RAW Authentic Wellness

Health, Healing, and Happiness

Dr. Martha Chair Photo“It doesn’t matter where you are on your wellness journey it matters where you are headed.”- Dr. Martha Nessler

You are not alone in your pursuit of health, happiness, and healing! RAW Authentic Wellness is a movement toward fully expressing life as you were created, the life you were intended to LIVE!

What’s RAW? “Real Authentic Wellness” and is centered around humans achieving overall wellness in their personal and familial life. I believe in RAW facts and information give people real tools to make real shifts in the way they perceive their overall health and wellness!

The RAW truth is you were born to be well you just don’t know it yet!

Your body is inherently born with and governed by “innate intelligence”, which governs every function of your body and keeps you alive. Your innate intelligence is always a 100% but it’s function is strained and or altered by stress, an everyday occurrence. Learning to balance stressors: chemical, physical, and emotional is crucial platform in creating personal wellness.

Just as you were inherently born to be healthy you are inherently equipped to heal! Your innate is working 100% of the time even when you are sleeping! Side fact, that you do your best healing when you sleep! So, if you are meant to heal your probably wandering why you aren’t healing? Simple your everyday stress is too high detouring your body from healing because it’s focus is on de-stressing you! If you want to heal its time to take some action!

This is where I get RAW and set some guidelines for achieving wellness! Take a look through the site and see what lies between you and true wellness!!