Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

August 30, 2010

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

If you are looking to increase your vibrational state start by giving thanks each day. Gratitude is the simplest way to get a vibrational boost! Being gracious shows the universe you are thankful for all you have received and open and ready to receive in abundance.

Gratitude is the heart’s memory.  -French Proverb

My Why?

I heard once that you should start every morning with a full glass of gratitude.  The minute I heard this I started my day chugging a full glass immediately up on waking. I gave thanks for all I received and pre-thanked the universe for what I was about to receive.   I instantaneously noticed more and more blessings falling into my life.  I realized an intricate balance between thanking in abundance and receiving in abundance.

The French proverb, I list above states that “Gratitude is the heart’s memory”.  I just love this proverb and it is so true. When we express gratitude it comesstraight from the heart’s memory bank.  Something or someone has touched so deeply that it left a footprint in our heart and evoked an emotion.  An imprint like this is what leads us to be gracious. Expressing that gratitude sets forth a vibration attracting abundance into your life.

To all you who read I am truly grateful for your support! I have truly grown through this process and it is my wish you have as well.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler

“Innate Ideas” by Innate Girl

“So what’s an “Innate Idea”?”, Your probably asking. Well, let me just clarify so we are all on the same page and you can start putting this “Innate Idea” into action.  An “Innate Idea” is my gift to you.  Through “Innate Ideas” I will be sharing my personal gems with you.  I have become known for stepping out of the box when it comes to being a chiropractor and running a practice, creating a intricate balance between “old school” chiropractic and “new” innovations.  The combination of  old and new has allowed me to talk the “TIC” in a energetic and uplifting environment that creates a magnetic field pulling new and existing practice members into my practice. This constant and intense energy has allowed me to create the practice of my dreams and to continually evolve it to an even better practice over time.

“Innate Ideas” will vary week to week, and have no set date of release. They will cover a wide variety of topics on varying aspects of chiropractic.  Some “Innate Ideas” will be oldies but goodies that we all need to be reminded of throughout our years of practice while others will be things straight from the sketch pad in my head which have given me great results. Through utilizing new and exciting ways of  marketing: internal and external, communication, managing staff, and educating chiropractic just to name a few, I have been able to keep my office upbeat and exciting.  Creating an environment that my patients love to be a part of and encourage their friends as well. My office has become an oasis of wellness within the community as an educational, motivational, entertaining and health beacon. Personally, I find great excitement in stepping outside the box and attempting new ideas to add excitement to my practice and it’s members lives. I always ask myself, “Would I enjoy that?” So read my “Innate Ideas” and enjoy them!! They are my gift to you!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Innate Expressions, LTD
Innate Girl Productions, LTD

Have You Checked Your “Love Reserves”?

Have Yu Checked Your “Love Reserves”?

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and truthfully and thoughtfully told yourself, “I love you?”  Do you do it daily? If so, Congrats! Never done it before? Start today! In order to truly and fully love others; you must first love yourself.

My Why?

“I love you” is a common phrase which shows adoration.  It’s used when we deeply care for someone and know deep within our soul that we are better having known them.  When we want what is best for that person always above all els. When we are present for them regardless of barriers  that is when we  can  be  certain that we love them. Loving someone  is represented in different states, attitudes, and  feelings. Love it’s a virtue that represents having human kindness, compassion, and affection.  It is the deepest emotion an individual can express. Loving others comes easy for some and more difficult for others depending on the individual. Remember love is the highest vibration on earth and once you’re struck; you’re stuck:)

But when it comes to loving yourself is when it gets tough.  It’s easy to love someone else whether it happens right away or gradually grows.  When it comes to loving ones self  is when things become a little more difficult!

Someone whom I love and admire in this world with all my heart, challenged me to fall in love with myself to change my life.  I was at a point in my life when I really thought the world was against me…and that NOTHING was going to go my way.  I was doing all I could to stay above ground. I was turning my wheels and getting no where.  Truthfully, I thought I was doing everything right…exactly “I thought”.

Rather than truly loving myself I was neglecting myself and finding what I believed to be more fulfillment in full out loving others. While the love I was giving others was real and genuine it was becoming exhausting; depleting my “love reserves”.  You may ask how can giving love drain your reserves? It’s easy when you are giving love to everyone but yourself.  Let me explain…

The love one is able to give themselves is a pure love that is innocent and genuine.  A love that has no limitations or restrictions.  It’s an innate love that is abundant.  So, if this love is so great why are we so stingy with it when it comes to filling our own hearts with it and unconditionally loving ourselves?

Just like anything we learn in life we are taught by those in our immediate environment, our MFTP (mothers, fathers, teachers, and preachers).  We learn from our key influences.  Over time life lessons get diluted or important lessons get left out.  It’s imperative that regardless of age we re-implement these principles or for the first time learn them.  Not only for ourselves but for the generations which we impact. Let’s focus now, on learning the importance of loving yourself and why we so often neglect this ever so important part of our lives.

When it comes to showing up big for loved ones both friends and family we often do whatever it takes to make sure they know  much they are loved.  We make sure and let them know though words, thoughts, and gift giving, making sure that they know how much they mean to us.  We give them clarity in knowing we are their number one fan, regardless.

Whether or not we want to admit it at times, we give so much to others that at times it becomes draining. This is not insinuating that we should stop loving others so much but rather we should we do a self assessment.  Wondering how to do so? It’s simple.  Let me explain.

It’s imperative that we take time to check our “love reserves”.  This is the amount of love you have available inside of you to utilize for yourself and others. Loving yourself?  Shocked? I was…isn’t it vain, to love yourself?  I’m not talking ego or boast; I am talking pure unadulterated love for yourself. Having agape love; divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love for yourself.  Love that allows you to become your own number one fan.   Believing in yourself, taking time for yourself, talking positively to yourself, and utilizing other ways of just plain loving yourself.  Remembering that  love comes from you and not to you, loving yourself is a crucial aspect of life. And when you finally get to the point where you are passionately in love with yourself you will realize the multiplication of your love for others.  You will then see that as your internal love overflows it subsequently flows into your love for others.  Yes, loving yourself more will allow you to in turn give out more love.

Where does one start?  Do what I did, start with this simple task, look in  the mirror and say “I love you”.  It may seem easy but personally I struggled.  Much like anything it will be easy for some and hard for others.  For me it took awhile but when I was finally able to look myself directly in my own eyes and with complete adoration say, “I love you” and mean it was the last time I ever felt like my love reserves were running dry.  That was a pivotal point in my life where I know my life was forever altered and my love for others was never so true and so deep.

For me it’s a daily thing that may seem trivial to some but I want to always know that I am giving genuine, bountiful love to all those who I come in contact especially my dearest friends and family because first and foremost, I love myself.

Innate Girl

Monday August 23, 2010

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Better Put Your Shades On

August 16, 2010 – Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Quincy Jones said, “My future is so bright it burns my eyes.” What is your future like? Can you see it? Have you clearly written your premise, purpose, vision, and strategy? Do you play your future over and over in your head day after day? Do you say affirmations that  profess and ingeminate your heart’s desire? Can you feel the emotions that lie ahead in your future? Can you hear the sounds? When you allow your future to unveil itself and become real…you will need a new pair of shades because the brightness of what is to come and has become will illuminate your world. Enjoy!!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

My Why?

This quote is one of my favorites.  I have worked diligently to be able to clearly articulate my future and in detail, lay out all the emotions and events encompass it. To feel the emotions that come as my future unfolds willing them into reality…knowing that allowing myself to feel each emotion as if it were happening in that moment would soon unveil to me the life of my dreams.  I know in the deepest parts of my heart and soul that my future truly is so bright it burns my eyes!

August 9, 2010 Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

When speaking of success stwo qualities are critical; will power and self-discipline. The two go hand in hand because will power can not move alone without self-discipline .  Self discipline determines how a person makes decisions and allows him or her to prioritize their goals.  With self-discipline individuals are propelled to success as it is the attitude that drives them.  Will power is what allows an individual to push themselves outside their comfort zone and stay laser focused. Fine tuning these two qualities will create a driving force which will accelerate your continually journey toward increasing your level of success…let’s be honest we never fully reach success there is always another level to reached.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

My Why? People are always asking me how I get it all done and still have so much energy, so I started thinking about it and really boiled it down to self-discipline and will power.  I am very clear on my vision, mission, and purpose and own them.  My passion fuels me and keeps my energy and vibration at it’s optimal level.  With all this in check I’m in the zone and headed toward success.  So that I stay laser focused and on task I utilize my self-discipline and will power that lies within.  My nature is not to be organized…by nature I am easily intrigued, re-routed, and a VERY free spirit. Realizing this could be a weakness that detours me, I focus extra hard and have created a routine which helps me stay self-disciplined at all times.  My will power stems from my passion…I am clear on what I want and know that every ounce of will power combined with my self-discipline I am one step closer to success.  It is all within me just as it is within you.  So remember,  since it all comes from in…just focus inward and bring it forth. We are our own limitation…there is my secret. Now go on and be self-disciplined and utilize will power…I’ll see you at the top.

“Nessler” Adjusts Well

Reprinted with permission by

Personality Profile

Springfield  Business Journal • August 2010 • Page 34

Nessler ‘adjusts’ well  to career

Dr. Martha Nessler

Title: Owner/Chiropractor, Optimal Chiropractic


3315  Robbins Road, Springfield, IL 62704


(217) 698-1111


Age: 30

By Eric Woods, Correspondent

Dr. Martha Nessler  grew up in the  central Illinois area  where she  has spent most of  her  life.  She  attended the  University of  Illinois in  Champaign where she earned a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies with an emphasis in early  childhood education. Nessler  attended Logan College of Chiroprac- tic in Chesterfield, Mo., for her doctoral studies where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in human biology and a doctorate in chiropractic. “Getting involved with chiropractic is the  best thing that ever happened to me,” said Nessler.  “I believe this  is a calling, not a career.” Outside of the  office,  Dr. Nessler  is an  avid  runner, having competed in the  Boston Marathon and the Ironman competition in  Tempe, Ariz. She is a member of The  Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce and is involved with the  chiropractic portion of the  new  Kidzeum. She is also a member of the  Chiropractic Leadership Al- liance and the  Illinois Chiropractic Society.

Nature of  the business: Nessler  opened Optimal Chiropractic in  April  2007  and ac- knowledges that they are  not a typical office.  “We  are  very  wellness-oriented,” she said.  “People come for wellness in  their lives.  Their body is not functioning right, so we assess the  body as a whole and find out why  it is not working.” Nessler’s  goal is for her  patients to live their optimum life. She looks  for subluxations that cause  the  body to not function properly. The  problems can  be chemical, physical, or emotional, and so Nessler  will start a program to help each individual patient. “Be fit, eat right, think well, and get adjusted.”

How is business?: “Everything is awesome and better than ever,”  said Dr. Nessler.  “I choose not to take  part in the  economy. I feel you  create your own reality by what you   think.  What you   think about, you bring about.”

Trends:Nessler sees  people moving more towards wellness as  a  whole  and  taking charge of themselves. “We are proactively doing things to  keep our  bodies function- ing,” she  said.  “We can  make choices to make changes and seek education.” She feels her  clients are hungry to learn because they do not want to be sick.

Challenges: Nessler  is trying to get people to realize  that they shouldn’t be dependent on  their insurance, and that they do not have the  benefits they used  to have. “Insur- ance should be used  if something goes  bad,” she  said. Getting the  wellness message out  to more people in mass is another goal. “So many people who learn about wellness wish  they knew it before.”

Of what accomplishments are  you  most proud?: Nessler  is very proud of a number of achievements including being named to  the  Springfield Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 in 2009, earning the  Chiropractor of the  Month last September from the Chiroprac- tic  Leadership Alliance, running  the  Boston Marathon and then  being re-qualified, and completing the  Ironman. Most  importantly, she  is  proud to  constantly see  the  faces of the  lives she  has  helped change.

What was  your  worst former job?: Cleaning stalls  at  her  father’s pig  farm was a job Nessler  does  not want to do again. “Scraping manure at 4:30  in the morning was not for me,” she  said.

What tips  for success would you give?: “Find  your  passion, feel it, and figure out  why  you  do what you  do,”  said  Dr. Nessler.  Other key aspects would be setting goals,  hav-  ing  a vision, and planning to see it through. Dr. Nessler  is also a believer in doing the  “hour of power” in  which people spend quiet time to  plan their days  and figure  out  what they want. “People should get  up  an  hour before they normally would in  the  morning and do this.”

What’s  next for  you?: Dr.  Nessler  has  just  gotten started, and she  plans to  continue running her  business and impacting more lives. “Everyone needs to get checked out  to see if they need to get adjusted,” she  said.  “Many people are surprised to see that they do  need it.”  She would also  like to coach other chiropractors and help them grow  in their profession. A long-term goal would be to write  a book.

Eric Woods is a freelance writer from Springfield

August 2, 2010 Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world. -Mother Teresa” God is love and we should be too.  Especially in today’s world  there is such a need for love. Everyone is seeking it and very few people know where to obtain love. Be an effervescent fountain of love showering everyone you come in contact with and watch lives transform in your midst.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

My Why:

When I heard this quote tears filled my eyes.  We live in a world filled with hurting people. Daily I see them and come in contact with them, it’s hard not to hurt for them.  The worst is that they often hurt so terribly that they end up hurting others with whom they come in contact with. A good friend of mine once told me to remember that hurting people hurt people…it really is so true.  I try and always remember this thought when I end up being a target of their hurt.  I have come to realize that it is so hard to give love when you have no love.  So, rather than being frustrated and angry with hurting or retaliating at them, I simply return LOVE.  Know that your little bit of love may be the seed that grows within the hurting person. Remember you are a part of God’s love letter, write your own chapter.