When Death Becomes Life: How My Mom’s Death Became Our Life

When Death Becomes Life: How My Mom’s Death Became Our Life

In honor of Pamela Jean Murphy Nessler – April 19, 1982

When someone dies we are taught to say goodbye, mourn, and move on.  This has always confused me, how do you “move on” when someone has been such an integral part of your life.  I prefer to think of moving forward.

My entire life I have tried to gather bits and pieces of information on my mother in hopes of learning who she was and what she was like as a person.  Through my family and her friends I have been able to paint a picture of the person that she was and who she would be today.  I smile when I hear of her adventures and I cry when I am told stories of her sorrows.  I am especially touched when I find out that part of journeys were the same and even though we went through them at separate times in separate lives I feel a closeness to her that makes her feel alive for a moment in time.

I wasn’t always able to talk about my mom at my house.  It wasn’t something that my stepmother encouraged and it was something that was hard for my father.   It was a topic that was understood to be off limits although no one ever said it. When I was a child I didn’t understand why my dad didn’t want to talk about my mom but in aging has come wisdom and now I see that out of sight and out of mind somehow equates to less pain.  I have come to learn that death and the loss of a loved one is a very personal experience and each person must deal with the event in his or her own way.

Not speaking about my mother’s death meant I also knew very little about her life and that truthfully I had never dealt with her death.  When your mother dies at two years old everyone sort of assumes you don’t need to grieve.   They also assume you have no memories.  Neither one are true.

Personally, I have a few memories of my mother’s last days.  They were of the days she was in hospice, they are splotchy at best but they are all I have.  What I can say is that at two you see the world through rose-colored glasses so although my memories of her are of her in hospice and in the last days of her life they are not terrible memories.  I remember the excitement of the ride to go see her after four months away, her holding me and saying goodbye, and people smiling as I climbed in her suitcase by her hospital bed to say good-bye, her new robe was light green, and I remember being sad she was going to be with Jesus and we had just been re-united.  Across the board they are memories I treasure.  How do I remember at the age of two?  My family has always wondered but there were no cameras and as I said my mother’s death was something in my younger years we never discussed.  I’ve always had a good memory; I consider it God’s gift as it has served me well.

At the age of twenty-two, I finally came to the point where I began to deal with my mom’s death. It took great friends, amazing family, fantastic wine, and time.  By the age of twenty-six I was finally at a point where I was able to look at my mom’s death for what it really was and that was a catapult and not an anchor. Let me explain.  A catapult propels and an anchor holds you back.  All events in our lives have the ability to propel us or hold us back.  In my opinion it is more common that we allow what we consider “positive” events to propel us, and “negative” events to anchor us.

I have pledged to find the positive in all situations whether or not I “feel like it” because when your mother loses her life to cancer at twenty-nine and passes four months after her diagnosis you realize that life truly is too short and wasting time is exactly that wasting time.  Believe me its not always easy but it is always necessary.  The day I began to see my mom’s life and death as a catapult was the day that “we” began to live.

For me I believe people only die if we allow them, while they physically die their spirit can live with us for as long as we allow it to live.  For some allowing their loved ones spirit to live is too hard and is not something they can do and still live themselves and for others like me it allows them to truly live.  Choosing to live for us both has enhanced my life in many areas.

My mother lost her life at the age of twenty-nine and that is where her journey alone on this earth ended. After dealing with my mother’s death at 26, I decided that I would live my life for my mother and since that day my mother has been my “why”.  Her death is what drives me to educate the world about living a wellness lifestyle.  My mother did all things considered “healthy”.  She ate right, took vitamins, exercised, and was a peaceful fun loving person.  But, my mother never had her nervous system assessed; she had never been checked by a chiropractor. My “why” is strong and it is my hope that her death allows others to live. I want to make sure that everyone is given the opportunity to live their life full out and that they and their loved ones are not cut short of all this life has to offer.  In my heart, each person I educate takes a little piece of her spirit with them and through their life she too lives.

A small part of my mom’s journey is carried out through those I share my passion with but a huge part of her live through me and with me.  At twenty-nine, the age when she passed, I decided that I would live the rest of her life for her.  Each time I do something she wasn’t’ able to do, I do it for her, I do it for us.  I commemorated this decision on April 19th, 2010 by running the Boston Marathon and re-qualifying with my best time.  Since that day I have lived each day for us and that makes each day that much more special.

Death is hard and if we are not careful we anchor to the loss of a loved one and with their death a part of us dies. I have chosen to use my mother’s death as a catapult and have allowed her death to propel me into the life I was meant to live.  I have taken it a step farther and have chosen to live for us both by sharing her spirit and story with the world.  Through my mother’s death I have chosen to live and will continue to allow her spirit to live.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Four Years, Really? Wow! Time Flies When You Set Your Goals High

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

It’s hard to believe that Monday, April 18 2011 is the four-year anniversary of Optimal Chiropractic.  It seems like just yesterday I was standing in line with my classmates awaiting our hard earned diplomas.  Going back to that date, April 22, 2006, I know that there was no way I thought I would be where I am today.  Here I am five years after my graduation from Logan College of Chiropractic, running a successful wellness practice and I can’t help but remain in a constant state of gratitude.

I was thinking back to when I decided to open my own practice.  While it seems like yesterday it also seems like a lifetime ago.  I have accomplished so much in four years.  Prior to graduation I had planned to move to Colorado but through a chain of events and changes I was suddenly back in Springfield, IL where I had grown up living in my parents house and attempting to find myself.  After about five months, I remember my dad asking me if I was going to use my doctorate? I realized then that I had to do something because what I was doing, which was nothing, wasn’t enough and wouldn’t work much longer.  It was at that time I decided to open my own practice.

I am not really sure what I thought when I opened my practice.  I knew I had to do something, so something is what I was going to do.  We all eventually get to a point when we realize what we are doing isn’t working and come to the decision that we must do something different or we have the possibility of becoming insane.  Insanity, after all, is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results but doing nothing differently! By April 18, 2007 my office was up and running.

Lately, I have been reflecting over the past five years since graduation.  I feel like I have lived a thousand lifetimes.  I looked back at my five-year list, which I wrote in November of 2006 at the Lifebook Lounge in Chicago.  As I looked over the list I was awed, almost EVERYTHING on my goal list has been accomplished and I know without a doubt that I will cross the rest off by October and by 2012 will start the new year with the new list I have already began to create.

Setting goals is important and BHAGs, big hairy audacious goals, are even more exciting.  When I set my goals I wanted to reach 1000+ visits a month, be TMC chiropractor of the year, share my heart in front of 100’s of chiropractors, qualify for the Boston marathon and run my best time there on the anniversary of my mom’s death, and the list goes on.  Then they seemed intangible but I knew then what I know now if you believe it you achieve it.  So I set my goals and my intentions and began to speak in affirmations. As the days, months, and years passed I was able to reach goal after goal because I KNEW I would.

Today more than ever I am growing and I know that I am about to hit another tipping point that will propel me into my next five years.  Five years that will lead to more reached goals, more changed lives, more friendships, and more successes that put the icing on the cake of life.  I am so excited for what lies ahead and where I am headed.  I can always feel when change is near and currently the feeling is overwhelming, in a good way.

Thank you to every single person: family, friends, practice members, past and current staff, and colleagues who have allowed my dreams to become my reality. I am truly grateful that you chose to support me, believe in me, and be a part of my journey.  I am so honored that you have supported me and your continued support will allow me to continue to make my impact on the world. You are as much a part of this as I am!  Thank you and may God’s love bless you today and everyday!

Happy Birthday as well to my step mom, Elaine! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for adding to our family. You are a blessing and I love you for being a mother to me! I know my mom smiles and is honored that you chose to love us as your own!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Is the Love You Have Enough?

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, April 11, 2011

Is your level of love enough? Do you love otehrs enough? Do you love yourself enough? It’s hard to know.  Whether or not you love is usually not the question but do you love enough? When we love enough we are unstoppable but simply just loving may not be enough to create the necessary shift.  Love is powerful, it is the highest vibration and with it all things are possible.  Love almost makes us invincible.  So the ultimate question is do you love enough?

Get still and ask what yourself what you want.  If you are not where you want to be or you don’t have what you want then its possible you aren’t “loving” enough.  This is where you have to decide exactly what outcome you want and to get the outcome you may need to love more.  Love is interesting it actually creates motion because of its high vibration so increasing your level of love creates the necessary energy to create change.  Because love is a positive vibration, it creates positive energy therefore you get a positive change.  Positive energy enhances any situation.

So, do you love enough? Do you love yourself enough to say no as to create balance in your life? Do you love enough to tell the truth? Do you love people enough to tell them that the social norm is not what is best? Do you love someone enough to walk away or to push through the pain? There are a million situations where we can ask ourselves, “Do I love enough?” And if the answer is no then we must ask, “Am I willing to love more?” Only we can answer these questions for ourselves, no one can tell us to love more.  Love is intimate and emanates internally from each heart and soul individually.  Check yourself and ask, “Do I love enough?”

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Would You Jump off a Bridge if Everyone Else Did?

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, April 4, 2011

As a child you may remember being asked, “Would you jump off a bridge if everyone else did?” This statement was usually the response you received when wanting to do what everyone else was doing or having made a decision based off of your friends and not common sense.  Your response to your parents probably coincided with your personality or mood and ranged from: “No!” “Yes, I would.” “It depends on how high the bridge is…” or some other creative response depending on your level of sarcasm.  Regardless of your given verbal response the internal response was “No way! That’s a stupid question.” Whether or not you would jump off the bridge was meant to get you thinking.  It was more of a “use your head better” metaphor.

In my thirties, I find myself becoming more and more like my dad.  Making sure I get to bed on time, budgeting, running businesses, cleaning the house, being rational, and many other things that scare me for a second and then I realize maturing is a good thing.  Maturing doesn’t mean I am getting older but rather wiser.  I can stomach getting wiser!

One of the many things I realized today is that “Would you jump off a bridge if everyone else did?” is more and more prevalent EVERYDAY in my life.  I decided recently it is the perfect rhetorical question to use as a response to get people to THINK! I haven’t started saying it YET but this May is about to be the start of yet another thing I do that my father does.  Thank God he turned out OK!

I am constantly educating people on the “what to do’s” in life.  And they are shocked! Because it is different than what they were taught by there MFTPs (mother, father, teacher, preacher) and different than what everyone else is doing.  The social norm to them is less scary but this is all perception because to me the social norm is scarier as it leads down the path of sickness, disease, poverty, and negativity.

There are a few things that I personally believe it is ok to take the option less frequently picked and not jump off the bridge with everyone else.  In my opinion, there are some choices that need thought, deep thought because making the choice that everyone else in the United States makes is pretty much jumping off a bridge.  Choices regarding Healthcare/Lifestyle, Thought, and Finances are probably the tallest three bridges with the shallowest water.

Healthcare, unless you live in a Redwood tree in California and are pretty much removed from society you know that our healthcare system is on a downhill slope and is headed NOWHERE and fast! Yet, people refuse to make any necessary changes.  They keep doing the same things they have been doing and expecting change.  The lifestyle choices we make play a HUGE roll in the decline of the American healthcare system.  The irony is that when recommendations are made to stop fast food, quit diet coke, eat live and healthy foods, get regular chiropractic care, exercise, stop all vaccines and the abuse of pharmaceutical meds there is hesitation.  Personally, I don’t get it. What the average person in America is doing is not working YET they continue to do it out of fear of being different.  Yet, being different would be being healthy, see the irony?  I have decided the perfect rhetorical question to use as a response for those who question advice on healthcare and lifestyle is simple “Would you jump off a bridge if everyone else did?”



Me: “I really think you should stop eating fast food as it has more negative than positive effects to the human body, is useless for nutritional purposes, and doesn’t decompose in landfills.”

Person: “Everyone else eats and they aren’t dead.”

Me: “They aren’t dead YET. Would you jump off a bridge if everyone else did?”

Person: “Well no that’s a stupid question.”

Me: “Define Stupid Question?”


Thought is another bridge above shallow water.  Many people live with the misconception that their thoughts are separate from their reality.  They have no idea that their thoughts DIRECTLY affect their reality.  That when their thoughts are positive, happy, full of joy, and affirming that their life is the same and abundant.  The same holds true of negative, dark, disturbing, dreary, negative past experience thoughts hold them back and rob them of a life of abundance, keeping them in their past.

We are always reminded, as children to choose our words wisely as to not hurt others because you can’t take words back once they are said.  The same rings true today, its imperative to choose our words and just as importantly our thoughts.  Realizing the power of thoughts allows you to begin to speak your life into existence.  Your words and thoughts should be catapults as opposed to anchors that hold you in your past or keep you from growing and progressing.  Speak wisely and positively, words and thoughts matter.



Me: “Did you know you have the ability to control the outcome of your life by the words you choose.  For example, using loving and affirming words and thought will create a life that is abundant in love and blessings.””

Person: “Sounds like hocus pocus, everyone I know speaks like I do and they are fine.  Life is what life is what it is and something you have to do.  You are weird.”

Me: “That’s where we differ I see life as a “get to” and not a “have to” because I think it’s a “get to”! See the difference?”

Person: “I am sticking to what everyone else does makes more sense.”

Me: “You have that right, life is beautiful as it is your choice.  But, if everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it because that made more sense because they were jumping or would you step out of your comfort zone?”


Just like most areas in our life finances are one that we learn from watching others whether family, people in our sphere of influence, or just society.  The irony is that the current model that we as Americans have is not working.  As a nation we are in debt and the average person is financially floundering.  The average American has multiple credit cards with outstanding debt, has a lack of savings and what they do have saved they have in an inaccessible location until a certain age or there are penalties.  To sum it up, most have no money and the majority of those with money have no control over their finances and their money is unattainable.  Financially they are out of balance.  Having one area out of balance throws all areas out of balance whether business, finances, relationships, etc… we must retain the intricate balance to have a solid foundation for growth.

There are so many things outside of the social norm that will allow you to obtain financial balance yet people are so afraid to step out of their comfort zone.  Creating a budget is the first easy step to make sure that you are spending within your limits and not living outside your means.  Placing 10% of your paycheck into savings and always having three months salary is a great way to feel secure because you actually have security.  Using a whole life insurance policy rather than the usual 401K allows you to over fund and still have money which is accessible if an emergency arises.   The aforementioned are some simple tricks of the many out there yet people are afraid to step out and forge a path that is different from society.

Many times I give them my friend Dr. Janice Hughes book, Inspired Wealth, to help them understand that while it is a road less traveled it is the road to financial balance. (If you want more info on her book let me know.) Jumping off the financial bridge with everyone else will be sure to land you in a pool of debt make sure you don’t follow the masses on this one!



Me: “How is your financial situation?”

Person: “Oh you know robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Thank God for my 401K!”

Me:  “You know there a lot of little adjustments you can make in terms of your finances such as whole life insurance, monthly budgeting, and saving 10%, right?

Person: “That seems a little farfetched. I appreciate it but Ill stick with the way my parents and grandparents did it!”

Me: “I get your hesitation to try something new, but I do believe it is worth a try!  I mean just because everyone jumps off a bridge doesn’t mean you will, right?”


Just like in your childhood the statement, “would you jump off a bridge if everyone else did?” was meant to make you think about your own choices and not the choices of others the same holds true today! So, start thinking for yourself and realizing different can be good especially when it opens doors to an abundant future! Life is to be enjoyed and we are meant to live a life full of blessings.  God wants us to live our life full out and have an abundance of blessings and riches! We just have to believe that and be willing to make choices that separate us from the pack! Simply stated we have to be willing to not jump off the bridge when everyone else does!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl




We Are All One Adjustment Away from Making Our Lives Work

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, March 30, 2011

The truth about life is that we are all one adjustment from making our lives work.  Why is it that the one adjustment that is so hard? So often we see what we need to do and hesitate to do it?  Even when we know that that one thing is the necessary tweak to take our lives from good to great? It is all part of the process, part of the journey.  And then once we make that adjustment it is inevitable that we look back and say,  “That wasn’t so bad”.

This concept of just one adjustment to create the necessary energy to create a shift applies to all areas of life.  Looking at life in the terms of three aspects: emotional, chemical, and physical there is always an adjustment we can make to enhance our overall well-being.

In the chemical realm there are many little adjustments we can make and I recommend doing them one by one.  Starting with water is an easy one.  Just by enhancing your overall consumption on a daily basis can increase your innate function.  Adding a lemon takes it a step farther, another small adjustment.  Other adjustments you can begin to make are increasing your fruits and vegetables, decreasing or even eliminating your grains, eliminating dairy, and adding healthy fats take your wellness to the next level.  One or more of these small adjustments simply makes your life work to it’s fullest potential.  If it’s not your style to make multiple changes at once, start with one and make the next adjustment when you are ready.  This should not be a stress.

We often think more about the physical aspect of wellness because we feel that.  Aches and pains grab our attention and make it known that they are in our lives for an unknown length of time.  What people often fail to realize is that when you take one nerve and break it down into parts it is only 10% pain/sensory nerves, with 45% autonomic and 45% motor nerves.  People are able to wrap themselves around the 10% because it nags at them and makes itself known and they push aside or fail to accept the other 90%.  There are many people who don’t even know because they have never been told. People are always shocked when I explain that their low back pain, digestive problems, and reproductive problems are all correlated.  A light bulb goes off and they get it! So, in terms of physical health a simple adjustment by a chiropractor can bridge the gap that is holding an individual back from optimal health.  Our innate thrives when our nervous system is balanced and suddenly our life begins to work. Once we are balanced physically we can get the proper benefits of working out and again we make a necessary adjustment to function better.

Our emotional state can affect every area of our body.  Many times this area is overlooked because individuals don’t want to deal with the feelings that come with making emotional adjustments.  They almost become numb or comfortable and in a sense they deny the emotional stressors they are under.  Great majorities of people are never even taught to deal with emotional stressors or worse yet are taught to stifle them and ignore them. So, dealing with them is like understanding a foreign language.  There are often times that dealing with these stressors affects our relationships with ourselves or other people.  They are especially hard when they affect the people that we love.  I just remind people not every effect is negative – even if it is perceived at that time to be.  It’s also important to remember that often in the heat of dealing with the emotional stressor is the worse, the eye of the storm if you will.  And when thinking of a storm there is always a stillness in the air after the storm that reminds us that the storm played its role.  That it was a necessary evil of sorts to re-establish balance of nature.  This is also true of the emotional adjustments we have to make in order to enhance our lives.  While they are not easy they are necessary to give us the balance we need and to allow our lives to function optimally.

In all three areas it is important that we constantly make adjustments so that we are constantly going from good to great. Some areas are easy to make adjustments and others are hard but realize the more difficult the adjustment the greater the shift.  Adjustments may not always be enjoyable at the time but it’s the result that is worth it.  Remember, we are all one adjustment from making our life work.  What adjustment have you been putting off?

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl

Get Out Your Pom Poms and Get It Done

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational
Monday, March 14, 2011

Are you your own cheerleader? Cheerleaders are an important part of sporting events in the area of morale and encouragement. They make sure that they yell and cheer through the highs and the lows of the entire game, even when the team is losing significantly. They show love and support even when a win seems impossible.

This weekend I spoke at The Masters Circle conference in Chicago on “Would you attend your own event?” I handed out a pink pom pom to everyone in the audience! I encouraged them to shake their pompom when they heard an idea they loved or one that they agreed would educate more and save more. I asked them to shake their pompom when they heard something that made them smile! Hoping that shaking the pom pom would engrain the idea or emotion into their nervous system to be stored in their vault. I encouraged them to take the pompom home and be there own cheerleader! I told them the pompom symbolized enjoying saving lives both through practice and through educating.

Are you a cheerleader? Do you KNOW that each day will be the best day ever? Do you believe that you have knowledge that others need? Do you believe that each event your office holds and your marketing will provide the necessary information to the community? AND that no matter what obstacles appear that you see the goal in end and that goal is to save and serve more? Do you have what it takes to see it through, remain laser focused, and fulfill your purpose? If not, then it is time you stepped up to your greatness.

Believe me I know that there are days that are hard and then there are the days that are even harder. Those are the days where we really get to shine. The days where we get to show are dedication to fulfilling our purpose. The harder than most days are the days when we have to look deep inside of ourselves and utilize our inner cheerleader. We all have one, some utilize theirs more so they may have to dust it off but it is in their and eager to be used.

I have come to learn that I am my number one fan! That I must believe in myself, speak words of love to myself, and believe in my self 100% if I want to fulfill my purpose. I have also come to realize that NO ONE will ever 100% support me if I don’t support myself. It is a must that I encourage myself. I am constantly amazed at the results I get when I get out of my own way and cheer myself on!

I am giving you permission to seek out your inner cheerleader and utilize it to cheer yourself on! Buy a set of pom poms if you need to! Or email me and I will send you a set! Just get out of your own way and cheer on your own team!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl
Dr. Martha Nessler

My Why? for Chiropractic Defined (in the market place)

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, February 28, 2010

It’s time we get loud and proud about chiropractic! By now many of you know that Mayo came out with  their Guide to Alternative Medicine! In the book, they explained the various types of alternative medicine.  I am glad they are educating the pubic as to what is available for them in respect to wellness. BUT, what has me a more than a little fired up is their definition of chiropractic — it’s just not correct. Am I mad at Mayo? No.  I am frustrated in general and most of the frustration is toward chiropractic. We have to band together and educate the public. Let me me clear…I am not saying we have to pick a technique or agree on a set philosophical definition amongst ourselves.  But what we have to do is explain what we are and what we do to the public.

We need to explain what a chiropractor is and what he or she does.  We need to explain subluxation, mental impulse, cavitation, and innate so that people understand. They need to know the importance of nervous system balance and being checked by a chiropractor regularly.  We need to explain in layman’s terms so that laymen understand why chiropractic is true health.  It is imperative for the health of EVERYONE and the progression of chiropractic.

Within chiropractic I understand that there are various techniques, philosophies, views, and so much more and I am not wanting to get everyone to agree within the profession.   Rather, I am wanting people to know who we are, what we do and why they should get checked and adjusted by a chiropractor! As it stands most don’t know.  As a matter of fact barely 2% of the population gets adjusted! AND what Mayo says is not helping in the matter.   Mayo said we are for pain, maximum 4-6 manipulations, ask your MD, be in charge of your DCs recommendations, and they used the word “cracking”! It is something I can not and will not stand for at all!

My frustration drove me to begin searching the web for chiropractic — “what is chiropractic?”, “what is a chiropractor?”, “what is an adjustment?”, “what is a subluxation?”, and many more topics.  By the end I could see why the average person would be confused.  And many times “quack watch” was the first site to pop up, warning the public against chiropractic.  I knew there had to be a way to get the concrete definition for the public so that they knew what chiropractors are, why they should go, what a subluxation is, etc… This lead me to speaking with my amazing friend and colleague, Lyle Koca.  I told him my idea… he quickly saw both the need and my point.  On this mission he and his wife are my partners to establish ourselves in healthcare — where we belong and that we are correctly defined.  You may ask what was my idea?

My idea is to have a main website, www.thetruedefinitionofchiropractic.com, that clearly explains chiropractic and the whys and whats of chiropractic so that people know why and see the importance.  I have also purchased 22+ sites that will all point to the main site, www.thetruedefinitionofchiropractic.com.  So that when people google chiropractic or anything about chiropractic they get the truth.  Not lies or a version of the truth.  It’s necessary that we preserve chiropractic not only for our current generation but for the future of chiropractic.  Because, as Dr. Brad Glowaki said, “We are borrowing chiropractic from the future.”  We owe it to the future of chiropractic to begin to educate on the TRUE DEFINITION OF CHIROPRACTIC! Please understand that if we don’t educate properly then the world will continue to be misled and miseducated.

Please join with Lyle, Shawn, and I as we work for chiropractic and with chiropractors to set the record straight.  People need to know what we know in regards to the importance of chiropractic care.  They need to know why they should go, what will happen, what we can help, what a subluxation is, and the overall benefits.

PLEASE note: It is not my intent to decide whose definition presides (Stephenson vs. Palmer, etc) or to say one technique presides over another.  But, to get the word out on chiropractic! To educate on a subluxation and the importance of detection and correction.  It is my desire people understand the importance of a proper functioning nervous system and understand innate intelligence.  Plain and simple that more people obtain a chiropractor, get checked, and get adjsuted.

I am not a fighter, I am a lover.  I have no intention of starting another war in chiropractic — we have plenty going on as it stands.  So, I am not asking to re-define chiropractic..it can not be re-defined.  Chiropractic is chiropractic.  I am seeking to make chiropractic known for what chiropractic is and what it stands for since 1895.  So, understand my heart is pure and my passion is intense — I love this profession and am a chiropracTOR.  I will move on to save this profession regardless because it is who I am and I owe it to the future for this is not mine but theirs; not ours but theirs.  So, join with me and help educate the world.  If we spread the word, we can save the world! We have what they need…we have to speak up!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl, Dr. Martha Nessler

























Chiropractic (Flippin’) Rocks

Monday, February 21, 2011
Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Try and prove to me that there is a profession better than chiropractic…I dare you? I am pretty sure it can’t be done.  But, I am willing to hear you out.

I just got back from CalJam put on by the wonderful Billy D and Mary Jane where I got fully submersed in chiropractic philosophy and education! These two have done a phenomenal job of creating an event that exemplifies what chiropractic is all about! I know I am not alone when I say job well done…or I should say mission fulfilled.

So…CalJam…as I am sitting there with some of my best friends (missing a few who weren’t able to make it) my heart swelled with love for the profession and the people in it! Speakers were so purpose centered while delivering their messages with intent and clarity.  Speaker after speaker shared their love of chiropractic and for saving lives.  Many speakers shared stats in regards to society’s current version of healthcare that got me so fired up…I couldn’t wait to turn it up a notch and get louder about my convictions! I learned many “tweaks” that I can make to continually step up and serve at a different level! To everyone who shared his or her passion at CalJam, I say THANK YOU! Your impact is HUGE and your love is EVIDENT!

As I reminisced about the weekend I couldn’t help but ask myself is there a profession that is better than chiropractic? Because Chiropractic is FLIPPIN’ AWESOME! Let me share with you why chiropractic rocks.  I know you will see it my way…just read on.

LOVE, chiropractic has sooo much LOVE! Love for each other, the profession, the heritage of chiropractic, and the people that we serve.  A general love for FULL EXPRESSION of life! What other profession has such a pure and abounding love?

SEMINARS are a BLAST! I have never heard a friend say that they are excited to go to a seminar other than a chiropractor.  We love seminars! At seminars we get to join together with the people that we love and talk about what we love! Seminars give us a chance to get “dipped” in chiropractic philosophy! I doubt you will ever here gynecologists say I am going to get “dipped” at a seminar…well the “dipping” I am speaking of anyways!

While on the topic of PHILOSOPHY, I am not sure there is a profession so proud of their philosophy and so focused on preserving the sacred trust from which we were birthed. As chiropractors we strive to remain rooted in the sound beliefs on which our profession was founded and work diligently to preserve our sacred trust and maintain our core ideologies.  As a profession we seek to eliminate subluxations and to educate about the dangers of BIG PHARMA!  We know that what we know others must know too! And we are willing to scream, shout, or even sing it to be heard.   I highly doubt that dentists are screaming, “Destroy cavities” and “let’s take down Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and Hershey’s”…but maybe? I also highly doubt that they have secret societies to preserve the sacred truth of their profession and honor their forefathers.  For us it’s DD and BJ Palmer, Gonstead, Mabel, and the list goes on!  We even make t-shirts to show our love for them. I doubt there are shirts with Lister and Fleming on them for MDs to show their love!  But, if so then rock on! Just don’t ask me to wear one!

We CHECK each other for subluxations at seminars to make sure we are fully expressing innate. I KNOW that proctologists, gynecologists, and urologists are not checking each other and I think its safe to assume that goes for most professions.  Not chiropractors we check each other multiple times to make sure that we are functioning 100% in order to serve at the highest level possible.

We EDUCATE and GET EDUCTATED! As chiropractors we strive to educate our practice members and community on true wellness and we MUST stay ahead of the curve.  On a daily basis as a society we are lied to about what being healthy is because we are taught that sickness is OK and normal. As a nation our current model of healthcare is not wellness oriented and rather than being taught we can live a healthy life free of sickness, dis-ease, and disease we are taught that we should just keep up with breaking down! NOT TRUE and as chiropractors we know something that others MUST know and most of us are willing to do whatever it takes to EDUCATE and make the SHIFT necessary to allow society to LIVE and THRIVE! We are willing to risk it all in terms of what people consider “normal” (define normal) to gain it all in terms of integrity! Show me a profession with the conviction necessary to go against the “NORM”…while the rest of the world are like sheep…where they just do what everyone else does to be liked. Most of us get that society may not like what we say at first but they will love us when they know that we know and share is the TRUTH and it’s OK to be weird when “normal” is sickness, sadness, and early death with the years leading upto death being AWFUL! Not on my watch is what I say along with thousands of my colleagues.  Our purpose is to great and fueled by our passion we are UNSTOPPABLE!

And these are just some of the amazing things about chiropractic as a profession! We are a step above on so many levels and not just in the caliber of people in our profession and our amazing positive vibe that just exudes from us but also in our knowledge of TRUE wellness and where society must go to live optimally! Now please note that this is my opinion and the opinion of MOST chiropractors…there are some who are too scared to let their light shine to bring illumination to our dark and dreary world! But, don’t worry I love them enough to share my heart with them too! And won’t stop til I am heard.

Chiropractic FLIPPIN’ Rocks!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl

Falling in Love with Chiropractic

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  Meeting someone that completely blows you away.  Everything about them warms your heart and the simple thought of them brings a smile to your face and puts a skip in your step.  When you are in love you want to tell everyone you meet, friend or stranger it doesn’t matter because you have met someone who truly matters.  Being in love breaks all rules and changes the vibration of your life simply because love is the most powerful vibration there is available to experience.  Being in love causes you to give in freely and in abundance.  When you are in love nothing else seems to matter and you are consumed. Being in love creates a sense of joy that exudes from within and warms the world around you.  A person in love is limitless and dedicated.

Being in love doesn’t have to only be with an individual.  It’s ok to be in love with life, hobbies, your calling (job), or anything that moves you.  Personally, I am willing to admit that I am in love with chiropractic! I think that being in love with chiropractic has allowed me to serve at the level which I am currently serving. Let me explain…

Chiropractic is a huge part of my life and while it is not a person it is a relationship.  Each day I get up and serve chiropractic.  I give chiropractic the same love and respect I give all relationships.  Jut like in any relationship where you give and gain…I have gained so much from chiropractic.  I haven’t asked I have just received, the balance necessary in any relationship.  I am so in love with chiropractic, not because I have to but because I want to; I want to be in love with chiropractic and I choose to.  I want to tell everyone because I know if they know what I know they too will want a relationship with chiropractic. Allow chiropractic to sweep you off your feet…just let go!

Personally, I think that falling love with chiropractic has allowed me to be the chiropractor I am and to continually evolve into an even more purpose driven chiropractor.  Today, I am recommending that you allow yourself to fall in love with chiropractic.  You won’t regret it.  Once in love you will realize the ease at which you now live your life.

Remember balance is key.  Being in love doesn’t mean fully consumed, but fully present.  You can be in love with many things; family, God, service, hobbies, life, chiropractic and more.  Allow yourself to fall and enjoy the moment.  Be present time conscious in all areas and you will remain in balance.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Innate Girl

Make the Most of It or It Is Wasted Energy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

First let me clear the elephant in the room…YES…I know that my Monday Morning Motivational is on a Wednesday!! The blog I had originally written for Monday has been placed in a vault and will be used at another date!

The beauty of life is you decide! Life is what you make of it! You have the ability to decide if you have the most wonderful life full of joy, happiness, peace, laughter, smiles, and all things fantastic or the opposite.  It all depends on how you look at life. We get to decide how we respond to all situations.  We get to put emotions to all events whether positive or negative. With every moment in life we get to decide if we make the most of it or let it pass us by, we decide.

With the recent blizzard that is sweeping the United States people are deciding right now whether or not to make the most of the snow.  I have seen many posts on Facebook and heard many comments verbally where people are cursing the snow.  They are frustrated they can’t work, irritated they have to shovel, annoyed they are stuck in their homes, and just overall unhappy with the situation.  I’ve heard many say this is affecting their business and their overall ability to enjoy life. Personally, I chose a different route! I decided to make the most of it.  I view these days as God’s gift to relax and just be, a time to re-fuel and refresh. A time to catch up on odds and ends around the house, watch a great movie, dive into a book, or spend time with family and friends.  I chose to view it this way and I’ve had a great time these past few days.  I  made a snow angel while shoveling rather than cursing the necessary duty turning a must do into a get to.  And the best part was the 21+ person snow ball fight I started in my neighborhood by hitting the new neighbor in the head with a snowball (welcome to the neighborhood)!

Life is a blizzard at times believe me I know.  I have had many a blizzards in my life and I know more are to come.  The beauty is I get to make the most of those blizzards.  Personally, I view all events whether they appear good or bad as opportunities to grow.  I have just come to realize that they will happen regardless of whether I want them to, so rather than fighting them I just allow them to happen.  I have accepted the mantra “it’s supposed to” meaning it is supposed to happen and eventually if I allow the reason and lesson to surface it will.  No matter the situation and how confused I was as to why it happened it never fails that I see the why and get it!

So, next time you get  a blizzard remember you get to decide.  What will you choose? Personally, I find less energy is wasted when you make the most of every moment.  Less stress equals more energy! Remember, you never get moments back they are too precious to let pass by! Enjoy this life you live…I do!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl