July 26, 2010 Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Heart-Shaped Glasses” – Start looking at others as though you had on heart-shaped glasses.  View others as intricately and perfectly placed in your life.  Realize that when you see someone differently you usually treat them differently.  Make a shift in your perception.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

My why: A while back I had someone who I highly respect coach me on viewing others through heart-shaped glasses.  I in awe of how differently I saw the world. People were illuminated in a different light. That day I decided to just leave my heart-shaped glasses on permanently.  SInce that day I have met hundreds of people who have deeply touched my life and because I had on my heart-shaped glasses I was open to their addition and impact on my life.

While in church on Sunday, someone spoke of heart-shaped glasses; it was the first time I had heard this from someone else.  I was reminded of what a blessing “heart-shaped” glasses have been to my life and wanted to pass the pearl of wisdom along.  Go ahead put your “heart-shaped” glasses on and watch the beauty that lies ahead of you.

Will Katherine Live To Be 103?

I was just speaking with my 94 year-old patient, Katherine, about her goal of outliving her cousin, Gladys, who lived to 103 years-old.  She was sharing that she feels like she’s getting “more well” with every adjustment and how glad she was that she decided a year and a half ago to get under care.  We then discussed some changes she could make to move forward and closer to her goal.  I’m awed by her determination to fulfill an internal  burning desire.  Like I told her in 2008, I will do everything in my power to help her achieve this and she can guarantee that I am her number 2 fan! We all have to become our own number one fan.

Katherine is inspiring.  She is a breath of fresh air and an encouragement to everyone in the office.  She is one of those practice members of which you wish you had a million more.  She really gets the chiropractic lifestyle and the wellness paradigm. She constantly reminds family and friends to invest in themselves now because when you are “old, crippled, broke, and alone” it’s too late to invest and then it’s just maintaing at the best level possible.

When Katherine came to me a year and a half ago she was completely numb on the left side of her body.  Upon exam and x-ray, significant scoliosis was detected.  Her significant scoliosis was causing multiple subluxations throughout her spine and therefore she was experiencing considerable nervous system distress.  The scoliosis had also caused multiple compression fractures in her spine throughout the years.  When I explained to Katherine what was going on tears filled her eyes. I asked her why she had tears and she simply stated that she wished she would have done something earlier.  I hear that alot.  I was empathetic to her sadness but informed her that we would do anything possible to help her live out her remaining years at an optimal level.  That is when she first shared her goal of outliving Gladys.

Katherine has been under care here for a year and a half.  Her numbness is gone and she has improved her overall quality of life.  There isn’t a day she isn’t smiling and telling me how much she loves me for investing in her and being her wellness coach.  Little does she know she has done more for me than I could ever do for her.

She is a constant reminder to invest in myself now by taking care of myself chemically, physically, and emotionally.  She is a constant reminder that it’s NEVER too late to get well.  That any goal is attainable with the right action steps, support, and a crystal clear vision.

Katherine is the perfect example to return to when you are contemplating investing in your own wellness.  It’s inevitable you either pay in little increments over time and maintain OR you pay a big, lump sum in the end and deal with the outcome you get.  I know I would rather chunk it down like any BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal); rather than procrastinate.  Procrastinating is interesting; it’s a gamble; it’s cancer of the mind .  My wellness is just not something I’m willing to gamble with.   Are you?

July 19, 2010 Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Vision is the perceptual experience of seeing. Establish a vision, write it down, and begin to see it clearly.  Don’t become overwhelmed.  Keeping the end in mind, stay laser focused.  Remember it’s NOT the big idea it’s the details.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

July 12, 2010 Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Be prepared to get uncomfortable…Money is your servant and  you are called to be it’s master.  If you don’t have control over money it has control over you.  You are to use money to do its bidding while you do its bidding.  Money is a tool to help you fulfill your mission and a reward for following it through.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

July 5, 2010 Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Learn to live the way you think you can’t; stop limiting yourself. The only way to grow is to do a little more than you are right now.

Love.  Laugh.  Adjust.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Principle #6 of the 33 Principles

Principle #6,  The Principle Of Time – “There Is No Process That Does Not Require Time.”

I have committed to take time each day to delve into the 33 Principles and really begin to comprehend each and every one of them individually.  I have made it a part of my “daily hour of power” and can say that each day I feel myself growing mentally and spiritually as I read on. All of the principles are very powerful and rich in insight but one that has really resonated with me lately  is Principle Six, “There Is No Process That Does Not Require Time”, the principle of patience.

Patience is an attribute I constantly strive towards better understanding and consciously practicing.   In hopes to expand the level to which I am currently patient so that I am continuously evolving into the best version of myself.

I have always been someone who moves quickly in my motions, thoughts, emotions, and in most areas of my life.  It’s how I am internally wired, how I function best.   This fast pace in which I have lived my life has served me well and I am thankful for my ability to assess  situations and do what is necessary to obtain the appropriate outcome; in a timely fashion. But, much like most of life it has its pro’s and con’s and deserves its  opposite for counterbalance.

Because I am able to quickly progress many areas of my life; it is hard to realize there are some arenas that just take time.  There are things that  simply shouldn’t be rushed; situations which require more time to unfold and mature much like a fine wine. Much like Principle #6 states, “There Is No Process That Does Not Require Time.”

I read this principle a few times before I really realized how many areas of life this principle applies to; much like the other thirty-two principles it can be applied to many more aspects of life outside of chiropractic.  For innate to reach proper balance and the body to regain proper function  such as it was at its creation, it takes time because the body is a combination of multiple processes.  Life is similar, it is full of processes and requires time.  Many times we look at a situation in life and want it to “pan out” the way we see that it should and in the time frame that we see fitting but we often fail to see all the other processes that concurrently occur.  It is often that we isolate the one event and forget that it is impossible to isolate a situation when so many things are happening simultaneously.  We don’t realize that everything has to happen in a well-balanced rhythm as to not upset the perfect balance that life “should happen” in for everything to simply be as it should.  This concept of “being as it should”, where by everything happens in a certain way and for a reason simply because it should happen that way and is “supposed” to happen that way; is a hard concept to accept and understand.  Frankly, because it doesn’t always happen the way that we want it to happen or saw it happening.  It’s then that we have to accept that we can’t control everything and much like the proverbial cliché, “Everything happens for a reason”, hether or not we want it to have that outcome, it simply “just is”.

Personally for me I know that I envision what I want to happen ultimately with the “proper outcome” and with tunnel vision I see that as the only way and want to get there as soon as possible.  I want to make the Greatest Possible Impact in the  Least Amount of Time.  But seeing the outcome in crystal clear clarity and owning it, in the way I see it and as I see it to be;  I forget all that must occur for me to get there; I forget the another proverbial cliché, “It’s not only about the destination but also the journey”.

My plan is to live my life full-out and experiencing every aspect, because I only have one life.  In order to do this I know that I have to not only understand but fully own Principle 6 of the 33 Principles, so that I don’t miss one aspect of this awesome life with which I have been blessed. Therefore I am focusing on letting go and letting God; letting life happen as it should.  I remind myself daily to pull from every situation and to not push.  While pushing has its benefits in some aspects of life, in situations and experiences we risk missing the finite details that tie it all together and give us the total experience we need to grow.

I just remind myself, “In due time, life it needs no rush.”

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What if someone would have told them?

The other day I had a consult with a family who had a mother dying of cancer.  They came to me in desperation; she was in stage 4 cancer which had metastasized.  They were sent here by a practice member who knew we could help.  After consulting the husband and daughter, they were so eager to get started…they knew if nothing else she would be comfortable in her last days.

They had been through so many obstacles in the medical model.  They had felt so hopeless, so defeated.  They had been arguing with the hospital and hospice about what to feed her, how to make her comfortable, and what steps to take next.  They came to me seeking support if nothing else. They told me,  I was the first person to listen to them and not just hear them.  I saw the glimmer of hope in their eyes because someone saw how precious this woman’s life was.

I set an appointment to go to the hospital and see her the beginning of the week.  We were able to cut through the red tape that exists when someone is in hospice and we had the majority of family on board with significant education. Driving to the appointment I received a call; she had just passed the night before.   Tears immediately filled my eyes as I asked myself, “What if?” A million “What ifs?” crossed my mind.

You see where I gain my passion is from losing my mother to cancer.  She was diagnosed just 6 months after the birth of my brother; the weekend of my second birthday and passed within four months.  Now, it is important to understand that my mother was under the care of a medical doctor for 3 years while she was pregnant.  My brother and I are Irish twins born a year and a half apart, so the entire 3 years she was seen on a regular basis by a physician.  But, when she was diagnosed everyone was blind sided and in their opinion it was “too late”.  She died of a rare cancer which completely invaded her reproductive and digestive system.

For the time period my mother lived what most would consider a “healthy lifestyle”.  By that I mean she took vitamins, ate healthy, and walked regularlt.  My mother did the best with what she was taught by her MFTP (mother, father, teacher, preacher).  Yes, she could have taken all areas to a greater level but she definitely did more than most.  One avenue my mother never traveled was down the road that lead her toward the chiropractic lifestyle.  While I am not certain, I don’t believe anyone ever introduced her to chiropractic; no one ever shared their story or “the” story with her.  Don’t get me wrong their weren’t exactly screenings in the late 70’s and early 80’s (which was when she and my father began their life) so hearing the message would have had to be from a friend.  And having talked to my grandparents who now get the importance and own the story and lifestyle of chiropractic; they didn’t known or they would have done things differently when raising her.

Also, remember at that time chiropractic was being sold as “pain therapy” and not wellness.  My mother had no pain until December of 1981 and passed by April 1982.  As we know, pain is not an indicator; it’s only 10% of a nerve with 90% being autonomic and motor function (45% each).  My mother had no idea she was “subluxated”.  This is where education is so important.  People really don’t know and for years we really didn’t tell them.  We have a lot of work to do to continue to educate and also to re-educate individuals.  It is a task I feel our profession is up for and each day doing more and more to complete the task.   And each day it is our responsibility to do a little bit more to continually grow.

I can’t help but always think, “What if someone would have told her? What if she knew what I knew?” Would I have been vaccinated? Would I have been adjusted the day I was born? Would my mother be watching me live the life of my dreams?

So, receiving that call last week  I couldn’t help but think the same things, all the “What ifs?”

I am sharing this personal part of my life, the passion that drives me, to impress upon the importance of educating and empowering everyone that you meet.  I don’t tell this portion of my life as a “story”, stories don’t propel us; I am sharing my passion with you to inspire you.  What is your passion? What drives you to serve at a deeper level? I challenge you to be present time conscious and realize that everyone deserves to know, they are ignorant unless they are educated.  Then they decide.

My purpose is simple “To Ignite”.  If after reading this email, I have ignited in you something that causes you to engage more than I have fulfilled my purpose.

This like much of my life is dedicated to the spirit of my mother which lives through me and in me.