My Why? for Chiropractic Defined (in the market place)

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, February 28, 2010

It’s time we get loud and proud about chiropractic! By now many of you know that Mayo came out with  their Guide to Alternative Medicine! In the book, they explained the various types of alternative medicine.  I am glad they are educating the pubic as to what is available for them in respect to wellness. BUT, what has me a more than a little fired up is their definition of chiropractic — it’s just not correct. Am I mad at Mayo? No.  I am frustrated in general and most of the frustration is toward chiropractic. We have to band together and educate the public. Let me me clear…I am not saying we have to pick a technique or agree on a set philosophical definition amongst ourselves.  But what we have to do is explain what we are and what we do to the public.

We need to explain what a chiropractor is and what he or she does.  We need to explain subluxation, mental impulse, cavitation, and innate so that people understand. They need to know the importance of nervous system balance and being checked by a chiropractor regularly.  We need to explain in layman’s terms so that laymen understand why chiropractic is true health.  It is imperative for the health of EVERYONE and the progression of chiropractic.

Within chiropractic I understand that there are various techniques, philosophies, views, and so much more and I am not wanting to get everyone to agree within the profession.   Rather, I am wanting people to know who we are, what we do and why they should get checked and adjusted by a chiropractor! As it stands most don’t know.  As a matter of fact barely 2% of the population gets adjusted! AND what Mayo says is not helping in the matter.   Mayo said we are for pain, maximum 4-6 manipulations, ask your MD, be in charge of your DCs recommendations, and they used the word “cracking”! It is something I can not and will not stand for at all!

My frustration drove me to begin searching the web for chiropractic — “what is chiropractic?”, “what is a chiropractor?”, “what is an adjustment?”, “what is a subluxation?”, and many more topics.  By the end I could see why the average person would be confused.  And many times “quack watch” was the first site to pop up, warning the public against chiropractic.  I knew there had to be a way to get the concrete definition for the public so that they knew what chiropractors are, why they should go, what a subluxation is, etc… This lead me to speaking with my amazing friend and colleague, Lyle Koca.  I told him my idea… he quickly saw both the need and my point.  On this mission he and his wife are my partners to establish ourselves in healthcare — where we belong and that we are correctly defined.  You may ask what was my idea?

My idea is to have a main website,, that clearly explains chiropractic and the whys and whats of chiropractic so that people know why and see the importance.  I have also purchased 22+ sites that will all point to the main site,  So that when people google chiropractic or anything about chiropractic they get the truth.  Not lies or a version of the truth.  It’s necessary that we preserve chiropractic not only for our current generation but for the future of chiropractic.  Because, as Dr. Brad Glowaki said, “We are borrowing chiropractic from the future.”  We owe it to the future of chiropractic to begin to educate on the TRUE DEFINITION OF CHIROPRACTIC! Please understand that if we don’t educate properly then the world will continue to be misled and miseducated.

Please join with Lyle, Shawn, and I as we work for chiropractic and with chiropractors to set the record straight.  People need to know what we know in regards to the importance of chiropractic care.  They need to know why they should go, what will happen, what we can help, what a subluxation is, and the overall benefits.

PLEASE note: It is not my intent to decide whose definition presides (Stephenson vs. Palmer, etc) or to say one technique presides over another.  But, to get the word out on chiropractic! To educate on a subluxation and the importance of detection and correction.  It is my desire people understand the importance of a proper functioning nervous system and understand innate intelligence.  Plain and simple that more people obtain a chiropractor, get checked, and get adjsuted.

I am not a fighter, I am a lover.  I have no intention of starting another war in chiropractic — we have plenty going on as it stands.  So, I am not asking to re-define can not be re-defined.  Chiropractic is chiropractic.  I am seeking to make chiropractic known for what chiropractic is and what it stands for since 1895.  So, understand my heart is pure and my passion is intense — I love this profession and am a chiropracTOR.  I will move on to save this profession regardless because it is who I am and I owe it to the future for this is not mine but theirs; not ours but theirs.  So, join with me and help educate the world.  If we spread the word, we can save the world! We have what they need…we have to speak up!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl, Dr. Martha Nessler

























Chiropractic (Flippin’) Rocks

Monday, February 21, 2011
Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Try and prove to me that there is a profession better than chiropractic…I dare you? I am pretty sure it can’t be done.  But, I am willing to hear you out.

I just got back from CalJam put on by the wonderful Billy D and Mary Jane where I got fully submersed in chiropractic philosophy and education! These two have done a phenomenal job of creating an event that exemplifies what chiropractic is all about! I know I am not alone when I say job well done…or I should say mission fulfilled.

So…CalJam…as I am sitting there with some of my best friends (missing a few who weren’t able to make it) my heart swelled with love for the profession and the people in it! Speakers were so purpose centered while delivering their messages with intent and clarity.  Speaker after speaker shared their love of chiropractic and for saving lives.  Many speakers shared stats in regards to society’s current version of healthcare that got me so fired up…I couldn’t wait to turn it up a notch and get louder about my convictions! I learned many “tweaks” that I can make to continually step up and serve at a different level! To everyone who shared his or her passion at CalJam, I say THANK YOU! Your impact is HUGE and your love is EVIDENT!

As I reminisced about the weekend I couldn’t help but ask myself is there a profession that is better than chiropractic? Because Chiropractic is FLIPPIN’ AWESOME! Let me share with you why chiropractic rocks.  I know you will see it my way…just read on.

LOVE, chiropractic has sooo much LOVE! Love for each other, the profession, the heritage of chiropractic, and the people that we serve.  A general love for FULL EXPRESSION of life! What other profession has such a pure and abounding love?

SEMINARS are a BLAST! I have never heard a friend say that they are excited to go to a seminar other than a chiropractor.  We love seminars! At seminars we get to join together with the people that we love and talk about what we love! Seminars give us a chance to get “dipped” in chiropractic philosophy! I doubt you will ever here gynecologists say I am going to get “dipped” at a seminar…well the “dipping” I am speaking of anyways!

While on the topic of PHILOSOPHY, I am not sure there is a profession so proud of their philosophy and so focused on preserving the sacred trust from which we were birthed. As chiropractors we strive to remain rooted in the sound beliefs on which our profession was founded and work diligently to preserve our sacred trust and maintain our core ideologies.  As a profession we seek to eliminate subluxations and to educate about the dangers of BIG PHARMA!  We know that what we know others must know too! And we are willing to scream, shout, or even sing it to be heard.   I highly doubt that dentists are screaming, “Destroy cavities” and “let’s take down Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and Hershey’s”…but maybe? I also highly doubt that they have secret societies to preserve the sacred truth of their profession and honor their forefathers.  For us it’s DD and BJ Palmer, Gonstead, Mabel, and the list goes on!  We even make t-shirts to show our love for them. I doubt there are shirts with Lister and Fleming on them for MDs to show their love!  But, if so then rock on! Just don’t ask me to wear one!

We CHECK each other for subluxations at seminars to make sure we are fully expressing innate. I KNOW that proctologists, gynecologists, and urologists are not checking each other and I think its safe to assume that goes for most professions.  Not chiropractors we check each other multiple times to make sure that we are functioning 100% in order to serve at the highest level possible.

We EDUCATE and GET EDUCTATED! As chiropractors we strive to educate our practice members and community on true wellness and we MUST stay ahead of the curve.  On a daily basis as a society we are lied to about what being healthy is because we are taught that sickness is OK and normal. As a nation our current model of healthcare is not wellness oriented and rather than being taught we can live a healthy life free of sickness, dis-ease, and disease we are taught that we should just keep up with breaking down! NOT TRUE and as chiropractors we know something that others MUST know and most of us are willing to do whatever it takes to EDUCATE and make the SHIFT necessary to allow society to LIVE and THRIVE! We are willing to risk it all in terms of what people consider “normal” (define normal) to gain it all in terms of integrity! Show me a profession with the conviction necessary to go against the “NORM”…while the rest of the world are like sheep…where they just do what everyone else does to be liked. Most of us get that society may not like what we say at first but they will love us when they know that we know and share is the TRUTH and it’s OK to be weird when “normal” is sickness, sadness, and early death with the years leading upto death being AWFUL! Not on my watch is what I say along with thousands of my colleagues.  Our purpose is to great and fueled by our passion we are UNSTOPPABLE!

And these are just some of the amazing things about chiropractic as a profession! We are a step above on so many levels and not just in the caliber of people in our profession and our amazing positive vibe that just exudes from us but also in our knowledge of TRUE wellness and where society must go to live optimally! Now please note that this is my opinion and the opinion of MOST chiropractors…there are some who are too scared to let their light shine to bring illumination to our dark and dreary world! But, don’t worry I love them enough to share my heart with them too! And won’t stop til I am heard.

Chiropractic FLIPPIN’ Rocks!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl

Falling in Love with Chiropractic

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  Meeting someone that completely blows you away.  Everything about them warms your heart and the simple thought of them brings a smile to your face and puts a skip in your step.  When you are in love you want to tell everyone you meet, friend or stranger it doesn’t matter because you have met someone who truly matters.  Being in love breaks all rules and changes the vibration of your life simply because love is the most powerful vibration there is available to experience.  Being in love causes you to give in freely and in abundance.  When you are in love nothing else seems to matter and you are consumed. Being in love creates a sense of joy that exudes from within and warms the world around you.  A person in love is limitless and dedicated.

Being in love doesn’t have to only be with an individual.  It’s ok to be in love with life, hobbies, your calling (job), or anything that moves you.  Personally, I am willing to admit that I am in love with chiropractic! I think that being in love with chiropractic has allowed me to serve at the level which I am currently serving. Let me explain…

Chiropractic is a huge part of my life and while it is not a person it is a relationship.  Each day I get up and serve chiropractic.  I give chiropractic the same love and respect I give all relationships.  Jut like in any relationship where you give and gain…I have gained so much from chiropractic.  I haven’t asked I have just received, the balance necessary in any relationship.  I am so in love with chiropractic, not because I have to but because I want to; I want to be in love with chiropractic and I choose to.  I want to tell everyone because I know if they know what I know they too will want a relationship with chiropractic. Allow chiropractic to sweep you off your feet…just let go!

Personally, I think that falling love with chiropractic has allowed me to be the chiropractor I am and to continually evolve into an even more purpose driven chiropractor.  Today, I am recommending that you allow yourself to fall in love with chiropractic.  You won’t regret it.  Once in love you will realize the ease at which you now live your life.

Remember balance is key.  Being in love doesn’t mean fully consumed, but fully present.  You can be in love with many things; family, God, service, hobbies, life, chiropractic and more.  Allow yourself to fall and enjoy the moment.  Be present time conscious in all areas and you will remain in balance.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Innate Girl

Make the Most of It or It Is Wasted Energy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

First let me clear the elephant in the room…YES…I know that my Monday Morning Motivational is on a Wednesday!! The blog I had originally written for Monday has been placed in a vault and will be used at another date!

The beauty of life is you decide! Life is what you make of it! You have the ability to decide if you have the most wonderful life full of joy, happiness, peace, laughter, smiles, and all things fantastic or the opposite.  It all depends on how you look at life. We get to decide how we respond to all situations.  We get to put emotions to all events whether positive or negative. With every moment in life we get to decide if we make the most of it or let it pass us by, we decide.

With the recent blizzard that is sweeping the United States people are deciding right now whether or not to make the most of the snow.  I have seen many posts on Facebook and heard many comments verbally where people are cursing the snow.  They are frustrated they can’t work, irritated they have to shovel, annoyed they are stuck in their homes, and just overall unhappy with the situation.  I’ve heard many say this is affecting their business and their overall ability to enjoy life. Personally, I chose a different route! I decided to make the most of it.  I view these days as God’s gift to relax and just be, a time to re-fuel and refresh. A time to catch up on odds and ends around the house, watch a great movie, dive into a book, or spend time with family and friends.  I chose to view it this way and I’ve had a great time these past few days.  I  made a snow angel while shoveling rather than cursing the necessary duty turning a must do into a get to.  And the best part was the 21+ person snow ball fight I started in my neighborhood by hitting the new neighbor in the head with a snowball (welcome to the neighborhood)!

Life is a blizzard at times believe me I know.  I have had many a blizzards in my life and I know more are to come.  The beauty is I get to make the most of those blizzards.  Personally, I view all events whether they appear good or bad as opportunities to grow.  I have just come to realize that they will happen regardless of whether I want them to, so rather than fighting them I just allow them to happen.  I have accepted the mantra “it’s supposed to” meaning it is supposed to happen and eventually if I allow the reason and lesson to surface it will.  No matter the situation and how confused I was as to why it happened it never fails that I see the why and get it!

So, next time you get  a blizzard remember you get to decide.  What will you choose? Personally, I find less energy is wasted when you make the most of every moment.  Less stress equals more energy! Remember, you never get moments back they are too precious to let pass by! Enjoy this life you live…I do!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl