The The Intensity of Human Suffering and Despair

Dr. Martha’s Monday Motivational

Monday, December 27, 2010

I was going through the top ten photos that depict moments in history, which was sent to me by a friend and I came across a photo taken by a Vietnamese photographer Nick Ut. The photo was taken in June 1972 of a nine-year-old girl, Kim Phuc, fleeing her village after a napalm attack.   The little girl was caught on fire in the attack and had to escape immediately. In the photo running next to her is her older brother and one young brother looking back to the black smoke, and another two [members of] her family are with her and immediately behind her you see all the South Vietnamese armies running along. While she was running she was literally burning alive, all of her clothing was burned off, and her skin was charred. When I look at the girl’s face I am consumed by the intensity of human suffering and despair.

The more I looked at this photo the more I began to think about our society and healthcare.  Many people are at a point where are afraid, they are lost and alone, because slowly they are dying rather than living a healthy abundant life.  I see many Americans as Kim, the naked girl in the village.  To me Kim is the typical sick American, running, scared, and feeling alone.  Next to her I see family and friends who are doing there best to support her but they are living in the same fear based model that leaves them afraid of their friend’s health and future as well as their own.

Remember the scenario behind the photo was a napalm attack on the village that caused a level of danger that was so intense even the South Vietnamese armies were fleeing.  In this photo, American healthcare is our napalm attack and it is at such a dangerous point that even our medical doctors and big pharma are scared, which are our version of South Vietnames armies.  The same human suffering and despair is evident in the average Americans face you see in Kim’s but because the average American is not running naked and burning alive we tend to overlook or not realize the intensity.

This photo really evoked a lot of emotion in me.  I literally sat in silence as I reflected on where our society is currently and where it is headed, especially if we continue heading in the downward spiral, which we are moving.  As a society if we continue to follow a model that treats sickness rather than promotes wellness we will continue to create thousands of Kim Phucs, individuals who are running in fear from the same system that is our source of help and support.

I researched Kim Phuc, she is living in Canada with her family. In that attack her skin was burned so badly that she under went 17 surgeries. Today she is alive and well in Canada.  While her heart may still bear the scars of the napalm attack on her village there are no outward scars to show of that day.

This photo and story is a great reminder that in an instant you can change your story and create a new outcome.  Americans don’t have to continue to flee from sickness obtaining scar after scar.   With the freedom of choice comes the freedom of health, the freedom to make choices that give life and allow optimal wellness.  The shift toward wellness will alter the current “sick” state that the majority of Americans are in and allow them to live the remaining years of their lives in a state of total wellness.  While there may still be some internal scars of sickness they are simply that scars and scars are often great reminders of where we have been and allow us to focus on where we are headed.  It is time that we stop the attacks, which are occurring more and more frequently on our nation’s healthcare and begin to heal the wounds it has created.  We need to unite as chiropractors and create the peace treaty necessary to change the face of this nation’s healthcare.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha, Innate Girl

To Never Be Professionally Lonely

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday December 19, 2010

There is nothing like being together with a group of chiropractors.  It’s a completely different vibration than you will feel anywhere else.  When you walk into a room filled with chiropractors you immediately feel the love and are almost always greeted with a warm embrace.  You always feel welcome and you can just feel the healing energy that abounds from the room.  It is amazing to be around so many people who share in your mission and who are purpose driven.  It’s great to know you are not alone.

“Professionally lonely” is a phrase my good friend Heath McKinley, D.C. taught me.  He told me that he eventually came to a point in his career where he never wanted to be professionally lonely.  He always wanted to be a part of something bigger in chiropractic, a bigger network of people from where he could learn, grow, and give.  He couldn’t be more right.   It is imperative that we surround ourselves with colleagues who can push us and challenge us.  It is imperative that we are allowed to be leaders and followers in order to challenge ourselves professionally.

I know that Heath is not the only chiropractor who feels professionally alone in their community.  Especially chiropractors in smaller towns where there are a limited number of chiropractors they are accessible to.  While the gap is narrowing there are still many towns where varying chiropractic viewpoints, philosophical beliefs, and adjusting techniques separate many chiropractors.  As Patrick Gentempo has often said many are circling and shooting inward.

I am going to challenge you with two things and if you choose to accept you may be surprised at how different your new year will be.  The first challenge is to interact with your colleagues.  Join a group that allows you to get together with fellow chiropractors where you can grow and share together.  There are tons of varying groups and there is sure to be one that fulfills your needs.  There are philosophy groups such as EPOC, CORE, DCS, New Beginnings, and more.   These philosophy groups allow you to hear the hearts of chiropractors and expand your own consciousness.  There are many seminar series: CLA Summit, The Masters Circle, Parker Seminars, Epic Seminars, and more.  Seminars bring 100’s to 1000’s chiropractors together allowing you to not only grow professionally but to be surrounded in the vibration and energy that a seminar brings.  Many chiropractors are sharing their hearts on smaller platforms such as Brad Glowaki and Patrick Gentempo, Timothy Gay, Marc Gottlieb, and Matt Hubbard to name a few.  In the more intimate setting you can really get to know the speaker and more easily interact.  These are just a few of the options available; I know you will find one for you.  I challenge you to find one by the New Year and start 2011 off right!

The second challenge is to unite the chiropractors in your community.  I am asking that you find a way to join them together in the name of chiropractic and create a venue so that no chiropractor is professionally lonely.  Whether it be grabbing a bite to eat or a drink every other week or holding a small philosophy gathering once a month or taking them with you to one of your new professional events.  Whatever you choose I just ask you to work to unite the profession.  Because united together we can do so much more.

It is my wish that you adhere to my suggestions and that you choose get more involved in chiropractic and that you begin to bridge gaps and if it is not for your gain then let it be for the gain of the profession.  It is my desire that no chiropractor feel professionally lonely and that they have the support necessary to share their gifts and fulfill their purpose.  I will leave you with a quote I once in a movie that said, “So now, all alone or not, you gotta walk ahead. Thing to remember is if were all alone, then were all together in that too.”
Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Campaign to Make Chiropractic a Household Name and Call Big Pharma Quacks

Monday, December 13, 2010

After the weekend in Phoenix at the Marketing Bonanza, listening to all the speakers I sat in awe of the wisdom and love that flowed from each speaker’s mouth, it was as if their hearts had lips.  Their words were wise, thought through and compelling.  We are truly blessed to be in a profession where love abounds, that is purpose driven, lives are changed, and souls are touched.  To the speakers and Brad Glowaki I say, “Thank you! I am blessed to call you colleagues and friends.  I am eternally grateful.”

This weekend was my birthday, what a great place to be on your birthday, mist friends, loved ones, with chiropractors!  As I listened to each speaker share, I couldn’t help but think, how blessed I was to have been born a chiropractor.  I began to reflect on all the lives I have touched and all the lives I have yet to touch.  I was born with HUGE shoes to fill and I have every intention of filling them and then getting a new set to fill and continue until EVERYONE knows the power of chiropractic.

Gilles Lamarche said he was not there to offend but to share his heart.  That is the intention of this blog not to offend but to share my heart.  So, with your permission I will share it with you…if you choose to stop reading here I fully understand and thank you for your honesty, maybe you will come back to this blog later.

Chiropractors, we are at a time where we have two choices: we can step up or continue to coast.  It’s your choice no one can make it for you.  I can only tell you that I personally am accepting the nudge from God to step up and play at a bigger level and continually set the bar higher for my level of service. Many of you probably think that I already do a lot and I do but a lot is not enough.  Is there a limit on enough? Personally, I feel that until EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE gets the importance of chiropractic care I have a lot to do.  We have a lot to do.

I know that thousands of chiropractors agree we have so much to do…we are in a place in society where people are hurting; they are hurting emotionally, physically, and mentally because they are subluxated emotionally, physically, and mentally.   They are searching to find a solution to get out of the downward spiral they are trapped in, seeking solid ground to stand on.  As chiropractors we have the answer we know the solution. BUT, we don’t have the abundance of money or media connections, or, societal power that the medical cartel, Big Pharma, has in this world.  Notice I said abundance, I didn’t say we LACK the money, media connections, or societal power.  So, the question is are we FULLY USING our resources? Are we playing full out and maximizing our potential?

I know that this weekend I realized that there are so many avenues I have yet to travel.  I am not on the radio…YET! I am not on TV…yet! I haven’t written a book…YET! This is just the beginning of what I haven’t done…YET! What is on your list? Are you maximizing all your options to educate? I am open and admit that I have not and I will be sitting down this week with my staff and masterminding on ways we can step up and play big! I urge you to do the same.

Billy DeMoss always says, people are dying and he couldn’t be more right.  The worst part is that many have no clue.  They are living what they think is a normal life? Because they have no clue that they are actually living an ABNORMAL life.  People blindly follow the rest of society in a direction that leads to a life full of sadness.  They follow the masses.  They have no idea that there is a second option, an option that leads to a life of abundance.  We have to tip the scale, we have to shift from masses of people moving down the road of destruction and create a movement down the path of wellness.

Sounds like a HUGE task right? That’s because it is, it’s a HUGE task.  But, it’s not an impossible task.  We just have to constantly do a little bit more, reach one more person, and raise our level of service.  Believe me the drug cartel doesn’t get comfortable and say we have reached enough lives with our poison! They are constantly expanding their marketing, doing more…polluting more. I doubt they have any intention of stopping until every person is on at least one TOXIC chemical, body/mind altering drug! So, why as a chiropractor would you sit back and say, I have save enough, I am content enough? WHY? You wouldn’t…there is no reason and frankly there is no time.  So, step up!

My purpose is simple to ignite…two simple words, TO IGNITE.  I want to ignite something in people they didn’t know they had and sadly enough…MOST DON’T KNOW THEY HAVE A CHOICE TO LIVE, TO THRIVE, TO FLOURISH!! So, I have no choice.  I have to step and serve more and then when I get to the next level, I will step up again, and so on and so on.  As a matter of fact I will publicly state that as long as the drug cartel is raising their level I will continue to raise mine.  The interesting thing is the motive.  We both want to get our message out.  I want everyone to know that they MUST live a subluxation free life allowing their nervous system to function free of interference or they will not thrive! Big Pharma wants people to believe the lie that they must have a drug to thrive that their innate can not sustain them without INTERFERENCE! The interesting thing is we both have a mission and a MOTIVE.

Motives are interesting…eventually they surface, eventually the truth is revealed.  Big Pharma’s motive is clear MONEY! There is no denying it! They love the money especially since it gives them power.  My motive is very different it’s LOVE.  Pure and genuine unadulterated love for the expression of life and to me that is power not my power but God’s power he gave us to live our lives full out.  So, I will continue to educate and to touch and save more lives.  I encourage all chiropractors to join me and as David Jackson said ACT ON IT! Act on your desire to reach and touch more lives with the power of chiropractic! Fulfill your purpose!

So, I will leave you with this…I love you and am asking you today to step it up and take it to the next level and when you get to that level create a new level and just don’t stop until we are a household name.  And we hear people call Big Pharma quacks and a cult!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Girl



Im Proud To Be A Chiroprac-TOR

Monday, December 6, 2010

I’m Proud To Be A Chiropractor

If tomorrow I were gone,
I’d have fulfilled my purpose in my life.
And given my all to educate,
given my all, despite any strife
I’d thank my chiro forefathers,
to be livin a chiro life today.
‘ Cause a life free of subluxation allows nervous system to be free
and that can’t be denied.
And I’m proud to be a chiropractor,
and allowed to live subluxation free.
And I fulfill my purpose each day for the men who died,
that never got to be.
And I proudly stand up,
in an allopathic model and defend my profession today.
‘ Cause there ain’t no doubt I love innate
The world deserves subluxation free.

From the all powerful controlling brain,
Through the sensory and motor dense brain stem
From nerve to nerve.
The nervous system controls every human part.
And the desire to be healthy lies every American heart,
and its time we stand and educate.
That I’m proud to be a chiropractor,
and allowed to live subluxation free.
And I fulfill my purpose each day for the men who died,
that never got to be.
And I gladly stand up,
in an allopathic model and defend my profession today.
‘ Cause there ain’t no doubt I love innate
The world deserves subluxation free.

And I’m proud to be a chiropractor,
and allowed to live subluxation free.
And I fulfill my purpose each day for the men who died,
that never got to be.
And I gladly stand up,
in an allopathic model and defend my profession today.
‘ Cause there ain’t no doubt I love innate
The world deserves subluxation free.

Let LOVE Light the Allopathic Tunnel of Darkness

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivation

Monday November 29, 2010

I heard this statement the other day, “What comes from the heart reaches the heart.” Upon hearing this I immediately became still.  Sitting there in stillness I began to analyze this statement…knowing it held an abundance of knowledge, I wanted to become VERY clear on where my intention was derived.  This simple statement seemed like the most effective form of communication for any chiropractor.

In conversations with people we have to realize the only thing we can control is what we say…we have no control over how what we say will be taken by those with whom we are in communication.  With the realization that our words are then that much more important…it makes it a necessity that we speak from the heart. The way I see it if we come from the heart it is much more likely to be received with open arms and an open mind.

Being a ciroprac-TOR puts you in a very unique position in your practice member’s lives.  Because Chiroprac-TORs actually make a physical connection with their practice members, hand to spine, there is also a deeper emotional connection. This deep connection often enables people to open up on a much deeper level especially when addressing emotional causes of subluxation.  Many times there are conversations that are difficult to have, making it that much more important that we set our intention and come from the heart. Remember, while the conversations may be difficult they are often necessary and therapeutic.

Conversations around emotional subluxations aren’t the only difficult interactions chiroprac-TORS face on a regular basis.  Conversations around lifestyle choices and healthcare are often very delicate topics.  When dealing with lifestyle choices there is often resistance, denial, and fear.  Coming from a place of love creates an environment of peace where healing can begin to take place.  When discussing health care it’s important to realize that often practice members, especially new practice members, have often been through countless hopeless situations.  Often they feel defeated and scared, with love as your intention it allows you to speak with clarity and certainty, hopefully shining a light through their allopathic tunnel of darkness. Unfortunately the allopathic model as become fear based and does not provide hope making our role in our communities that much more important.

Let me end by saying, D.D. Plamer said, “We have a moral obligation…” which we do and that is to speak the truth about chiropractic and wellness.  Let me add “We have a moral obligation which is best received from the heart to be more apt to reach the heart”. So, in your daily conversations set your intention and come from a place of love.  You may only have one shot to impact an individual and while you have no guarantee how what you say will be taken the “from the heart to the heart” method seems like your best bet.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha, Innate Girl




Planting Asparagus? You Won’t Grow Tomatoes.

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, November 23, 2010

The concept of gardening is quite simple.  You plant a seed in dirt, you fertilize and water the seed and it begins to grow.  Whatever you have planted is what you grow.  If you plant green bean seeds you will then pick and enjoy delicious green beans.  The same holds true for planting carrot seeds, you will get carrots and if you plant potatoes you will get potatoes.  Never will you plant acorn squash seeds and get peas or plant turnips and get tomatoes. It’s just the concept of planting! I like to refer to this concept as the Law of Reaping and Sowing.  This Law of Reaping and Sowing applies to our everyday lives.  Just like in gardening you can’t harvest what you don’t plant the same holds true for life.  You can’t get out of life what you don’t put in.

Most people if not all want an abundant life! They want a life full of love, vibrance, joy, peace, happiness, blessings, and all things grand.  The question is not what people want but the question is what are they putting in? When you live your life loving others regardless of circumstance you will in turn receive love.  When you maintain a peaceful demeanor in all your interactions you will receive peace in return.  If your focus is to bless others and share your abundance you in turn are blessed and receive in abundance.  Reaping and sowing is a universal concept that allows you to obtain the life you seek because it is the life you live. Are you sowing in others what you expect to reap?

Is your life missing something? Or do you want more of something? Many times we want more, more, more but we aren’t willing to give, give, give.  In these situations, it is important that we self-assess and ask ourselves if we are giving in abundance in all areas so that we are receiving the same.  Many times individuals seek to receive love but they are not giving love in order to receive it.  Just like you can’t plant a asparagus and harvest a tomato you can’t give anger and receive love! Plain and simple you won’t get what you don’t give.  So, start giving more of what you are lacking and be prepared to be fulfilled!

This Thanksgiving remember to give thanks for all that you have been given! Remember that all you have is a blessing you received because of all you have given! Enjoy your family and loved ones!  And go ahead give them some love…you will get some awesome love in return!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler, Innate Girl

Step Up, Step Out, and Serve

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Healthcare is all the talk in America today and people are scared.  Americans are beginning to realize that the government is struggling to find an answer to the health care crisis it is in the midst of.  People realize that they need to find their own solution to this huge problem.  They are eagerly seeking knowledge to create a game plan for both them and their family. This is a prime time to increase the level with which you are educating your community.

The more talks I do for other doctors around the US the more I realize how hungry people are for the knowledge of chiropractic care and the wellness lifestyle everywhere.  I have come to the conclusion that we are one of the few professions who actually educate on TRUE health and wellness and not just quick fixes or band-aids.  Each time I speak to another doctor’s office the guests of those patients are so thankful that they were invited to the event and even more gracious I gave them an alternative.

Americans are highly intelligent…they realize that the way we are going is not in the right direction and that as of now the future looks gloomy.  Every time they turn on the TV another drug is being released and another is being recalled.  They hear about our increasing debt and that medicare is now projected to run out by 2017.  The problem isn’t that they aren’t aware of the problem but that they are in need of a solution.

That’s where we come in…wellness and chiropractic is the solution.  And, quite frankly the only solution that I know exists.  As chiropractors we have to step up.  People are literally DYING to hear what we have to say.  The wellness and chiropractic lifestyle just makes sense.  The question is are you willing to step up your game?

Personally, I have upped my game.  I have personally asked each of my patient to help me by educating their friends and loved ones.  I have asked my staff to join me and they have graciously accepted.  As a team we have increased our events calendar and daily state our affirmations. As a team we are dedicated to make sure that we do everything possible to make sure our community is educated.  I created a functional marketing and education company to create clothes that allow individuals to be walking billboards of wellness.  I am educating not only my community but the communities of many of my colleagues, through dinner talks and wine nights. This is just the beginning and I don’t plan on stopping here. Will you join me?

I am asking each and everyone of you to step it up. Believe me you will be accepted with open arms.  Put it in perspective…an event with 20 non-patient guests means the possibility of 20 less flu shots, 20 less prescriptions, 20 less potential early deaths…..and 20 more first adjustments which means 20 more lives fully expressing my innate. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy what does? And why limit yourself to 20?

In conclusion…I am asking you to step it up. I am available with ideas and I know many colleagues feel the same so just ask.  Serve more and save more it really is that simple.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha


Do You Practice What You Preach?

Dr. Martha’ s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, November 8, 2010

Do you exemplify health and wellness? Could you utilize the mantra, “Be fit. Eat right. Think well. Get adjusted.”? Or would you be lying to say you do? Do you exemplify all four areas? As chiropractors it is absolutely imperative that we live out the same principles that we teach our patients.  My patients love to know that I hold myself accountable to the same lifestyle I encourage them to live.  I always tell them I would never ask them to do something which I don’t do myself.  And I would never….are you congruent?

I get so frustrated when I see unhealthy chiropractors and even more frustrated when I see unhealthy chiropractors who are struggling.  In my opinion a huge part of business success  is a direct reflection of personal success.  This applies to all areas of our personal lives.  I always say how you do anything is how you do everything and what you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying. Really think about what I just said.

I realized one day that I don’t regularly tell my patients about my lifestyle choices but because I live them out I don’t have to.  I exemplify the wellness lifestyle.  They can tell that I workout regularly, eat a well balanced diet, think positive thoughts, and get adjusted. By taking care of the body God gave me I am a walking billboard for my practice.  People in my community know that I am different.  The same holds true for you in your community.

While for some this may seem like  a no brainer…but I know for sure this is not true for everyone.  It’s sad but true.  So, this is my challenge start with you…look at your lifestyle where do you have a gap? What could you do to get one step closer to optimal health.  Personally I reassess constantly.  I am always looking for additions to my lifestyle to increase my overall wellness and when I find something that works I share it with my practice members so that we can all grow.

Decide today what you can do to continually be your own billboard, a walking, talking advertisement for your practice and the chiropractic lifestyle.  The principle of chiropractic is that the body needs no interference: chemical, physical, or emotional.  What interferences are you tolerating? What changes or implementations can you make to benefit you, your patients, and your future patients? Realizing that the shift must start with you and with the right intention will result in a ripple effect that alters your practice.

Making changes in the area of wellness is hard for many but crucial for overall longevity.  They are forced to let go of habits and sometimes addictions which are a ball and chain to their unhealthy lifestyle holding them back from optimal wellness.  Remember ddictions don’t have to be just alcohol, street drugs, and tobacco; they can be processed foods, negative thoughts, a sedentary lifestyle or so much more.  Be a role model that allows them to see that change is possible and the teacher that reminds them change is imperative.

Start with you.  Make the necessary changes to increase your personal wellness.  Make sure you are working out regularly, motion is life.  Eat whole foods, we are organic beings not chemical creatures and food is fuel not just fun! You are what you think, uplift yourself and others with positive thought.  Sigafoose said, “Subluxations kill!” so get adjusted….REGULARLY! The aforementioned is a phenomenal base recipe for success, as you get comfortable with all four categories on a basic level begin to add to it’s complexity. If you begin to practice what you preach your community will begin to see your dedication to a wellness lifestyle.  They will see that you are different and it’s a different that is the right way to go!

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha, Innate Girl

Be Strong Little Root…Growth is the Solution

Dr. Martha’s Mondya Morning Motivational

Monday, November 1, 2010

Growth is a double edged sword a must do if we plan on living our life to its fullest potential.  While the pro’s of growth are that it is gratifying and imperative there are the con’s that at times growth is painful and overbearing. So we must assess our individual life’s journey and decide if continued growth is what we desire.  The important thing we must realize is that when we are not growing we are dying so choosing to grow really is the best bet.

Growth often happens in bouts where we grow and then plateau  and then grow again continuing the cycle.  Knowing this we need to chart our growth and realize when it is that we begin to plateau in order to perpetuate new growth.When we plateau we are at a place that is predictable and easy. At a plateau is when we think we are in control and  we “think” we have it all figured out.  And most likely we do have it all figured out up to that point but in order to grow we must come to the realization that there is so much more uncharted territory left to be discovered.  In order to continue our growth and evolution we must place a root in the plateau and anchor ourselves in order to grow and continue our journey. Rooting yourself allows you to be centered and supported because it is right before our next part of growth when we fall apart.

It’s human nature to fear our next chapter of growth. Often our lives become challenging and it is likely that we begin to feel like failures. We tend to see life as if it is it’s all going wrong. Many times we begin to  self-doubt.  Rather than fearing growth or being scared its best we begin to realize it is part of our developmental path. It’s imperative that we realize that growth is the only solution and that we begin to realize the origin of the doubt. In life’s journey we need to accept and begin to understand that growth is the solution and fear is the problem.  Often times we flip the two and see growth as the problem and fear as the only solution.

Disorganization perpetuates fear, we feel shaky as things begin to become unorganized and become scattered.   There are two forces that can cause disorganization, internal or external and many times we experience both simultaneously.   Often the internal and external forces  occur at an equilibrium .  But this disorganization is the recipe we need for growth, its the well-spring of change.  We use the fear derived from the disorganization of change to hide behind  rather than as a catapult to begin to reorganize and regroup.  We often look at the plateau we are leaving behind as a safe haven rather than the ascending road that leads to our next chapter.   Rather than allowing the fear to paralyze our growth we need to use it as a catapult into new beginnings.

In conclusion, let’s break it down…embracing growth is the first step in your continued journey to becoming the best version of yourself.  Rather than allowing fear to astound your growth use it as a propeller when leaving your current plateau.  Remember you are rooted creating a anchor holding you to all that you have become up and to that point and realize have no where to go but up.  So, while the process may seem shaky at times don’t let your uncertainty stunt you or cause you to doubt.  Instead center yourself on your objective and embrace the process that takes you to your next peak.

Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Innate Immunity Department of Defense – WARNING Orange — Red is NEAR!


Dr. Martha’s Monday Morning Motivational

Monday, October 25, 2010

It’s that time of year again when signs for flu shots are everywhere…and I mean everywhere.  You can get them at the drug store, churches, gyms, the airport, pretty much anywhere that appreciates a good kickback from the drug companies.  I personally find it hard to stomach.  The other day I tried to count the signs for “FLU SHOTS HERE” on the way to work and literally lost count and that’s in a fifteen minute drive thru town.  With that being said it’s imperative that we educate enough to create an equilibrium.  If we don’t increase our efforts, our communities will be bombarded with scare tactics luring our patients into the flu shot lines.  We must share our knowledge.

This past week there was a dialogue on my Facebook page that accumulated over 80 comments! It was very interesting and educational.  Let me explain.  The discussion was a bunch of  chiros and non-chiropractic patients — the usual.  One of the non-patients was a pregnant mother who had just received the flu shot.  When she was sharing her why it was very interesting to hear, why she was told she needed the flu shot.  As she proceeded to relay the information she had been told many chiros, including myself became concerned mainly because the information she received was very misconstrued.  I would encourage you to go to my page and read the dialogue from October 24, 2010 under the photo of chalk writing on a sidewalk to really help you understand the importance of proper education.  Personally, I am still trying to wrap myself around it all.  I don’t fully understand the why of the drug companies and the people who are under their spell but I do know that it is increasing in severity.

The United States Department of Defense uses a scale to help us understand the level of threat when traveling.  They use a color gradient scale where green is least severe and it moves up in color from there to yellow, orange, and then red.  Orange means to use extra caution as the threat is high and red is danger.  Personally, I’m going to take that scale and apply it to the danger that our society is in in relation to the vaccines and flu shots being given and the “brainwashing” that coincides.  Personally, I believe we are well in the orange and if the information remains to be misconstrued we will be well on our way to the red.  The Department of Defense uses their system to alert when in orange to use EXTRA CAUTION as it could become unsafe environment at any minute.  So, heed the same with my warning scale.  It’s could get worse at any minute.  The beauty of the Department of Defense’s scale is that the more work they do to protect us the greater the shift toward green….so, let’s apply this to my scale….we too can create a shift.  Ours occurs with education –which is the best way to equip our patients so that they can protect themselves and their loved ones.

I am here by asking you to work with me to defend our nations health care.  I am asking you to become a member of my DEFENSE TEAM the Innate Immunity Department of Defense. I am asking that you begin to provide information on vaccines and flu shots to your practice members and communities.  Educating them so that they can make an educated  decision for themselves and their families.  Please make sure you create an environment that is welcoming and provide them with open lines of communication so that they can ask the questions they have without fear.  Remember, they already have a ton of “fear” from other arenas and fear doesn’t provide a good environment for decision making.  Believe me it’s a scary enough topic that we don’t need to add anything negative to it.  When properly educated people will make the correct decision. Providing them with FACTUAL and EDUCATIONAL information is the best way! We are all in this together so if you need any resources just ask! I know I will be glad to help.  Just email me at
Love. Laugh. Adjust.

Dr. Martha Nessler