincere compliments and more positive affirmations, while also giving some direct criticisms when needed to anyone and everyone she spoke with. She was brutally honest with everyone she saw, but still everyone walked away like they had just been sitting at the oxygen bar and getting some fresh air for the first time all day. I watched a number of customers come back again and again every single day just to get another small taste of her personal touch and attention. She literally made our awkward and crowded booth situation that at first looked bleak and very distasteful, a complete joy and profitable experience for everyone in both our booth spaces. She was like a controlled Tsunami that never stopped affecting everything she touched until she went to bed at the end of each day. All of this after flying all the way to Las Vegas from New Zealand and getting little or no sleep to speak of the first day and night due to time zone changes and jet lag. I’m telling you she was a sight to behold! My favorite line was when one of the publishing vendors came by to ask her to buy advertising space in their trade journal and she looked at them and said “I don’t need to buy advertising baby, I AM advertising!” Enough said. She was all that and more!

So if you can’t pick out my tips for this week, here they are in short to help you take advantage of them. Remember, Martha didn’t have to buy anything, she didn’t have to wear anything different or unique, she just “WAS” everything we mentioned above. Here is the short list for you:

A. Focus first on finding ways to help others get what they want and in the process, you will get what you want (and then some!)
B. Make sure you surround yourself with quality people who are like minded, skillfully trained and can help you accomplish what it is you are trying to do. Take the time to train them well so if you are gone, sick or just not available, the job can still get done and you will be happy with the outcome.
C. Make sure you have passion in your life for whatever it is you choose to do or have to do this week. If your job is picking up garbage, be the best garbage person your customers have ever seen and live your life like this might be the last chance you get to show others how amazing you are regardless of what it is you are doing!
D. Hug those who need or deserve a hug this week. Research says we need 8 hugs a day to stay healthy.
E. Compliment those you come in contact with whether you know them or not. Be the change or positive person you want others to be as well. It’s contagious and it will create a more positive working environment for you to flourish in this week and it will change your bottom line and the opportunities that you will have as a direct result!
F. Be honest and direct with your communication with others. (Remember that we offer the best customizable communication tools available to the profession at www.backtalksystems.com if you need some help with this area of your business)
G. Be a controlled Tsunami this week with your family, friends and those at your work place. Get there early before everyone else gets settled (this will shake up most of your friends and co-workers all by itself) and just start by cleaning off your desk top and get things ready for your day. Then just keep going with that positive momentum and see how contagious it is and how much a small change like this can make for everyone you come in contact with.
H. Share your story with me after your week is over. I want to hear what worked for you and what didn’t. Then we can both figure out the whats and the whys and change that for the better.
I Share this with someone you know who can benefit from what we wrote here. This goes back to point A listed above. Help someone else get what they want and it will come back to you over and over again.

I’d just like to say thanks again to “Martha” for a wonderful experience at the Parker Seminar event in Las Vegas this past weekend. You were a pleasure to observe, learn from and work next to while watching you overcome the obstacles that seemed to appear daily from nowhere and you still made your business more successful in-spite of the challenges we all faced in the process. You were a great example for all of us! Thanks for inspiring my tips this week.

Dr. Rob Jackson
Back Talk Systems Inc
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