We Are All One Adjustment Away from Making Our Lives Work

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, March 30, 2011

The truth about life is that we are all one adjustment from making our lives work.  Why is it that the one adjustment that is so hard? So often we see what we need to do and hesitate to do it?  Even when we know that that one thing is the necessary tweak to take our lives from good to great? It is all part of the process, part of the journey.  And then once we make that adjustment it is inevitable that we look back and say,  “That wasn’t so bad”.

This concept of just one adjustment to create the necessary energy to create a shift applies to all areas of life.  Looking at life in the terms of three aspects: emotional, chemical, and physical there is always an adjustment we can make to enhance our overall well-being.

In the chemical realm there are many little adjustments we can make and I recommend doing them one by one.  Starting with water is an easy one.  Just by enhancing your overall consumption on a daily basis can increase your innate function.  Adding a lemon takes it a step farther, another small adjustment.  Other adjustments you can begin to make are increasing your fruits and vegetables, decreasing or even eliminating your grains, eliminating dairy, and adding healthy fats take your wellness to the next level.  One or more of these small adjustments simply makes your life work to it’s fullest potential.  If it’s not your style to make multiple changes at once, start with one and make the next adjustment when you are ready.  This should not be a stress.

We often think more about the physical aspect of wellness because we feel that.  Aches and pains grab our attention and make it known that they are in our lives for an unknown length of time.  What people often fail to realize is that when you take one nerve and break it down into parts it is only 10% pain/sensory nerves, with 45% autonomic and 45% motor nerves.  People are able to wrap themselves around the 10% because it nags at them and makes itself known and they push aside or fail to accept the other 90%.  There are many people who don’t even know because they have never been told. People are always shocked when I explain that their low back pain, digestive problems, and reproductive problems are all correlated.  A light bulb goes off and they get it! So, in terms of physical health a simple adjustment by a chiropractor can bridge the gap that is holding an individual back from optimal health.  Our innate thrives when our nervous system is balanced and suddenly our life begins to work. Once we are balanced physically we can get the proper benefits of working out and again we make a necessary adjustment to function better.

Our emotional state can affect every area of our body.  Many times this area is overlooked because individuals don’t want to deal with the feelings that come with making emotional adjustments.  They almost become numb or comfortable and in a sense they deny the emotional stressors they are under.  Great majorities of people are never even taught to deal with emotional stressors or worse yet are taught to stifle them and ignore them. So, dealing with them is like understanding a foreign language.  There are often times that dealing with these stressors affects our relationships with ourselves or other people.  They are especially hard when they affect the people that we love.  I just remind people not every effect is negative – even if it is perceived at that time to be.  It’s also important to remember that often in the heat of dealing with the emotional stressor is the worse, the eye of the storm if you will.  And when thinking of a storm there is always a stillness in the air after the storm that reminds us that the storm played its role.  That it was a necessary evil of sorts to re-establish balance of nature.  This is also true of the emotional adjustments we have to make in order to enhance our lives.  While they are not easy they are necessary to give us the balance we need and to allow our lives to function optimally.

In all three areas it is important that we constantly make adjustments so that we are constantly going from good to great. Some areas are easy to make adjustments and others are hard but realize the more difficult the adjustment the greater the shift.  Adjustments may not always be enjoyable at the time but it’s the result that is worth it.  Remember, we are all one adjustment from making our life work.  What adjustment have you been putting off?

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl

Get Out Your Pom Poms and Get It Done

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational
Monday, March 14, 2011

Are you your own cheerleader? Cheerleaders are an important part of sporting events in the area of morale and encouragement. They make sure that they yell and cheer through the highs and the lows of the entire game, even when the team is losing significantly. They show love and support even when a win seems impossible.

This weekend I spoke at The Masters Circle conference in Chicago on “Would you attend your own event?” I handed out a pink pom pom to everyone in the audience! I encouraged them to shake their pompom when they heard an idea they loved or one that they agreed would educate more and save more. I asked them to shake their pompom when they heard something that made them smile! Hoping that shaking the pom pom would engrain the idea or emotion into their nervous system to be stored in their vault. I encouraged them to take the pompom home and be there own cheerleader! I told them the pompom symbolized enjoying saving lives both through practice and through educating.

Are you a cheerleader? Do you KNOW that each day will be the best day ever? Do you believe that you have knowledge that others need? Do you believe that each event your office holds and your marketing will provide the necessary information to the community? AND that no matter what obstacles appear that you see the goal in end and that goal is to save and serve more? Do you have what it takes to see it through, remain laser focused, and fulfill your purpose? If not, then it is time you stepped up to your greatness.

Believe me I know that there are days that are hard and then there are the days that are even harder. Those are the days where we really get to shine. The days where we get to show are dedication to fulfilling our purpose. The harder than most days are the days when we have to look deep inside of ourselves and utilize our inner cheerleader. We all have one, some utilize theirs more so they may have to dust it off but it is in their and eager to be used.

I have come to learn that I am my number one fan! That I must believe in myself, speak words of love to myself, and believe in my self 100% if I want to fulfill my purpose. I have also come to realize that NO ONE will ever 100% support me if I don’t support myself. It is a must that I encourage myself. I am constantly amazed at the results I get when I get out of my own way and cheer myself on!

I am giving you permission to seek out your inner cheerleader and utilize it to cheer yourself on! Buy a set of pom poms if you need to! Or email me and I will send you a set! Just get out of your own way and cheer on your own team!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl
Dr. Martha Nessler